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AS I SEE IT 12/20 - Wrestleview.com

AS I SEE IT 12/20

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

The wrestling year is winding down...and wrestling fans once again proved that they have big hearts. Even with the worst economy in decades, fans contributed to Toys for Tots and other local efforts.

As Christmas approaches, its a nice thought that this AS I SEE IT column contributed, even in a small way, to children having some joy during this holiday season.

Congratulations to the promotions whose efforts this column was able to publicize during this 2010 holiday season: Combat Zone Wrestling, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling, Atomic Championship Wrestling (Pennsylvania), United Wrestling Coalition (New Jersey), Attack N' Destroy Wrestling (Dallas, TX), Empire Wrestling Federation (California), All Star Wrestling Alliance (North Carolina), Dynamite Championship Wrestling (Delaware), Brew City Wrestling (Wisconsin), Fire Pro Wrestling (Indiana), Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (Detroit), 3XWrestling (Iowa), Real Championship Wrestling (Baltimore), Classic Championship Wrestling (Pennsylvania), Hoosier Pro Wrestling (Indiana), Showcase Pro Wrestling (Rhode Island/Massachusetts), and Ohio Wrestling Alliance, New Era Wrestling (Indiana) and the Georgia Christian Wrestling Alliance

Even Juggalo Championship Wrestling...yup, the promotion of Insane Clown Posse... is getting into the spirit at their "Violent Night" show in Southgate, MI on December 22. Their "Super Live Toy Drive" follows the same premise as Toys for Tots. Bring your new unwrapped toy down to the show and recieve a limited edition "Holiday Heat" CD featuring the whole Psychopathic Records family putting down "new, rare, and unreleased Holiday Heat".

Scheduled to appear at the Southgate show are Insane Clown Posse, JCW Champion Corporal Robinson, 2 Tuff Tony, The Jailbird Man, The Haters, Bull Pain...and the infamous Scott Hall. For information, go to Hatchetgear.com, go to Juggalowrestling.com or call the JCW hotline at 313-483-0949

For those who have not had the opportunity to donate, and would like to donate badly needed last minute money, you can do so via the secure Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Please send me notes on any last scheduled Holiday related charity events, whether collections of canned food, Toys for Tots toy collections or other charity benefits to bobmagee1@hotmail.com so I can plug them on PWBTS.com.

Until next time...

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