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Did Andre have a drinking problem?
Not necessarily. Andre was a very large man and could drink a lot more than a normal man could. In fact he could drink a six-pac of beer and not be affected by it at all. Andre also had his own winery in France for the later part of his life. But it wasn't a cause to his death like some rumors have said.

Was he really undefeated for 10 years?
Yes. From 1977 to 1987 Andre was really undefeated and it wasn't just a gimmick to get Andre over in the WWF. Some fans even say Andre's undefeated streak went past 1977 but records weren't kept as much back then and there is no real proof of it.

Did he ever wrestle Hulk Hogan before Wrestlemania 3?
Yes. Hulk and Andre fought a couple times before "Hulkamania" including a famous WWF match at Shea Stadium in 1981 which Andre won. The claims that the match at Wrestlemania was their first was made up by the WWF to increase buildup for the show.

Just how bad were Andre's health problems?
In an interview Bobby Heenan said Andre would lean on him while walking up the stairs to the ring and that Andre wouldn't be able to move at all after his matches. I guess you could say they were pretty bad.

How did Andre die?
Due to Andre's huge size he suffered all his life from weakness in his heart. When Andre reached his 40's his heart had become weaker and was no longer able to circulate blood throughout his body. In 1993 he died in his sleeping after attending his father's funeral. Andre did not feel any pain.

Did the WWF make Andre a championship belt?
Yes. To buildup his match at Wrestlemania 3 the WWF made an extra large belt for Andre. The story was that the WWF had doubts that Hulk Hogan could beat Andre so a belt was made for him to wear after his title win. The belt was shown on Roddy Piper's Pit and Jake Robert's Snake Pit. The WWF still has the belt locked in a safe at WWF Headquarters.

Was Andre the Giant's last match at Wrestlemania 6?
No. Andre officially retired after his match at Wrestlemania 6 but he still wrestled on occasion for All Japan Pro Wrestling. In most of the matches he tagged with Giant Baba and his time actually wrestling was very short. Andre's last match was on December 4, 1992 at Budokan Hall teaming with Giant Baba and Rusher Kimura against Haruka Eigen, Motoshi Okuma, and Masa Fuchi.

Was Andre the Giant's ankle really injured by Killer Khan?
Not really. Andre did suffer an ankle injury but it was out of the ring. The injury was made part of the feud with Killer Khan.

Why was Andre suspended from the WWF in 1986?
The real reason for Andre's leaving was to give him time to rest his back which gave him terrible pain. It also gave Andre time to film his role in the Billy Crystal movie "The Princess Bride". Andre wasn't really suspended and it was just an explanation for his time off.

The storyline on WWF television was that Andre missed a tag team with Hillbilly Jim against King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd who were managed by Bobby Heenan. Heenan was upset with Andre's no show and demanded WWF President Jack Tunney to suspend Andre for it. Tunney didn't want to suspend the fan favorite but had to agree with Heenan and suspended Andre indefinitely.

Andre did return during his suspension though as a part of the masked team The Machines. The Machines were a thorn in the side of Bobby Heenan and his stable of wrestlers. After a couple appearances with the Machines Andre disappeared even though the other Machines still appeared on WWF television for a while longer.

Andre made his official return in January 1987 and shocked fans after joining up with Bobby Heenan and challenging friend Hulk Hogan for his world title. Heenan tricked Jack Tunney to lift Andre's suspension and soon after Hogan and Andre had their historic Wrestlemania 3 match.

The main event at Wrestlemania 3 was Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant. At the beginning of the match Hogan attempts a body slam. He couldn't get Andre fully up so he fell on him. Was that supposed to happen, or was Hogan suppose to body slam him then and win the match right away?
Everything went as planned. It was suppose to be that way. Can you imagine a one-minute main event WWF title match in front of the largest WWF audience of all-time? That would have been disappointing

Please could you run through the storyline involving the Hebner Brothers and I think Andre The Giant and something to do with the WWF Championship Belt. I think the plot involved the Hebner's tricking someone as no one knew they were twins? This may have happened just before I started watching the WWF in 1988.
Yes it was Andre The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWf title, in 1988. Instead of writing a huge paragraph about it, I found a site that has the whole match written out and the information you need. The article is written by Leonard 'The Deacon' Hayhurst and you may read it by clicking here.

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