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How many world titles has Hulk Hogan held?
Six in WWF/E (1984-1988, 1989-1990, 1991, 1991-1992, 1993, 2002), seven in WCW, and one in New Japan.

Why did Hulk Hogan leave the AWA?
Hogan was promised the world title by AWA owner Verne Gagne but whenever he was slated to win it the title change would be held off so Hogan got fed up with it and decided to go to the WWF.

Why did Hulk Hogan leave the WWWF?
Vince McMahon Sr. didn't want Hulk Hogan as his champion because Hogan was just in a Rocky movie and McMahon didn't want a "Hollywood" star wrestling for him. It's not known though whether Hogan left on his own or was fired.

Funny thing is that Vince McMahon Jr. rehired Hogan later on for the same thing his dad hated about Hogan.

How did Hulk Hogan get that black eye at Wrestlemania 9?
There are actually three stories given to explain it.

The story given by WWF officials was that he was is a jet-ski accident. The story given on WWF television was that Ted Dibiase hired a group to attack Hogan so he would be weakened before their match. The other story given is that he was punched by Randy Savage while they were arguing about Savage's ex-wife Elizabeth. Savage believed Hogan was sleeping with Elizabeth while she was still married to him and confronted Hogan about it backstage. Savage apologized later on but bad blood still remains between the two over Elizabeth. It seems that the legit reason is the jet-ski accident.

Why did Hulk Hogan leave the WWF in 1993?
Three reasons: The steroid scandal, money and creative control. Vince McMahon thought Hogan's days as being the WWF's top star were over and wanted Bret Hart to take his spot. The result would be that Hogan would have to take a pay cut and have less say in his storylines. Hogan didn't want Vince's offer so he decided to go make a couple movies and return at a later date.

What was Hogan's theme song in WCW?
"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix. The song is on his "Electric Ladyland" album.

Why did Hulk Hogan turn heel in 1996?
When Hogan signed with WCW in 1994 officials hoped that they could relive the days of Hulkamania. However due to Hogan's bad booking his storylines were very unrealistic and boring. As a result fans started booing Hogan and a change was needed.

Hogan was taken off television for a while and at the time Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had just joined WCW and were doing the Outsiders angle. Hall and Nash said they had a third member of their team which was suppose to be Bret Hart but at the last minute Hart decided to stay with WWF. A replacement was needed and Hogan took the role and became Hollywood Hogan.

Who owns the rights to "Hulkamania" "Hulk Hogan" and "Hulkster"?
Marvel Comics. When Hulk Hogan first wrestled under the "Hulk" name he was known at "The Incredible Hulk Hogan". Marvel Comics had a television show and comic book at the time called "The Incredible Hulk". Marvel thought the WWF was copying their "Hulk" character and warned WWF to stop. Instead of stopping the "Hulkamania" character the WWF made a deal with Marvel to recognize Marvel as the owner of all the "Hulk" names and in return Marvel gave the WWF a license to merchandise the Hulk name. When Hulk Hogan went to WCW they signed a similar deal with Marvel.

It should be noted that when Hulk Hogan became Hollywood Hogan he tried to cancel the Marvel deal but it didn't work out well and the deal is still alive.

How much does Hulk Hogan make?
In the WWF he made a rumored wage of 2 to 3 million a year. He also received bonuses though which were very high.

In WCW it's rumored he made a guaranteed 4 to 12 million a year. He also made a rumored $250,000 for each television appearance. He also received a portion of the pay per view revenues he was involved in.

Is he related to Horace Boulder?
Yes. Horace Bollea is Hogan's nephew. He is the only person related to Hulk Hogan that is in the wrestling business.

Is he related to Mike Awesome?
No. The rumor comes from the fact that Mike Awesome is cousins with Horace Boulder. He is not related to Hogan though.

What were all the jokes about Voodoo Chili?
Hollywood Hogan used the song "Voodoo Child" as his theme song in WCW. The song is on Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland album. There's also a song on the same album called "Voodoo Chile" which is a 18 minute jam session. The songs are both very different and have no connection between each other. Anyway, on a WCW Thunder Mike Tenay confused the songs and announced Hogan's song as "Voodoo Chili". The incident became a joke in the wrestling world and didn't stop for a long while.

Is there heat between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage?
There has been heat between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan for a longtime but it is an on and off thing. One year Savage and Hogan are buddies and the next year one of them hates the other. The main reasons for their fighting is that Savage believes he wasn't pushed well in WCW and somehow blames Hogan for it. The other reason is Savage's ex-wife who was rumored to be sleeping with Hogan during and after her marriage to Savage.

Is there heat between Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart?
Hogan and Hart have had some heat and the reason is because Hogan would not drop the WWF Title to Bret Hart. Hart was going to be WWF's next big star and Vince McMahon wanted Hogan to drop the title to Bret Hart and sort of pass the torch as Andre the Giant once did to Hogan. Hogan had a different plan and wanted to drop the title to Yokozuna a then Bret Hart would win it from him. Hogan got his way and left the WWF after dropping the title to Yokozuna and a match between Hogan and Hart never did take place.

Is there heat between Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon?
I'm not too sure if Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan have any heat with each other but there has to have been some. At the end of Hogan's WWF run he was very pushy and exercised his booking power a lot. Hogan wanted the title at Wrestlemania 9 and after McMahon gave it to him Hogan didn't even show up to any television tapings until the King of the Ring. After Hogan dropped the title at KOTR McMahon and Hogan couldn't get along about booking power and money so Hulk Hogan left. I'm pretty sure it had to do with his bickering with McMahon.

Has Hulk Hogan used steroids?
Yes. Hogan stated many times that he had never used them until finally admitted that he did in the WWF Steroid Trial in 1993. At the time Hogan was using them they were still legal and most every athlete was using them.

What happened with Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo at Bash at the Beach 2000? Was it a work or shoot?
At Bash at the Beach 2000 Hulk Hogan was to fight Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Title. Hogan thought he should win so he used the clause in his contract that gave him creative control over all the finishes of his matches. Booker Vince Russo was furious with Hogan at this and didn't think Hogan should be champion.

So Hogan went out for the match thinking everything was all right and he'd win the match. But as soon as the match started Jarrett layed down in the middle of the ring and told Hogan to pin him. Hogan pinned Jarrett and became the new world champion.

After the match Vince Russo came out and said he wanted to get rid of all the old guys and that since Hogan didn't want to job to Jarrett a new WCW world title would be made and Booker T and Jeff Jarrett would fight to it later that night. Hogan was never seen or mentioned on WCW television after the event and he filed a lawsuit against WCW and Vince Russo soon after.

It is still unknown what was actually a work and what was a shoot. In all likely hood it is a shoot since Hogan did file a real lawsuit and was never on WCW television again.

Did Hulk Hogan assault a talk show host?
As promotion for the Wrestlemania event in 1985 Hulk Hogan appeared on a talk show called "Hot Properties". The show's host Richard Belzer wanted Hulk to show everyone a wrestling hold during the show. Hogan put a headlock on Belzer and must have accidently applied too much pressure because Belzer was knocked unconscious and hit his head on a table. Belzer's head was busted open and he needed stitches to close the wound.

Even though Belzer agreed to do the move he filed a lawsuit against the WWF and after a long time of putting off the case the WWF and Belzer settled the case out of court.

Why did Hulk Hogan win the WWF title at Wrestlemania 9 when he wasn't even scheduled to be in the title match?
When Hulk Hogan left the WWF in 1992 business started declining and by 1993 the WWF desperately wanted Hogan back. So Hogan agreed to return but demanded a lot more say in his storylines. Vince McMahon reluctantly agreed and Hogan returned a few weeks later.

At Wrestlemania 9 Hogan was scheduled to tag with Brutus Beefcake against Tag champions Money Inc. Hogan thought he was too big of a star to be a tag champion and wanted the world title instead. So Hogan and Vince McMahon came up with the plan that Hogan and Brutus would be disqualified in their match and then later in the card Yokozuna would be Bret Hart for the World title. Hogan would then come out and challenge Yokozuna and beat him in under 2 minutes to become the new champion.

McMahon then planned that Hogan and Bret Hart would eventually fight in a big match at Summerslam 1993 in which Hogan would drop the title to Hart. Hogan didn't want to drop the title in a clean victory to another face and wanted to lose the title to the heel Yokozuna at King of the Ring 1993. Hogan also didn't want Yokozuna to get a clean victory over him so he came up with the idea that a cameraman would climb on the ring apron and his camera would explode in Hogan's face and Yokozuna would then pin Hogan. After the match Hogan was rarely seen or talked about on WWF television again.

Did Hulk Hogan sexually assault a woman in 1996?
No. In January 1996 a woman named Kate Kennedy claimed she was sexually assaulted by Hogan. Kennedy eventually filed a lawsuit and a few days later Hogan fired a counter suit saying that Kennedy was trying to extort money from him.

The lawsuits went to court and the court went in favor of Hogan after Hogan's lawyer Geoffrey Jarpe convinced the jury that Hogan did not assault Kennedy and that she was indeed after his money.

What's the XWF? Is Hulk Hogan the owner of it? Is he a part of it?
The XWF is a new wrestling federation based out in Florida. It's full name is Xtreme Wrestling Federation and it held it's first television tapings in November of 2001 at Universal Studios and held three house shows in December of 2001. Hulk Hogan is not the sole owner of the group but may be an investor in it.

When did Hulk Hogan appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
Hulk Hogan appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated on April 29, 1985. It was the second best selling issue of that year right behind the swimsuit edition.

Has Hulk Hogan used any drugs besides steroids?
Yes. Hogan used marijuana in his days as a musician and in the beginning of his AWA career.

Why didn't Hulk Hogan use his "Real American" theme song in WCW?
To make it short and sweet, the WWF has the rights to that theme song. The song was originally written by Rick Derringer in 1986 for Mike Rotundo (IRS) and Barry Windham, but was later given to Hogan after Windham's WWF departure.

Did Hulk Hogan go to Eric Bischoff about turning heel?
Well here is the story. I'll explain everything from beginning to end so I won't have to answer a different version of this question. Shortly after WrestleMania 12, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had signed with WCW. Eric Bischoff had this idea of making a stable where they would try to take over a company. His idea came from Japan. Anyway, Bret Hart's WWF contract had expired too and was free to go anywhere. Bischoff's idea was to have Bret Hart be the third man in the NWO with Hall and Nash. Hart eventually turned down the offer and stayed with the WWF. Then the idea was all written down, Sting was suppose to be the third man in joining the NWO. At that time, Hogan was in California for some kind of acting role or something. Bischoff went to see him for a different reason and told him about the NWO angle. Hulk Hogan said "Hey, what about me?" No one would expect Hogan to turn heel, so it would be a huge thing and it was. Bischoff agreed to the idea and brought Hogan in as the third man. So to answer your question, yes, Hogan was the one who requested it.

The main event at Wrestlemania 3 was Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant. At the beginning of the match Hogan attempts a body slam. He couldn't get Andre fully up so he fell on him. Was that supposed to happen, or was Hogan suppose to body slam him then and win the match right away?
Everything went as planned. It was suppose to be that way. Can you imagine a one-minute main event WWF title match in front of the largest WWF audience of all-time? That would have been disappointing.

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