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nWo (New World Order) - FAQ

Who has been in the nWo?
In May 1996 Scott Hall appeared on Nitro, no one knew why he was there. On his second appearance, Sting confronted Hall and wanted to know why he was talking about three guys when Hall was only one guy, and that's when he promised to bring a big surprise the following week, which turned out to be Nash. They were posing an invaders from the WWF looking to take over WCW. Once Hall and Nash, as the Outsiders, proved to be a serious threat, WCW put the names of Sting, Luger, Savage, Hogan, the Giant and Ric Flair in a hat to select who would represent them and Sting, Luger and Savage were selected. A six-man tag was set for WCW's Bash at the Beach PPV. The Outsiders said that their third man will be revealed at the ppv.

At July's Bash at the beach Hulk Hogan runs in and turns on WCW joining Hall and Nash as their third man. Hogan calls them the "New World Order." During the next month the NWO attack more WCW wrestlers. New members during this time are Ted DiBiase who acting as the "money man" and Vincent who was "head of security". At August's Road Wild, Hollywood Hogan beats the Giant unfairly to become the WCW World champion. Two weeks later the Giant joins the NWO saying money as his reason. Also at Road Wild, the Booty Man asks to join the NWO but is attacked by them instead.

In September 1996 the next member of the NWO appeared to be Sting but is actually an impostor known as "Fake Sting" or "NWO Sting". The new Sting wrestles for the next month until he joins New Japan to wrestle as part of NWO Japan. Sean Waltman joins the NWO as Syxx even though he is actually the seventh member. In October the Nasty Boys try to join the NWO but are attacked instead just as Booty Man was.

Bischoff was revealed as having joined the nWo as of early November, and it was he who initiated the membership drive which ran from November 25th to December 25th. He actually joined up with the Outsiders just after the Great American Bash, but pretended to be an adversary until Piper found him out.

In December 1996 the NWO announces a "membership drive" giving WCW wrestlers a chance to join the NWO or become a victim to their attacks. The Giant is kicked out for demanding a title shot against Hollywood Hogan. The WCW wrestlers who join NWO at this time are Marcus Bagwell (who was renamed Buff), Michael Wallstreet, Big Bubba Rogers, and Scott Norton. Also during this time Masa Chono and Great Muta (both part of NWO Japan) join the North American NWO but leave soon after.

Thanks to "Wildride" for some date corrections and additional information concerning the beginning of the nWo.

In Feburary 1997 Randy Savage joins the NWO at Superbrawl helping Hogan in his world title match. The new WCW Commissioner J.J. Dillion announced that Big Bubba and Michael Wallstreet's contracts will not allow them to be NWO members. Also during the Spring and Summer of 1997, Dennis Rodman joins the NWO but only wrestles one match at Bash at the Beach. In August Konnan joins the NWO and Ted Dibiase leaves the NWO and becomes the manager of the Steiner Brothers.

In September, Curt Hennig joins the NWO after turning against the Four Horsemen at War Games. In December, Rick Rude joins the NWO and Bret Hart is also asked to join but turns it down. In January, The Disciple joins the NWO and so does Dusty Rhodes after turning on Larry Zybysko, and Bryan Adams after turning on Bret Hart. In Febuary, Scott Steiner joins after turning on Rick Steiner. In January, Louie Spicolli acted like a "flunky" to Scott Hall and wore an NWO shirt but was never announced as an offical NWO member before his death. Syxx also disappers at this time when Sean Waltman was fired by WCW.

In Feburary/March, Randy Savage and Kevin Nash form NWO Wolfpac after having issues with Hollywood Hogan. Soon after NWO members Curt Hennig and Konnan join the Wolfpac as well as WCW wrestlers Lex Luger and Sting. The NWO Wolfpac also make themselves known as a separate group by wearing black and red t-shirts rather than black and white. Also during this time, the original NWO begin to label themselves NWO Hollywood or NWO Black and White. Scott Hall is invited to join the Wolfpac but turns it down. The Giant re-joins NWO Hollywood during this time.

In May 1998, Curt Hennig turns on NWO Wolfpac and rejoins NWO Hollywood. Randy Savage is injured during this time and desappears from the Wolfpac. In July, Dennis Rodman returns to the NWO Hollywood and wrestles at Bash at the Beach. Stevie Ray joins NWO Hollywood in September. The Disciple quits NWO Hollywood in October to join the "One Warrior Nation". Horace Hogan joins NWO Hollywood at Halloween Havoc. Also during this time, Bret Hart joins, quits, and rejoins NWO several times but never actually wears an NWO shirt or says he is a part of the NWO.

In November 1998, Hollywood Hogan announces his "retirement" and Scott Steiner become the new leader of NWO Hollywood. Scott Hall is kicked out of NWO Hollywood in December and then tries to join NWO Wolfpac but is refuses. Also during this time, Disco Inferno claims he is a member of NWO Wolfpac.

In January 1999, Hollywood Hogan comes out of his "retirement" and beats Kevin Nash for the WCW World title after Nash lays down for him. The NWO is reformed as one group after that match with the NWO Wolfpac consisting of a special selection of wrestlers. The Wolfpac includes Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, and Scott Steiner. The remainder of the NWO Hollywood group consists of The Giant, Curt Hennig, Vincent, Stevie Ray, Bryan Adams, Scott Norton, and Horace Hogan. The Giant and Curt Hennig become upset at not being ask to join the NWO Wolfpac and are attacked by them and kicked out of the NWO. Konnan is also kicked out out of the NWO after not being a part of the new NWO Wolfpac. Bret Hart's NWO membership is not mentioned during this time and Sting's status is up in the air.

In April 1999, Scott Hall leaves NWO Wolfpac and goes into "retirement". Hollywood Hogan goes into semi-retirment and Buff Bagwell is kicked out of the Wolfpac. The only members left of the Wolfpac are Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner (who rarely do anything NWO related), Lex Luger, and possibly Disco Inferno. The NWO Black and White is now Vincent, Horace, Stevie Ray, and Bryan Adams with Scott Norton now wrestling without the NWO. Soon after Horace Hogan is fired, Bryan Adams leaves the NWO, Stevie Ray quits to reform Harlem Heat and Vincent leaves to join the West Texas Rednecks. The NWO is not operating until the Fall of 2000.

The NWO is reformed in the fall of 2000 and consists of Bret Hart, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. Bret Hart is injured in December and is forced into retirement. Scott Hall also leaves because of personal problems. Ron Harris and Don Harris are brought into the NWO in January and Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash also leave NWO during this time leaving Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers. Jarrett stops using the NWO name and the NWO is never seen in WCW again.

In Febuary 2002, one year after WWF bought WCW, the NWO are brought into the WWF by Vince McMahon. The group consists of original members Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. In March, Hall and Nash attack Hogan after he loses at WrestleMania and then one week later X-Pac joins Hall and Nash in the NWO.

In May of 2002, the Big Show turns on Steve Austin in a Tag Team Match against Scott Hall & X-Pac and joins the nWo. About two weeks later, Scott Hall gets released by the WWE (WWF). A week later, Ric Flair turns on Steve Austin and becomes a semi-member of the nWo. Booker T also later joins the group after winning a guantlet match.

On June 3rd of 2002, Kevin Nash made a special announcement on RAW saying that "HBK" Shawn Michaels is now the newest member of the nWo.

On June 10th of 2002, Shawn Michaels addresses each member in the nWo group (Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Booker T). Shawn ends up kicking out Booker T of the group.

On July 8th of 2002, Kevin Nash took part in a big Six Man Tag Team Match involving himself Big Show, X-Pac, Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T, Goldust, Bubba Ray Dudley, Spike Dudley & Rob Van Dam. During the match, Kevin Nash suffered a quad injury. A week later, Vince McMahon came out on RAW and announced that the nWo was dead.

Who came up with the nWo?
Booker Paul Orndorff is credited for coming up with the idea of the "invasion" angle with Hall and Nash. Other WCW Booker Terry Taylor is credited for coming up with other ideas such as t-shirt selling, black and white colors, the attitude, etc. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash are credited for coming up with most of the catchphrases and mannerisms in the group.

Also it should be noted that even though Eric Bischoff takes the credit for creating the NWO, he actually had almost nothing to do with it's start. All the claims that Bischoff started the NWO after watching the New Japan/All Japan feuds are made up.

Were they a separate organization from WCW?
No. The nWo is just a storyline and everyone in the NWO were employees of WCW or WWF as of 2002.

Did the WWF sue the nWo?
Yes. Vince McMahon and the WWF sued Time-Warner and WCW for using the mannerisms and character of "Razor Ramon" on one edition of Nitro without permission from the WWF. It is believed the suit was settled in 2000 with WWF winning but it isn't actually known.

What the hell was Konnan saying?
"Arriba la raza" is a spanish phrase that translates to "forward the race", and is a call for unity among chicanos. "Bout it bout it" (pronounced "bowdy bowdy") is from Master P rap song and is just a way of saying "We're there".

What's with all the "spot" jokes?
In the fall of 1997 the Four Horsemen were trying to bring in Curt Hennig to replace 4th member Jeff Jarrett but Hennig kept turning them down. Finally on an edition of Nitro Arn Anderson gave a very emotional interview offering Curt Hennig his spot in the team as his last gift to the wrestling world. Curt Hennig then joined the Four Horsemen.

The next week on Nitro, NWO members Kevin Nash, Buff Bagwell, Syxx, and Konnan came out dressed as the Four Horsemen and begin to re-do the interview making fun of the Horsemen and spitting on the career of Arn Anderson. Kevin Nash dressed as Arn Anderson said the line "Not my dog Spot, not a liver spot, but MY spot". Reports after the event said that the real Horsemen had to be physically restrained from running out to the ring and attacking the NWO and were unaware that the fake interview was planned. The Four Horsemen then fought the four NWO members at FallBrawl 1997 in the War Games match and lost after Curt Hennig turned on the Horsemen and joined the NWO. The Four Horsemen group was buried as a result of the interview and match and disbanded after.

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