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With HHH keeping so many superstars down, and refusing to drop the title to so many eligible and deserving people why doesn't he? Well I know that much, he and Stephanie have too much clout in the company. Here's where the question leads to my actual question. Is HHH ***** Vince's ******, or is Vince blind? Like HHH and Steph can only do so much, Vince has final say on storylines. How is it that Vince doesn't step up and say "Look Paul, you're gonna drop the title tonight or you're not gonna be working here anymore". I see a few possible solutions, either Vince thinks people love HHH and that he should be champ (thus making him blind), or, Stephanie basically owns her father, or lastly Vince isn't blind, but he actually thinks HHH deserves the success he has.
You know, it's a question that I ask myself all the time. I try to minimize it to a couple of answers, but I am still not sure what the correct answer is. The way I see it, Vince isn't as smart as before, that's my opinion, and I am voicing it. We can't say Triple H is married to the boss' daughter. Triple is married to THE boss, plain and simple. Sure Vince gets the last call, but it's Stephanie, she calls the shots too. Soon enough it's going to be her and Shane running the company (horrible thought, not for Shane, just the fact that Stephanie will have more power than ever). Let's look at facts. Ever since Stephanie joined the creative team, the ratings started to drop and they're still going down. Maybe Vince thinks Triple H still brings in a lot of business and is afraid to let him go, and/or his daughter is now married to this unjobbing wrestler and he doesn't want to do anything to damage any kind of relationship. This is the same thing as Shawn Michaels. Shawn would always fight toe to toe with Vince and always refuses to job and forfeits countless titles, and yet, Vince STILL ends up giving Shawn his way. Same is happening with Hunter, although I doubt he fights with Vince. But why Vince sits there and doesn't do anything about it is beyond my knowledge. Like I said, he probably thinks everything is running fine. If Vince has gotten to a point where he thinks the "internet community" is a very small audience, then God help the WWE. Another thing, Vince was asked on Off The Record who he would like to take over the company once he's gone and he flat out said Triple H, Stephanie and Shane.

A while back, when Degeneration X were in their prime, Shawn Michaels and Triple H stood in the ring and showed footage of themselves with Diesel and Razor Ramon. This apparently upset Vince McMahon who was doing commentary at ringside. They talked about how they were good guys and bad guys and so on. What was the significance of that footage and why was it supposed to upset Vince?
Well this goes back to the infamous Clique incident in Madison Square Garden. It was a house show in MSG, just before Diesel and Razor Ramon were jumping ships to WCW. At the end of the house show, Hall, Nash, Hunter and Shawn were in the ring and had a group hug. They broke kayfabe so to speak, since Shawn and Razor were faces and Hunter and Diesel were heels. This upset Vince McMahon a lot and there were some serious consequences to follow, but unfortunately, only HHH got the most heat for this and was held back for a year. Now to answer your question, 4 or 5 years ago HHH and Shawn were in the ring and the footage of that incident was shown on the titon tron, although it was all scripted and Vince allowed the footage to be shown, but he had to act like he didn't like it.

How old is HHH?
As of this writing, he is 39 years old. His birthday is on July 27, 1969.

You said that Triple H was held back because of the MSG incident. How was he held back?
Triple H was scripted to win the 1996 King of the Ring PPV, but because of that infamous "Clique incident" he was held back. That year, Triple H was unscripted from winning the KOTR PPV and Steve Austin won it. Not that it's a bad thing, we saw the birth of Austin 3:16. Another part of his punishment was he would do many jobs.

I keep on hearing rumors that Goldberg got in a fight with HHH in a gym before Goldberg came to the WWE. Is that true?
Actually it was at a convention of some sort. Triple H was signing autographs with Stephanie and Goldberg started yelling at Triple H and basically calling him out over some comments Triple H said about Goldberg in an interview. Words were exchanged, but that's about it. There was nothing physical.

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