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How many wrestlers have played The Undertaker?
One. Only Mark Calaway has played the role of The Undertaker.

Didn't he start out with a different name?
Yes. He debuted at Survivor Series 1990 simply as The Undertaker. In the weeks after he used the name Kane the Undertaker at house shows and on WWF television. The Kane part was dropped awhile after and he just went by The Undertaker again as he still does.

It was also at this time that Undertaker switched managers from Brother Love to Paul Bearer. The story given on WWF television was that Paul Bearer simply bough out Undertaker's contract from Brother Love.

Did he ever wrestle in WCW?
Yes. Mark Calloway wrestled in WCW as "Mean" Mark Callous in 1990. He wrestled as part of the Sky Scrapers team and then as a singles wrestler. His most famous match in WCW was fighting Lex Luger for the U.S Title at Great American Bash.

What was the story behind the Undertaker "dying" in 1994?
At the end of 1993 The Undertaker began to feud with Yokozuna. At Royal Rumble 1994 they fought in a casket match for the world title. The Undertaker was about to win the match when 10 heel wrestlers interfered and helped Yokozuna put Undertaker in the casket to win.

After the match Undertaker appeared on the big video screen and gave a short speech on how he would not rest in peace and would return for revenge. After the speech the lights went out and Marty Jannetty dressed as The Undertaker was raised up to the roof of the arena in the crucifix position giving the angle that Undertaker ascended to heaven.

In real life Mark Calloway just needed time off to handle some family matters. He didn't actually die!

Who was the Fake Undertaker?
About 5 months after the Undertaker "died" at Royal Rumble Ted Dibiase began claiming on WWF television that he had the Undertaker. Paul Bearer came out weeks later and said he had the Undertaker and that Dibiase that lying. A match was signed for Summerslam 1994 for the two Undertakers to fight each other to see how actually had the real one.

Paul Bearer had the real Undertaker of course and Ted Dibiase just had Brian Lee dressed as the Undertaker. Undertaker beat Brian Lee at Summerslam with three tombstones and the Fake Undertaker was never seen and barely talked about on WWF television again.

Who is Kane?
Kane is played by Glen Jacobs. Kane is suppose to be The Underaker's brother who was burnt in a fire when he was young. Undertaker and Kane were playing with matches and caused the fire killing their parents and scaring Kane. Undertaker did not know Kane lived though since he was hidden by Paul Bearer. In 1997 Paul Bearer came on WWF television and told Undertaker's story and that Kane was still alive. Kane finally appeared at Badd Blood 1997 attacked Undertaker during his match.

Did he ever beat Hulk Hogan?
Yes. Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan by pinfall at Survivor Series 1991 for the world title. Ric Flair did interfere in the match though slipping a chair in the ring for Undertaker to tombstone Hogan on.

Why did he wear a mask in 1995?
In 1995 Mabel was being pushed as the monster hell in the WWF. To get Mabel over he did a couple of leg drops on Undertaker and supposably broke a couple bones in his face. So Undertaker started wearing a purplish grey mask to his matches. It last until Royal Rumble 1996 when he took it off during his match.

What was the "logofixion"?
On an edition of Raw is War in late 1998 The Undertaker "crucified" Steve Austin on a giant version of his symbol. Austin was tied to the structure and it was then set on fire and was raised high in the arena. Many people were offended by the incident but it soon died down.

What was the Ministry of Darkness?
The Ministry of Darkness was a stable of wrestlers started by The Undertaker to help him try to take over the WWF. It consisted of: The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Viscera, Mideon, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Gangrel, Christian, and Edge. There was also a mysterious "higher power" who The Undertaker got guidance from. The group made the plan to kidnap Stephanie McMahon and get Vince McMahon to hand over the WWF for her return.

Who were those gothic people in the crowd in 1995?
After The Undertaker was injured by Kama Mustafa in 1995 two people known as "the creatures of the night" appeared in the crowd at WWF shows. They dressed in gothic clothes and put funeral wreaths of black flowers by the ring. After the Undertaker returned the "creatures" disappeared.

How long has the Undertaker been in the WWE and how many times has he been the WWE champion?
Undertaker first joined the WWF/E in 1990 at the Survivor Series under the guidance of then manager Brother Love. Undertaker has been a world champion in the WWE on 4 occasions as of June 13th, 2003.

How many matches did the Ultimate and Undertaker have and who won them? I know that Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior had a match at Rampage 1991.
Yea, they fought at Rampage in Toronto, but they never fought on TV. Although they fought many times from April to August of 1991, but like I said, they were all house shows. To check the match events and house show results for 1991, click here.

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