GFW Amped Anthology PPV

GFW Amped Anthology PPV airs tonight

The first GFW Amped Anthology PPV airs tonight on traditional PPV and via the FITE TV app. This is the first of a four-part series looking at the GFW Amped TV tapings from back in 2015 that were filmed at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas that were a pilot run for GFW on TV that never saw the light of day until Anthem’s purchase of GFW earlier this year.

-8/10 Impact videos

GFW posted the following videos from after last night’s 8/10 episode of Impact.

  • TheCyberZon

    Anyone who would actually pay to see 2 year old episodes of Amped doesn’t deserve their money.

  • delos56

    Doesn’t look like anyone watched…Exciting News

  • Chris Bellis

    We got it free over here as part of the Spike UK deal. There were some excellent matches sprinkled in, but as CyberZon said, you can’t expect people to pay for a 2 year old product. The commentary team were good though. One of my issues with the current GFW product is that there are things they could change immediately to freshen things up, such as the commentary team, but instead the remnants of the TNA product are still there, so how are viewers supposed to think that GFW is a ‘new & improved’ concept? Even a colour scheme change would make a minuscule difference!

  • delos56

    TY Chris for the heads up from the UK. Great to hear from ya…Unfortunately Jarret has always relied on the same scheme’s and for some reason believes his name is the difference.

  • Chris Bellis

    That’s so true. Granted, every booker/promoter does that to a degree, but Jeff has never struck me as a groundbreaking wrestling mind. It’s admirable that he wants to give folks a place to work, but at this stage TNA/GFW/insert name here aren’t even a distant number 3, let alone a viable number 2 in the US