Impact star announces departure from company

Former TNA/Impact Wrestling Tag Champion Crazzy Steve, who has been with the Impact Wrestling since 2014, announced his departure from the company after taking part in the Impact TV tapings on Thursday at Universal Studios.

Steve was initially brought in as a member of the Menagerie group, but saw his most success as part of Decay with Abyss and Rosemary over the last year. Steve will make his final appearance during next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling where Decay will challenge Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX in a street fight.

WOW partners with MGM

The following was sent to on Thursday:


Mark Burnett and Jeanie Buss Form Powerful Tag Team to Champion New Content For Television and Digital Platforms

Los Angeles, CA (April 20th, 2017)– Mark Burnett, MGM’s President, Television Group & Digital, and Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers Owner and President, announced a strategic partnership today to develop new content across a range of unscripted programming and digital formats for the popular WOW-Women Of Wrestling (WOW).

MGM with its proven track record of building successful unscripted franchises (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice) will work with WOW and its troupe of WOW Superheroes – a diversified group of athletic over-the-top characters, villains and heroines that include the notorious tag team, Caged Heat, Delta Lotta Pain and Loca, The Governor’s Daughter, Abilene Maverick, The Dagger and newcomer, The Alpha Athlete, Adrenaline – as they begin production on their fifth season of the series. Emmy Award®- winning Burnett and his team of producers headed by President of Unscripted Programming for MGM Television, Barry Poznick, will work in tandem with WOW’s Founder and President, David McLane, the impresario behind the ’80s hit women’s wrestling television series, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW), to create content for potential use across networks, digital platforms, cable and multicast networks.

“By challenging the status quo in transforming women’s wrestling for the past two years, we feel WOW is now positioned for tremendous growth,” said WOW Owner Jeanie Buss. “We are very excited to have MGM’s incredible management team, headed by Chairman and CEO Gary Barber and Mark Burnett, in place to grow our business model.”

“Barry and I witnessed first-hand the enormous global fan base of professional wrestling with our team’s production of Lucha Underground,” Burnett noted. “We were looking to expand on our experience doing Lucha, and WOW felt like a natural progression in the space. We love what Jeanie has developed and share in her vision of transforming this entertainment landscape. Together, we will look to elevate the WOW brand through creative production and enhanced character-driven storytelling.”

This is MGM Television’s third partnership in the sports arena with Lucha Underground in its third season and its previously announced partnership with the Drone Racing League.

For more information about WOW and its Superheroes, visit @wowsuperheroes

  • TheCyberZon

    So now Decay has broken up too. Another big loss for TNA even if it was only Crazzy Steve.

  • Gerald Bocook

    Guess we know who is going to be tag champs come next week, eh?

  • stinkelbaum

    Found his niche with crazy steve, either anthem low balled him or he got an offer up north.
    But as already said, decay is rather broken (pun intended) now.

  • Rob Giles

    Another big loss for TNA, he was one of the better talents they had. Decay was one of the few good things they had going over the last year. Man, this new “reboot” is an embarrassment so far, all I see are a bunch of no-name guys on the roster now.

  • Aaron David Harwood

    welcome to NXT Crazzy Steve… oh what, we’re waiting until it’s officail… okay. *twiddles thumbs

  • Gerald Bocook

    Hey, man, everybody’s a no-name at some point in their career. Plus, just because you don’t know the entire roster off the top of your head doesn’t mean they’re not capable of putting on a good show.

  • Gerald Bocook

    Agreed. They were an current, established group, and Impact lacks in current established talent.

  • Gerald Bocook

    Maybe he’ll be Waccky Steve?

  • TheCyberZon

    Or a new Doink the Clown? =D

  • Wasn’t Steve a no-name when he arrived?

  • Does that mean we get ‘The Monster’ Abyss back to his old personna, and be pushed to the world title picture?

  • letsgobucs

    Meltzer reporting on his newsletter that Crazy Steve is on his way to NXT.