Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/3/02

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Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/3/02
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Our wild first week of action from our new home in Nashville, TN is in the books. Here are the results of our July 3 broadcast!

Mike Tenay opened the show by interviewing NWA President Jim Miller. Miller said he had been scouting talent in Japan and then said he had a surprise for the fans. He presented a trophy to Mike Tenay, saying it was from the NWA to NWA TNA. Miller announced that Takao Omori, from Japan's Pro Wrestling Noah promotion, would get an NWA Title shot against the winner of tonight's Ken Shamrock vs. Malice NWA Title match on next week's show.

In the opening match of the NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament, The Johnsons, with Mortimer Plumtree, took on Chris Harris and James Storm. After a back and forth action, Storm dropkicked Harris in the back which led to Harris falling onto one of the Johnsons. Harris then scored the pin, with his team advancing to the second round. Plumtree was not happy about his team losing and berated them. The Johnsons appeared as if they were going to chokeslam Morty, but pushed him to the mat instead. They left the ring as Plumtree chased them yelling, "We can be friends".

Scott Hall came out to do an interview but w as quickly interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett made his way to the ring but NWA President Jim Miller came out and stopped him, telling Jarrett he would not be able to do whatever he wanted to. He told Jarrett he would have to wait for the main event later tonight to get his hands on Hall. Just then, K Krush ran in from the crowd and attacked Hall from behind. Hall eventually fought back and Krush left before Hall could do any more damage.

We saw a shot in the back, with Chris Harris and James Storm laying in a bloody mess.

Monty Brown debuted for NWA TNA by thoroughly destroying an overmatched Anthony Ingram. Brown scored the pin with his signature finisher, The Alpha Bomb. Brown said he was coming for Shamrock's title.

Goldylocks interviewed Buff Bagwell and Apolo backstage before their match against Joel Gertner's Rainbow Express. The winner of this match would go on to the NWA Tag Tournament Final. Lenny and Bruce won a hard fought battle when Lenny pinned Buff after a superkick.

After the match, Ed Ferrara spoke to a dejected Bagwell. Buff said that his nickname has not helped him in his career. He now wants to be known as "Marcus", not Buff. He also said he was done, was going home and walked away from the ring. No one was quite sure what he meant by that.

Ken Shamrock did an interview saying that Monty Brown was getting ahead of himself. He only had one match in NWA TNA and hadn't proved himself yet. He said he that his focus was on beating Malice tonight, then Omori next week. Brown has to wait until those men are out of the way before he can think about a shot at the title. Then, the lights went out. A spotlight shone on Minister Jim Mitchell, who told Shamrock he needed to fear Malice and not concern himself with others. When the lights came back on, Malice was standing over a lifeless Shamrock.

Backstage, Bill Behrens was seen talking on the phone. Jerry Lynn told him that he could find a partner and could take Storm and Harris' place in the tournament. Behrens ignored him and complained that Shamrock, Storm and Harris were all attacked tonight and NWA President Jim Miller was nowhere to be found to restore any kind of order.

Puppet defeated new hardcore midget Tom Stone with a Stunner onto a trashcan. After the bout, Puppet hit referee Slick Johnson, ring announcer Jeremy Borash, Stone and Don West with his kendo stick. He then chased Johnson from the ring up the stage.

Francine beat Miss TNA Taylor Vaughn by disqualification after Taylor hit the referee with a leather strap that Francine had brought into the ring and used in the match. Once again, Ed Ferrara tried to console and take liberties on Francine, and once again she hit him and put him in his place.

While Jeremy Borash interviewed NASCAR's Hermie Sadler, K Krush interjected himself. When he insulted Sadler, Hermie tackled him to the stage before they were separated. Krush said he had a match to wrestle tonight, but challenged Sadler to fight him next week. Sadler agreed and they will lock it up on next week's broadcast.

Shamrock then had his title defense against Malice. Ken tried to act as if the earlier attack hadn't hurt him. In the end, whether it did or not didn't matter because he won a hard fought decision over Malice and retained the NWA Title. He will defend the belt against Omori next week.

AJ Styles defended his X Division Title against David Young, who was accompanied by Bobcat. Bobcat seemed more interested in mugging for the crowd and entertaining herself than she did with helping her wrestler. If she hadn't been preoccupied, the result may have been different as AJ won with the Styles Clash from the second rope. Bobcat didn't seem to care as she kept mugging for the cameras, even after Young lost.

It was announced that Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Tony Mamaluke and Chris Daniels will enter a six man elimination match next week. The winner will be the Number One contender for Styles' X Division title.

Goldylocks interviewed Joel Gertner. Gertner said that since Harris and Storm could not wrestle, his team would become the new champs by default. They went to the ring but were in for a rude surprise when ring announcer Jeremy Borash said that the NWA decided that AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn would take Harris and Storm's place. The Rainbow Express didn't let the sudden turn of events throw them however, and they waged war with their surprise opponents until Styles hit the Spiral Tap from the top rope on Lane to get the win. A.J. Styles & Jerry Lynn are the NWA World Tag Team Champions.

We then cut the back where NWA President Jim Miller was hogtied and had "F U" written across his stomach. We did not find out who did it, or why.

It was then time for the main event, as Scott Hall and Brian Christopher took on Jeff Jarrett and K Krush. We don't need to tell NWA TNA fans about the bad blood between these four men. This match was the fight you would expect from those involved. Unfortunately, justice didn't prevail in the end and Christopher turned on Hall, leaving him easy pickings for Jarrett and Krush. Fighting three on one, Hall didn't have a chance and was pinned by Jarrett. Jarrett was not done however. He verbally abused Hall and attacked him again as the show went off the air.

Credit: NWATNA.com

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