Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/31

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On July 31, 2002 at 23:16:52

Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/31
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Ed Ferrera & Don West
Location: Nashville, TN (Nashville Fairgrounds)

This week's action packed edition of NWA TNA opened up quickly, with AJ Styles defending his X Division Title against Elix Skipper. Styles was seconded to the ring by his NWA World Tag Team partner Jerry Lynn. Lynn went to the broadcast position and joined the commentators. When asked if there was a problem between he and Styles after the finish of last week's match (where Lynn scored the pin and Styles didn't look happy about it), Lynn said there wasn't. He said that he and AJ were singles wrestlers their whole careers and they just have to get used to depending on a partner. He said that they would do so.

The men had the kind of X Division classic that we all would expect before Styles got the pin after he hit the Spiral Tap on Skipper. After the match, Lynn got up on the apron and congratulated his partner. Lynn raised Styles' arms as they went to the back.

After the match, Mike Tenay informed us that Ricky Steamboat would be at the show tonight and said that Steamboat had already ruled that Malice had to return the NWA Title belt, which he stole last week from NWA champion Ken Shamrock, to its rightful owner. Tenay also informed us that the suspension on Jeff Jarrett was lifted by Steamboat so that Scott Hall could get a piece of him tonight.

Then, as Skipper was making his way to the back, Monty Brown met him on the ramp and beat Skipper back to ringside. Brown got Skipper in the ring and laid him out, paying him back for what Skipper did to him last week when Skipper set Brown up for an attack from The Truth.

Jeff Jarrett then came out to the ring, carrying a sack that appeared to have a body in it. Jarrett said that Shamrock wasn't here tonight and Steamboat wasn't at the building yet, so he thought he would amuse himself. He mocked Bill Behrens for saying that he had to start at the bottom and work his way up to get a title shot. He said he would start doing so with who was in the bag. It turned out that it was midget Todd Stone and Jarrett destroyed him. Jarrett said he was ready for anyone else to come to the ring when out came Puppet. Puppet told Jarrett he had the equalizer for him, and he pulled out a gun. Before Puppet could do anything though, Jarrett hit him in the head with a chair. Just then, Ricky Steamboat showed up and told Jarrett that order was about to be restored. Jarrett challenged Ricky to wrestle him. If he won, Jarrett would get an NWA title shot. If he lost, Jarrett would take his 60 day suspension. Steamboat came into the ring but before he and Jarrett could go at it, Scott Hall came in from behind and nailed Jarrett with haymakers. Hall said that he didn't care what anyone said, after he beat Jarrett tonight, Double J would be the one leaving on a stretcher.

In the back, Goldylocks interviewed Sonny Siaki, talking about his match with Slash. She asked where the other Elvises were. He said that he gave them the night off and one Sonny is better than three Elvises.

It was then time for Siaki vs. Slash, who came out, with Father James Mitchell. Mitchell joined the announcers and talked, in-depth, about his new church. At the end of the bout, Mitchell went to ringside and distracted the ref while Slash put a hood over Siaki's head and pinned him after a neckbreaker. There appeared to be something in the hood.

After the match, Mitchell painted Siaki's face with The Blood of the Audad. New Head of Security Don Harris came into the ring and put a stop to that, laying Slash out. Malice came out and faced off with Don, but the two didn't come to blows.

Goldylocks interviewed Ricky Steamboat in the back and he said he was there to lay down the law. Goldy asked Steamboat why people would listen to him when they don't listen to Bill Behrens, and Steamboat left, disgusted by the question and the comparison.

On his way to the ring, The Truth noticed an African American TNA girl dancing in a cage. He told her that "they" were exposing her for their own benefit. He said that "they" caged her for their own benefit. He told her to tell "them" off. He then mocked her and when she wouldn't tell "them" off, he called her a two dollar whore. Finally, she slapped him in the face. He took of his belt and was about to hit her with it when Monty Brown came out from behind and attacked The Truth. The two brawled until The Truth hit Brown with a 2x4 and left him in a heap.

Ricky Steamboat them came out and told The Truth that he got his attention. Steamboat told The Truth that if he had something to say to "them", to come out to ringside and say it to his face. Truth came out. Steamboat told him that if he wants respect, he has to earn it. Truth told Steamboat that he was a big fan of The Dragon when he was growing up. He said that people still talk about Steamboat's classic match with Randy Savage. He said that it was great that Steamboat won a secondary title then, but he never won the world title and "they" never gave him a shot at the big belt. Truth said that he has been held back the same way. He said that Steamboat makes the decisions and he can right that wrong now by making the right call today. He told Truth he would give him an NWA Title shot next week against Ken Shamrock. Truth said he would win the belt next week.

Malice then came out, with Father James Mitchell, for his match with Apolo. Apolo was busted open early on but, he fought through the crimson to score the pin after a superkick to the face of the big man.

After the match, Malice blamed referee Rudy Charles for making a bad count and chokeslammed him in the ring. Then, he was about to do the same to Apolo when Security Chief Don Harris ran in and attacked Malice. Harris appeared to be going for a powerbomb when Slash ran down with the black hood and did a neckbreaker on Harris, much like he had done earlier to Sonny Siaki. Father Mitchell then told Harris he had chose the wrong path and he painted him with the blood of Audad.

Don West then brought out Miss TNA Taylor Vaughn. As he was about to talk to her, Bruce came out to the ring. Bruce said that he was listening to The Truth earlier and said that he too wants to be treated with respect and not held back. He said that he wants to be Miss TNA and Taylor accepted his challenge by hitting him in the groin. The match was on. Taylor was in control early, as Bruce was reeling from the shot down low, but then he came back and pinned her. Bruce is the new Miss TNA.

Goldy was in the back and again tried to interview Low Ki. He apologized to her and said that he would once again do his talking in the ring. He was off to the ring for his match with Jerry Lynn. Styles came out with Lynn, and like his partner did earlier, he joined the announcers and reiterated what his partner's words, that there is no heat between them. Styles spent the whole match rooting for his partner.

It sounds like a broken record, but Lynn vs. Low Ki was another X Division classic! Either man could have won, but as Low Ki was going for his finisher, AJ Styles attacked his partner, kicking him in the back of the head. Styles mocked the fallen Lynn until Ki kicked the champ in the head and knocked Styles out of the ring.

Goldy interviewed Don Harris in the back. Harris said that he was going to Ricky Steamboat and asking for a first blood match against Malice next week.

Disco Inferno then came out for the first edition of "Jive Talking". He implied that he was in negotiations to replace Oprah on her show, though he didn't mention her by name. Disco said that he was about to bring out the first person to expose her breasts on pay-per-view, and called out Goldylocks. Goldy said that Disco insulted her. She said she only came on the show to talk about her music, but she was out of here. Disco apologized and they sat down on his couch. Disco asked her who she sounded like, and she said she has been described as a female Kid Rock. Disco didn't know who Kid Rock was. Goldy tried to talk more about her music when Disco told her to show the world her breasts. Goldy wanted no part of it. Because she wouldn't do it, Disco called her names. Goldy slapped him and kneed Disco down low and was about to do more when big Paulina came out and attacked Goldy and choked her out. Paulina then helped Disco to the back.

Don West informed us that next week, AJ Styles will defend his X Division Title against Jerry Lynn and Low Ki. Also, Don Harris will take on Malice in a first blood match and Ken Shamrock will defend the NWA Title against The Truth.

Then, it was time for the main event as Scott Hall got his shot at Jeff Jarrett. The two men brawled all around the building in wild and crazy action. After 10 minutes, Hall finally hit the Edge on Jarrett, but when the ref counted two, The Truth pulled him out of the ring. Brown came out and grabbed The Truth. Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Don Harris, Slash and Malice all came out to ringside and brawled through the crowd. Jarrett and Hall kept brawling throughout. Then, Jarrett grabbed a chair that he wanted to use on Hall, but Steamboat ran to the ring and stopped him. Hall then went to use the chair on Jarrett when Steamboat grabbed it from him. Jarrett took advantage of that to hit The Stroke on Hall, using the chair that Steamboat was holding. Jarrett scored the pin as the show went off the air.

Credit: NWATNA.com

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