Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/03/02

Reported by Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com
On August 03, 2002 at 23:29:27

Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/03/02
Commentators: Michael Cole & Marc Lloyd
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Opens with the usual Velocity pyrotechnics.

Match #1
Hardcore Holly Vs. Albert

Starts with Albert going for a big kick, Holly moves, a couple shots to Albert, and some club from Albert to bring Holly down. Clothesline from Albert, big splash missed by Albert. Albert hits a big kick, pin for only two. Looked nice though. A couple right hands from Albert, gets him into the corner, and starts pounding on him. Albert gets a two count. Chinlock on Hardcore, Holly gets up, Albert clubs him down, Albert ggoes for some splash from the top and misses. Dropkick from Holly, pin for two. Chops having no effect on Albert. Albert picks him up, Holly drops down. Hardcore to the top, flying cross body, pin for two. Punches from Hardcore, ALABAMA SLAM!!! Pin for three!

Winner: Hardcore Holly (Alabama Slam)


We come back to the footage during the break. Hardcore came down and talked to Mark Lloyd and slapped him!

Match #2
Mike Awesome Vs. Farooq

Starts with a colar and elbow tieup. Awesome with a few hard shots to Farooq. Match goes to the outside where Farooq takes Awesome pillar to post. Farooq has the match, but Awesome comes back with a clothesline, pin for two. Awesome with a body slam, goes to the top, clothesline from the top, pin for two. Another clothesline, pin for two. Pushes him to the middle rope, choking him with the rope, Awesome yells at the ref, Farooq with a right hand, Awesome takes him down. Camel Clutch from Awesome, Farooq coming back, right hands from Farooq. Big powerslam, pin for two from Farooq. DDT from Awesome, no pin, a couple kicks. Big front slam from Farooq, pin for three.

Winner: Farooq (Spinebuster Front Slam)


Ok, it's that time again. We did have a winner last week but she did not choose an option, therefore she will not receive anything. . The question is "What was The Undertaker's ORIGINAL NAME?" Y'all know where to hit me, iamtweek@msn.com

The show comes back to footage from Smackdown! involving Kurt Angle, Hogan and "Neo Goldberg" Brock Lesnar


Match #3
Billy Kidman Vs. Funaki

Starts out nice, a lot of reversals. Kidman gets a pin for 2, somehow. Funaki threw Kidman into the post but Kidman missed and hit the steps. Armbar by Funaki, to an armbreaker, pin for 2. This match started out nice, and now it's going downhill. Funaki looks really bad in the ring, he's just doing stuff, and would have no real affect. More armbars from Funaki. We all know who's going to win, Kidman, because Kaientai has always been good jobbers. Speaking of which, remember the third member of Kaientai? Clothesline from Kidman, pin for 2. Insiguri from Funaki, pin for 2. DDT from Funaki, pin for 2. Funaki goes upstairs, Kidman stops him, Hurricanrunna from Kidman, pin for 2. The crowd is not into the match at all, they're dead. Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press, pin for 3

Winner: Billy Kidman (Shooting Star Press)


Opens again with footage from SmackDown!, this time concerning Chris Jericho's jump, Stephanie McMahon, Eric Bischoff, and the arrival of the Radicalz, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

Hurricane is talking to Shannon Helms.


Match #4
Billy and Chuck Vs. Hurricane Helms and Shannon Moore

This match is extremely boring. It's been all Billy and Chuck so far. Hurrcane starts coming back, blockbuster, Hurricane gets the tag to Moore. Bunch of right hands from Moore. Billy hits the Fame Asser and pins for two. Hurricane flies after Rico. Billy hits the top ropes clothesline and pins for three.

Winner: Billy and Chuck

end of show

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