Full WWE Confidential Report - 8/03/02

Reported by Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com
On August 04, 2002 at 00:05:53

Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/03/02
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

WCW Segment

Starts with the old nWo footage. Many WCW stars say how Eric was only into the nWo. Jericho says it became a cancer. Eric says it worked for a while. He was too involved some times. WCW talent Jericho, Show, and Booker says Eric didn't help out the little guys. Hogan says he knew who Eric wouldn't help out the little guys, Show says everything changed every five minutes. They didn't work out the storylines. Money was a lot of problem. Hogan says the money was guaranteed, and there was TOO much money. Booker says there was no reason to put on good matches because they didn't care, they had no reason to work. Jericho said no one cared about the men in charge, just the money being put out. Show says he couldn't figure out why he was only making $125,000 a year and he was the champ, and others were making half a million, and hadn't held a title since they arrived.


Edge and Christian Segment

Christian was always outgoing and tried to be in the spotlight. Edge was the normal kid, drew a lot, got good grades. Christian played hockey for the first time when he was four. Edge remembers seeing Hogan for the first time. He was like I was when I first saw him, completely awed. Christian said he stumbled upon wrestling just flipping through the channels, and his bros got into it. They started going through their old school. There was a writing contest for free wrestling training, and Edge won. Christian used tuition money to start training. They started going around to different events. Funny moment, they're still walking through the school, and a kid sees them, and starts freaking. "Ohhh my God, it's Edge and Christian!"



Last weeks winner decided to post the URL to his website. Here it is, check it out, it's actually really cool. It's a local TV station that does independent wrestling shows!

This weeks question is this: "The idea of Kane and the Undertaker actually came from a very largely followed book. What is the common name for the book?"

Booker T Segment

Booker is showing us his million dollar house. Boring Segment, nothing to be explained


WCW Part 2

Montreal Screw Job is mentioned. The move to end WWF was supposed to be Bret Hart on WCW. Everyone hated the fact that Bret got so much money. Hogan didn't understand why Bret was getting so damn much. They brought him in and didn't use him at all. Everyone said he wasn't used at all, and too much money was going out. No one in the company (AOL/TIme Warner) hated WCW. Like I said last week folks, you're only going to get so much out of what I say, watch the damn show! AOL didn't think wrestling didn't fit into their portfolio. Eric was almost happy with the fact that WCW was going to die, but was almost ashamed that it was destined to die.


Folks, this show, week after week, is shocking me. Please watch this show, don't just rely on my input, because I can only put so much on this column.

Rhyno Segment

Rhyno was a human recking ball in ECW, put in the spotlight, a main eventer, but an injury stopped that success in the WWE. He had an injury, and let it go, and it proved to be a bad idea. Footage from him coming back...


Al Snow's Hockey Jersey segment

He puts on 21 of his jerseys at the same time. Funny segment.

End of Show

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