Big Vito News - Schedule, WCW Invasion Thoughts

Reported by Adam Martin of
On October 15, 2001 at 01:20:30

-- I recently had a chance to speak with Big Vito this past weekend. Here is the brief transcript I saved from the conversation:

Adam Martin: Thanks for taking time to speak with me, I know you are a busy man.

Big Vito: No problem. Yes I have been very busy.

Adam Martin: Where are you headed in the coming months?

Big Vito: Either Japan or England. Just waiting to finalize the booking dates.

Adam Martin: Have you had a chance to speak with the World Wrestling Federation about a possible contract?

Big Vito: Yes I have been in talks with the WWF for a while after the WCW buyout. It's just a waiting period right now because I am very busy over-seas working many promotions.

Adam Martin: Speaking of the WCW buyout in March, have you had a chance to catch any WWF programming with the recent WCW/ECW Invasion? If so, what are you thoughts about seeing guys you worked with in WCW now performing in the WWF?

Big Vito: It's great for them, I am happy to see them there and becoming very successful.

Adam Martin: Who do you think in your opinion has polished themself and presented themself the best in your opinion out of all the WCW people in the WWF right now?

Big Vito: I would have to say Booker T. He has shown the most improvement.

Adam Martin: Have you had a chance to speak with any of the WCW guys in the WWF right now?

Big Vito: Nope

Adam Martin: You speak with any WCW guys who didn't get picked up by the WWF?

Big Vito: I have stayed in touch with Johnny The Bull. He is working in the OVW right now.

Adam Martin: Alright well thanks for taking the time to speak with me and updating us with your current situation.

Big Vito: No problem. Anytime.

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