Detailed WWF No Mercy Results - October 21, 2001

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NO MERCY - 10/21/01 - St Louis, MO - Savvis Center
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Hardy Boys vs. Storm/Helms - WCW Tag Team Titles
Lita with Hardy's, Molly and Ivory with Helms/Storm. Jeff first up with Helms. Lockup and go behind by Helms. Jeff reverses and goes behind Helms. Shoulder block by Helms to take Jeff go down. Hiptoss by Jeff on Helms. Matt in with a shot to the head. Hardy's with a double suplex. Matt with a cover for 2. Hard right to the head of Helms. Storm in and gets a doubleteam takedown on Matt for 2. Storm tags in Helms again. Matt with a double clothesline on Helms and Storm. Jeff in with right hands on both. Jawbreaker on Storm and a dump on Helms. Helms pushes Jeff and Ivory grabs his legs at the ropes. Pulls him out. Storm sets up Jeff for Hurricane but Matt stops him with a clothesline. Storm gets knocked down. Molly in the ring poses with Helms and puts on his cape. Off the top rope goes Helms onto Matt and Jeff and Storm outside. Back in the ring, Helms hammers on Jeff. Storm in with a drop kick on Jeff for 2. Jeff's head bounced off the turnbuckle. Storm with hard rights on Jeff. Helms in with another doubleteam on Jeff for 2. Helms with a backbreaker on Jeff for 2. Chokes Jeff on the ropes. Molly slaps Jeff in the face. Storm in with a kick to the ribs. Bounces Jeff's head off the turnbuckle and follows up with knees to the midsection. Whips Jeff to the corner but Jeff jumps up on the ropes and comes off with the corkscrew moonsault onto Storm. Both men down and the ref counts. Helms in and stops Jeff from making the tag by grabbing his leg. Jeff with the reverse mule kick and makes the tag. Matt in off the top rope with a clothesline. Back suplex on Helms for 2. Right hands on Storm. Doubleteam on Storm and POETRY IN MOTION CONNECTS!! Helms whipped to the ropes but Jeff misses this shot. Rollup on Matt by Helms for 2. Scoop slam by Matt on Helms and up on the ropes Matt goes. Legdrop from the 2nd rope connects for 2. matt goes for the Twist of Fate but gets a double face kick for 2. Storm in with Jeff. Jeff on the ropes and puts Storm over the top. Molly tries to come in on Matt but Lita spears her. Ivory puts Lita over the top rope. Jeff grabs Ivory and gives her the double legdrop. Storm with the Mapleleaf on Jeff but Lita off the top rope with the Litacanranna. Matt with the TWIST OF FATE. Jeff with the SWANTON BOMB FOR THE WIN!!!

Winners and STILL WCW Tag Team Champions: Hardy Boyz

RVD shown arriving and Regal stops him in the hallway. Tells RVD to go find Austin and aplogize for frog splashing him on Thursday. Rob says no. Regal says that he hopes that RVD isn't haveing anything to do with Vince. RVD says he's only looking out for himself. Regal says not to do anything silly or anything he'll regret later. RVD only replies "OK".

Limo shown arriving. Here comes VINCE! Cole stops him and asks him while he's come back. Helps Vince on with his jacket. Cole says Rob just arrived. Vince says he has a lot of questions and the questions will be answered one way or the other before the night's over but he's there to make a difference. Tells Cole the next time he drops his jacket, he'll drop him.

Test vs. Kane
Kane charges the ring and drops Test from the beginning. Whips Test to the corner and gets an elbow. Comes back again and whips Test to both corners and follows with clotheslines. Test with a kick to the midsection and knees to the midsection in the corner. Whip on Kane but Kane explodes back with a powerslam for 2. Kick by Kane to the face and drops Test on the top rope. Picks up Test and tosses him over the top rope like a doll!!! Outside a right hand by Kane on Test. Kane backs up the ref. Test with the ringbell and nails Kane in the head. Ref is right there and doesn't call a DQ! Back in the ring, Test with shots to the head and gets Kane on the mat and hammers his head with right hands. In the corner Test with hard rights and forearms and back elbows. Kicks Kane down into the corner. Vertical suplex by Test on Kane for 2. Nicely done too. Test bleeding from a busted lip. Kane back with a right hand. Test with the knee to the midsection. Armwringer and clothesline on Test. Misses the elbow drop though. Test on the ropes and off with a flying clothesline to take the big red machine down for 2. Kane throws him off him like a ragdoll. In the corner right hands from Test again. Kane comes back and kicks the crap out of Test in the corner. Whip on Kane and a sidewalk slam by Test. Test up on the ropes. Misses the flying elbow!!! Kane with the neckbreaker on Test. Kane blocks a right from Test and delivers a barrage of his own. Whip on Test and BIG BOOT! Test to the corner and clotheslines from behind. Kane with a suplex for 2. Armwringer and knee to the midsection from Test. Kane back with a sidewalk slam one handed. Clotheslines Test over the top rope. Outside goes for a scoop on Test but gets pushed into the ringpost by Test. Big boot next and Kane goes down. In the ring, Test covers for 2. Test waits for Kane to get up and misses the big boot and turns right into the choke. CHOKESLAM ON TEST!! Cover by Kane for 2. Kane getting frustrated and pounds his fists on the mat. Test up with right hands. Kane gives back as good as he receives. Test whipped into the ring and powerslammed by Kane. Up on the ropes goes the Big Red Machine. Test up and ducks the clothesline. Kick to the midsection by Test and pumphandle slam on Kane for 2!! Test beside himself!!! Test up on the ropes. This time the elbow hits its mark for 2 again!!! Test goes outside and brings in a chair. Kane with a dropkick and drives the chair back into the face of Test. Ref not saying anything. Kane has the chair and ref grabs it. Kane grabs the ref. Turns around and grabs Test. Patrick gets pushed down. Test with the boot on Kane for the win.

Winner: Test

Test leaves the ring and Nick Patrick is left alone. Kane gets up and grabs the ref. CHOKESLAM ON PATRICK!! Kane starts to leave and turns around and comes back. CHOKESLAM ON PATRICK AGAIN!! Kane leaves the ring and starts up the ramp and stops. Shakes his head and goes back to the ring. POWERBOMB ON PATRICK!!!

Coach at Austin's dressing room. Debra said he won't talk to him. Asks him anyway and Austin yells he won't talk and he thinks Austin is a sorry son of a bitch. Austin yells that RVD is a big piece of trash. Austin yells again that Vince is a bigger piece of trash than RVD and he won't lose his championship tonight. Austin says to tell him thank you and get his ass out of there.

Stacy Keibler shown backstage. She meets up with Matt Hardy. She asks if he knows where the Dudleys are. She asks his opinion of her lingerie as she shows him privately. He says it's good. He keeps watching her walk away. Lita comes up and asks what he's looking at. He tells her she did good tonight as always and hugs her while looking again at Stacy.

Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson - Lingerie Match
Stacy comes down first and unrobes to show a short black dress. Torrie comes down in a red nightshirt. Torrie takes off the nightshirt and shows a red bra and panty. Stacy goes after Torrie. Torrie throws her across the ring and Stacy does a tumble. Again she gets tossed and again she does a tumblesault. Finally takes off her robe and shows a black teddy with garters. Stacy starts beating on Torrie with a strap. Ref stops her and gets a shot himself. Torrie spears Stacy. Stacy throws Torrie in the corner and puts the boots to the throat. Torrie with a rollover, reversal to Stacy, reversal to Torrie, reversal to Stacy, reversal and a head scissors by Torrie. Whip to the ring by Torrie and head scissors on Torrie by Stacy. Stacy on the ropes and does a grind and pulls up Torrie by the hair. Torrie gets in a punch and snaps Stacy off the ropes and covers for 2. Torrie with a springboard elbow for the win. Gives Stacy a smack on the butt for good measure.

Winner: Torrie Wilson

Cole with Angle backstage and they talk about Vince coming back and how he looked like he was supporting RVD. Angle says they all know Vince has his own drummer and he has his eye on RVD for some reason. Angle says he has his eyes on both Austin and RVD. Vince interrupts the interview and says it's good to see Angle and wishes him the best of luck tonight. Angle says he doesn't think he'll be needing luck. Tonight he'll win the title one more time. It's true, oh hell, it's true. In fact it's Van Dam true.

Lilian with Christian about the match tonight. Christian says when they were a tag team and people would say how great is Edge and he'll be a huge star someday. The thing they failed to realize is that no matter how good you are, there's always somebody better. And the people in St.Louis should know that. Look at McQuire's record being beaten by a better man. And tonight he'll prove to Edge that Christian is just plain better.

Christian vs. Edge - Ladder Match for IC Title
Edge charges the ring and takes down Christian with a slam. Hammers on Christian. Right hands all over his baby brother. Christian slides out of the ring but Edge grabs him by the hair and tries to get him back. Christian gets a hangman on him. Christian goes outside and gets the ladder. Edge with a baseball slide and knocks the ladder into Christian. Outside Edge throws him over the barricade and follows him through the crowd. They battle in front of the fans. Edge with hard right hands on Christian. Christian with a shot on Edge but Edge comes back with a back body drop over the barricade back towards the ring. Ladder set up against the ring. Edge uses Christian's head on it. Follows up with a slingshot into the ladder on Christian. Edge gets hurt by Christian. Pulls up on the ladder set up across the ring and barricade. Edge with shots on Christian and down Christian goes on the family jewels!! Edge with right hands to the head. Back in the ring Edge pounds on the head of Christian. Edge goes outside and gets the ladder and puts it in the ring. Christian jumps on the edge of it and makes it slam into the face of Edge outside. Christian pulls the ladder in the ring and sets it up and starts to climb. Edge comes in and knocks the ladder over. Christian lands on his feet and uses the ladder to slam Edge in the midsection in the corner. Christian goes outside and under the ring. Brings out the steel chair. Goes up on the ropes over Edge's head. Edge with a snap mare takeover on Christian who hits the ladder spine first. Edge with the ladder now set up on the ropes. Grabs Christian and puts him on his shoulders and throws Christian on the ladder onto his family jewels again! Edge goes to the ladder and puts it between the corner ropes. Goes back for Christian and tries to whip Christian into it but gets reversed and hits it with his ribs. Christian stomps on the wounded ribs. Christian gets the ladder fixed in the corner and slingshots Edge up under it face first. Christian hits his head on the ladder by accident. Ladder falls out of the corner. Goes for the other ladder outside and brings that one in and sets it up. Christian starts to climb up. Edge puts up the other ladder right next to him and he goes up. Christian reaches for the belt but a right hand by Edge and a jawbreaker off the top and both men come off the ladders. Edge looks like he hit the wrong way. Edge climbs up the ladder and the crowd it rooting him on!!! Christian comes up and punches him in the lower back. Gets on the other ladder and with a neckbreaker off the ladder on Edge. Down again they lie on the mat. Christian goes under the ring and gets the steel chairs. Puts Edge's head on one of the chairs and Edge comes back and kicks the other one back into the face of Christian. Edge brings in a third ladder and sets up the chairs with the ladder in between them. Puts Christian on the ladder face first and pounded on by Edge. Edge up on the ropes and off with a splash on top of Christian on top of the ladder. Both men hurt. Edge climbing up one ladder slowly and reaches the top. Christian with the third ladder and hits Edge in the ribs and knocks him off. Christian up on a ladder. Edge on the ropes and off with a SPEAR TO CHRISTIAN ON THE LADDER!!! Both men get up and go for the ladders. Climbing so slowly, they both go up on opposite sides. At the top they fight straddling ladders. Ladders fall and both of them fall over the top rope to the floor!!! Christian up and climbs in the ring. Christian climbs up on the ladder and falls a little on the first try. Up he goes again and reaches for the title but Edge in with a chair and LOW BLOW WITH THE CHAIR!! Ouch!! Edge with the chair in his hand and up he goes on the ladder. Other chair set up under the ladder. Christian upside down on the ladder. Edge drives Christian's head into the chair. Edge up with the other one and CON CHAIR TO!!!!! Christian falls off. EDGE GETS THE BELT AND NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!! Edge stands on the top of the ladders and raises the belt.

Winner and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion: Edge

Spike Dudley shown as WWF New York drowing his sorrows it looks like. Footage shown of Spike going through a table. JR asks him how he's feeling. He says he feels like a hundred bucks and he's just there to watch Show and Tajiri beat the Dudleys. Paul says it's almost been a month since he was dumped by Molly. A gorgeous girl sits on his lap. He asks Paul, Molly who?

Dudley Boyz vs. Big Show & Tajiri - WWF Tag Team Titles
Dudleys leave the ring when Show comes down. Tajiri with Buh Buh to start. Dvon distracts him and Buh Buh hits from behind and pounds the smaller man into the mat. Chops from Buh Buh. Tajiri comes back with kicks to the body but Buh Buh only needs one hit to put him down. Throws him into the corner and doubleteam from Dudleys. Dvon with hard rights to the head. Misses a shot and Tajiri hits with a kick to the head for 2. Front facelock on Dvon and he tags Show. Show throws Dvon to the corner and gives him a butt splash to the midsection repeatedly. Dvon falls down. Thumb to the eye from Dvon. Buh buh in but Show with a double clothesline. both of them get a powerslam from Show. Tajiri with an over the top rope fly onto the Dudleys. Sidewalk slam by Show on Dvon for 2. Tajiri in with a kick to the ribs. Takiri jumps over Dvon and jumps right into the Bubba Bomb. Buh Buh stomps on the Japanese Buzzsaw who's been disconnected from his power source right now. In the corner, stomped down by Dvon. Buh Buh back in and doubleteam with a flapjack on Tajiri. Buh Buh with elbow drops on Tajiri and a cover for 2. Nails him with an elbow to the head. Dvon in with a snap mare and reverse chinlock. Tajiri tries to fight with elbows but gets tossed to the corner and hammered with right hands. Dvon off the 2nd rope but gets caught with a drop kick from Tajiri on the way down. Show gets the crowd behind them. Show tagged but ref didn't see it. Buh Buh scoop slams Tajiri and WASSUP from Dvon. Buh Buh with a powerbomb try but Tajiri counters with a DDT. Show again gets the crowd into the match. Dvon in with Show and goes down with a clothesline twice. Buh Buh gets one too. Dvon with a big boot. Buh Buh gets a splash in the corner. Big boot on Dvon. Choke on Buh Buh but Dvon with a chop block on the legs. Tajiri in. Dudleys knock Show off the apron. Tajiri with kicks on both men. Whip to the corner and TARANTULA ON DVON. Buh Buh hits from behind to break it. Tajiri with a double handspring elbow connects. Tajiri goes for the green mist on Buh Buh but hits the ref by mistake. Show in with a CHOKESLAM ON BUH BUH. Ref not there. Rhyno in with a GORE ON BIG SHOW!! Tajiri with an inseguri on Dvon. Kick to the head on Dvon for 2. Buh Buh with a pickup but Tajiri lands on his feet only to get a 3D ON TAJIRI FOR THE WIN!

Winners and STILL WWF Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz

Regal talking to Rhyno backstage and compliments him. Rhyno says he's tired of the way people look at the Alliance and he's gonna make people look at them in a different light.

Booker and Test backstage with Shane. Shane with his pep talk about taking out Taker. Says Test already took care of Kane. Says Undertaker has never been the 5 time WCW champion and Taker does not have the Spineroonie. Booker says the Undertaker will be one dead sucker tonight and can you dig that.

Booker T vs. Undertaker
Taker out on his bike. Booker T with a shot to the head before Taker even off the bike. Hits Taker with a flurry of right hands to the head. Taker comes back with his own hard rights. Taker hits the barricade but comes back with a big clothesline on Booker. Another hard shot from the Taker. Finally, they make it into the ring and the match starts. Taker with big rights and the big boot for 2. Booker with a knee to the midsection but misses the clothesline. Gets Taker with a cross body for 2. In the corner, Booker with hard rights to beat down on the big man. Shoulders to the midsection by Booker. Whips Taker to the other side but misses the splash and hits the ringpost. Taker grabs him and throws him into the turnbuckle. Armwringer and he yanks on the arm. Punches on the shoulder. Armwringer and wristlock and up goes Booker!!! Takedown and Taker drops on the arm. Booker rolls Undertaker over while holding onto the arm but only gets 1. Taker pulls him up. Armbar takedown by Taker!! Armwringer and OLD SCHOOL! DEAD MAN WALKING THE ROPES!! Down he comes on the shoulder and elbow of Booker. Clothesline by Taker. Booker rolls outside and Taker follows him. Booker with a mule kick and throws Taker into the steel steps. Rolls into the ring to break the count by the ref. Drives Taker's head into the steel steps. Kicks to the head of Taker. Grabs the ringbell but ref takes it off him. Taker gets him with right hands when he turns around and puts him over the barricade. Into the crows they go and Taker measures him for a hard right to the forehead. Does it again much to he delight of the fans. Back over the barricade goes Booker with Taker following. Kick on Booker puts him into the barricade. Taker breaks the count in the ring. Booker with a mule kick and throws Taker into the ringpost. Kick to the face on the barricade and rolls Taker into the ring. Booker on the rope and off with the missile drop kick on Taker for 2. Taker gets up with hard right hands but Booker drops him with a back kick. Covers for 2. Sidewalk slam on Taker for 2. Knee to the head of Taker. Whips Taker to the corner but eats leather with a boot to the face. Whip on Booker to the corner and he bounces out. Goes for a running bulldog but Booker slide out and delivers a neckbreaker for 2. Booker on the 2nd rope and gets a boot to the chin on his way down. Both men exchanging right hands. Taker takes him down for 2. Again hard rights from Taker. Booker with a spinning heel kick. Whip on Taker but Taker come back with a spinning neckbreaker for 2. In the corner Taker with lefts and rights to the body. Whip on Booker and a splash. Same thing in the other corner. Clothesline on Booker and a legdrop for 2. In the corner, Taker measures Booker but Booker drops Taker on the top turnbuckle. Connects with a spinning heel kick on Taker. Taker rolls out of the ring. SPINEROONIE BY BOOKER!! Taker back in and gets a scissors kick from Booker for 2 when Taker puts his foot on the ropes. Booker with chops and right hands on Taker. Taker catches him in a choke but Booker with a low blow not seen by the ref. In the corner, Taker gets hit with right hands. Booker up on the ropes and hammers on the head of Taker. As Booker celebrates on the top ropes over Taker, Taker grabs him and LAST RIDE FOR THE WIN!!!

Winner: The Undertaker

Jericho with Coach saying it's time to put up or shut the hell up. Says he's got to go win the big one.

Chris Jericho vs. Rock - WCW Championship
Rock and Jericho stare each other down in the ring. Lockup and they break up. Lockup again and side headlock on Jericho. Hammerlock by Rock. Reverse by Jericho and he gets the headlock on Rock. Shoulder takedown on Rock but Rock comes back with a hard armdrag takedonw. Rock with am armbar and starts to work on the shoulder. Side headlock by Rock again. Knockdown by rocky. Armbar takedowns by Jericho. Knee to the arm by Jericho. Keeps the armbar on Rock. Armwringer keeps working on the muscles of Rock. Back elbow by Rock takes Jericho down. Slap to the face by Jericho. Hammers on the head of Rock. Chokes Rock on the ropes. Chops Rock on the back. Chops him on the chest hard. Rock with a hard right hand and batters Jericho on the mat. Jericho with a kick to the midsection. Rock tries the Rock Bottom but Jericho pushes him off. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Rock pushes out. Jericho puts Rock outside. Rock into the steps and dropped face first on the barricade. Jericho rolls in to break the count. Jericho on the top rope, Rock back inthe ring, back elbow off the top for 2. Elbow to the back of the neck by Jericho and a kick to the chest. Rock back with hard right hands. Jericho comes back with a forearm for 2. Jericho slaps Rock in the face again. In the corner, chops again to the chest. Rock reverses it and starts on Jericho with chops. Jericho with a spinning heel kick to take Rock down for 2. Backbreaker on Rock. Another backbreaker. Somersault to land on Rock's chest for 2. Rock with a counter for 2. Jericho with chops again. Rock back with a flying crossbody. Jericho drops him on the top rope. Jericho with the boots stomps all over Rock's body. Scoop slam on Rock. Jericho on the ropes but gets crotched by Rock. Rock with solid right hands and chops that bend Jericho over the top rope. Up goes Rock and SUPERPLEX!! Ref starts count. Both men up at 8. Exchange of right hands. Rock starts a flurry of rights. Samoan drop on Jericho for 2. Jericho back with clothesline. Rock jumps back up and hammers on Jericho with rights and knocks him over the ropes and into the announce table. Rock comes out and bounces Jericho's head off the table. Does it a second time and throws Jericho over the table. Rolls Jericho back in the ring. rock with kicks to keep Jericho down. Jericho blocks a right from Rock but Rock comes back with a clothesline for 2. Back suplex on Jericho for 2. Jericho up with chops and Rock whips him across the ropes and over the top. Back in the ring Rock covers for 2. Snap mare takedown on Jericho and a reverse chinlock. Arm dropped twice and Jericho gets up at 3rd one. Rock takes him down with a clothesline. Jericho put up on the turnbuckle and hits with a had right hand. Rock climbs up on th ropes but Jericho with a hard right hand to the midsection and shoves Rock off the turnbuckle. Jericho off the top with a missile drop kick. Jericho blocks Rock's right hands and give a shoulder takedown and another one. Swinging neckbreaker comes next. Huricanranna for 2 by Jericho. Kick to the head of Rock. Knee to the face by Chris. Chops on Rock and a whip reversed. Rock goes for a suplex. JERICHO WITH A ROCK BOTTOM ON ROCK!!! LIONSAULT FOR 2!!! Jericho waits for Rock to get up and hits with a bulldog. Jericho pulls off the elbow pad and goes for the People's Elbow but Rock moves. Leg takedown on Jericho and Rock puts on the sharpshooter!! Jericho reaches for the ropes and finally gets there. Rolls outside. Rock follows and takes the top of the Spanish announce table apart. Pulls Jericho out of the ring and up on the top of the table they go. Rock goes for the ROCK BOTTOM THROUGH THE TABLE!! Rock breaks the count in the ring. Grabs Jericho and hits with a sharp right. Back in the ring, Rock waits for Jericho to get up. Goes for the Rock Bottom but Jericho with a shot to the temple. SPINEBUSTER!! Off comes the elbow pad by Rock. Goes for the People's Elbow but Jericho grabs him by the legs and turns it into the Walls of Jericho. Rock reaches for the ropes but Jericho pulls him back to the center of the ring. Stephanie comes to the ring and throws a chair in. Jericho goes after Stephanie. DDT BY ROCK!! Stephanie on the apron cheering for Rock. He grabs her and tosses her in the ring. ROCK BOTTOM ON STEPHANIE!!! Jericho up and a facefirst on Rock into the steel chair FOR THE WIN AND NEW WCW CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW WCW Champion: Chris Jericho

Post match, Jericho goes over to Stephanie and shows her the belt. She rolls out of the ring. Jericho on the ropes celebrating. Rock with a chair in the middle of the ring. Jericho turns around and they face each other. Rock hands the chair to Jericho. Jericho hold up both the belt and chair in the ring.

Vince's dressing room shown.

Kurt Angle vs. RVD vs. Steve Austin - WWF Championship
No DQ. Angle goes after Austin and gives numerous belly to belly overhead suplexes. Both RVD and Austin doublteam on Angle. Angle put outside on the floor. Austin turns on RVD mad. They take Angle off the apron. Austin trash talking RVD in the ring and gives him the double finger. Rob turns around and says he's "RVD". Angle comes in from behind and takes down RVD. Austin takes down Angle and chokes him with the boots under the ropes. Goes over to RVD and stomps on his head. Puts Angle in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. goes back to RVd and stomps on him. Angle comes to Austin and beats on him. Austin goes for the kick but Angle grabs him and puts him in the ankle lock. RVD kicks Angle in the face and goes for the shot himself. Austin goes after RVD. RVD goes after Austin with a kick off the springboard. Angle on RVD. RVD with a back kick on Angle. Rolling thunder on Angle for 2. Austin saves. Angle thrown outside. Austin goes for the right hands but RVD stops him and come back with his own. SPINEBUSTER BY AUSTIN! Knocks Angle off the apron. cover RVD for 2. Grabs RVD's leg and drives his knee into the thigh of Rob. Grabs Angle and gives him a hangman on the top rope. Goes back to RVD and works on the leg more with a 1/2 Boston crab. Angle back in and stomps on Austin. Angle with right hands but Austin puts him on the outside again. Austin with a stepover crossface on RVD. Austin outside. Angle with chops. Austin with a thumb to the eyes and slingshots Angle into the ringpost. Austin grabs RVd and drives his legs on the ringpost. Angle comes on Austin from behind and throws him over the barricade into the crowd. Angle with chops and puts him back over the barricade into the ring. Angle drives Austin into the announce table. RVD on the top rope and somersaults onto both of them. Angle put back in the ring. RVD on Austin ,comes off the announce table with a legdrop. Angle with a back suplex on RVD in the ring. Angle on the top rope and hits a beautiful moonsault!!! Austin in with a cover for 2. Angle saves with a kick to Austin's ribs. Angle with right hands on Austin. Sleeper on Austin. Knocks RVD off the apron. Angle goes for the stunner but gets pushed into the ropes. Doublclotheslines and they both go down. RVD with the 5 Star Frog Splash and misses both of them. Angle with a German suplex with a bridge for 2. Austin saves. STUNNER ON ANGLE!! for 2. RVD with a dropkick to the back of the head to save. RVD with the split legged moonsault on Austin but Angle saves. ANGLE SLAM ON RVD for 2. Austin saves. Angle thrown outside again. Austin outside with Angle with chops all over. Angle with chops of his own. Angle into the announce table and again. #3 from Austin. Table comes apart. Austin pulls Angle up on the table. Goes for a piledriver but Angle hits with a back body drop. Table doesn't break but Austin hits the floor. RVD comes off the apron on Angle and all 3 are down. VINCE COMES DOWN!!! Angle with chops on RVD and back into the ring they go. Chops on RVD again from Angle and some right hands. RVD with a high spinning heel kick on Angle. Up on the ropes and Angle climbs up and hits RVD with a belly to belly from the top. Austin crawling back to the ring. STUNNER ON ANGLE!! Angle goes outside. Austin turns to RVD. Yells for him to get up. VINCE WITH A CHAIR ON AUSTIN!!! Vince outside telling Angle to get in. RVD on the ropes and hits with the 5 STAR FROG SPLASH ON AUSTIN!!! Gets 2 and Angle save. Angle with the belly to belly suplex on RVD, #2, #3, #4, and ANGLE SLAM. Austin bleeding from chair shot from Austin. SHANE IN THE RING!! Throws Angle out of the ring and into the barricade. VINCE WITH A CLOTHESLINE ON SHANE OVER THE TABLE! Vince beating Shane to a pulp!! STUNNER ON RVD FOR THE WIN!!!

Winner and STILL WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Vince standing on the table looking on in disbelief. Austin laying on the ramp with the belt as the show ends.

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