Video: “The Wrestling Road Diaries” DVD trailer


David Lagana sent this in:


Finally there’s a wrestling documentary for OUR generation.

“Wrestling Road Diaries is the real deal. A must have for any WRESTLING fan. I can’t possibly heap more praise on it”
-CM Punk on twitter, @CMPunk

Colt Cabana, Sal Rinuaro & Bryan Danielson are “independent” professional wrestlers. Each week they travel the roads of not only America, but the whole world. In 2009, a camera followed them for 10 consecutive days. The camera follows the final days that Bryan Danielson spent on the independent circuit before going to WWE. It also documents Colt Cabana’s return to the indies after his WWE release. They don’t fly first class, they don’t stay in classy hotels and they aren’t rich and/or famous. What they do have is a passion for professional wrestling. The story is a positive depiction of a never ending journey of the wrestling road…and these are their video diaries.

The Wrestling Road Diaries is available at

While supplies last, each copy purchased off & will be Autographed by both Colt Cabana & Bryan Danielson.

The Movie is only $20.
For an extra $5 receive a bonus disk of over an hour of deleted scene and special features.

Special thanks to:
Director/Editor: Eric Santamaria
Camera: John Atkins

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