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TMZ: NFL star loses bet with Bill Goldberg - Wrestleview.com

TMZ: NFL star loses bet with Bill Goldberg

TMZ.com passed this along.

NFL Star LOSES Embarrassing Bet -- Actually Pays Up

Dear Aaron Rodgers,

Sometimes when NFL players make friendly wagers with people ... and lose ... they actually pay up ... and that's exactly why we're posting this photo of a Washington Redskins player wearing wrestling panties.

The greased up brute pictured above is star defensive end Adam Carriker -- who was recently placed on injured reserve after suffering a knee injury in Week 2.

Carriker, an avid wrestling fan who also hosts the 4th & Pain radio show, recently made a bet with ex-WWE superstar Bill Goldberg about the Wash. vs. ATL matchup this past weekend.

If Washington won, Goldberg (an avid Falcons fan) agreed to sport a Redskins jersey ... and if ATL won, Carriker said he'd dress up as Goldberg in his wrestling prime ... speedo and all.

Obviously, the Falcons won -- and Carriker, BEING A MAN, paid off his bet ... unlike some other high-profile, yellow-bellied, jersey-dodging people we know.

Just thought you should know.