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FREE AUDIO: Tara joins "Monday Night Mayhem" - Wrestleview.com

FREE AUDIO: Tara joins "Monday Night Mayhem"

"Monday Night Mayhem" January 7, 2013 (Free Show)

TNA Knockouts Champion Tara joins "Monday Night Mayhem"

Hosts: The Big Mosh, "The Chairman of the Board" Todd Vincent, Bill Brown
Special guest: TNA Knockouts Champion Tara
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6:00 - TNA Knockouts Champion Tara on her last interview with The Mayhem on a golf cart
9:45 - Tara on why she had planned on retiring after leaving WWE and getting the call from TNA
13:33 - How she got her start in pro wrestling and already having wrestling relationships
29:00 - Why the current state of women's wrestling in WWE is not the fault of the Divas talent
44:00 - Closing the podcast with what is coming up for the show in 2013 going forward

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