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FREE AUDIO: "International Desk" podcast for 4/13/13 - Wrestleview.com

FREE AUDIO: "International Desk" podcast for 4/13/13

Wrestleview International Desk podcast for 4/13/13

Hosts: Darragh O’Connor, Coire Mc Crystall, Gary Hernon
Email the show: internationaldesk@wrestleview.com

Note: Audio remains free until next Saturday (4/20/13)

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11:00 - Discussion on The Rock and his list of injuries after Wrestlemania 29
14:00 - Issues with the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar No Holds Barred stipulation match
1:02:00 - Gary drops in to talk about the #Fandangoing revolution this week
1:17:00 - Should Undertaker stop next year or continue for a 25-0 record at Wrestlemania
1:36:00 - Why the John Cena we got this week is the way to book him

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