Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 8/7/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, August 8, 2002 at 10:46 AM EST

Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 8/7/02
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Ed Ferrera & Don West
Location: Nashville, TN (Nashville Fairgrounds)
Reported by: Robert Rodriguez of WrestleView.com


All six men run in and beat each other a little; Sonny Siaki hits a flying fall away slam. Sonny sends Amazing Red over the top rope on to the rest of the SAT. Back in the ring Sonny hits a hard kick to the gut into a summersault neck breaker for a 2 count. The rest of the flying Elvis' go to the announce table to commentate on the match. SAT takes over 3 on 1. Amazing standing shooting star press for 2 on Sonny. Double drop toehold into a combination surfboard and dragon sleeper as the third SAT jumps on Sonny's stomach. Sonny fights back and hits a modified pump handle slam. Jimmy Yang leaves the announce table and asks Sonny for a tag but Sonny refuses tag. SAT hits a spanish fly into a corkscrew moonsault. Elvis' jump back in the ring and take over. Yang hits a double dropkick. Amazing modified power bomb by SAT. SAT tries for another spanish fly but it countered into a double DDT. Yang and Estrada hit a combo splash and leg drop on SAT. Siaki covers for the 123.

This was an awesome display by all involved, Siaki was awesome. What a way to start a show.

Tenay interviews Apolo. He is mad about Steamboat giving The Truth the title shot tonight. He calls Steamboat corrupt. He will demand respect from Steamboat tonight.

Steamboat is confronted by Apolo back stage and Steamboat blows him off.
Jerry Lynn attacks AJ Styles backstage. They are all over each other until security breaks them up.


Shamrock grabs Truths legs early grounding him. Shamrock hits a kick to the head and grabs a cross arm bar. Shamrock works Truth over in the corner. Truth takes over and gains control with a reverse chin lock. Big clothesline by Truth for 2. Truth with a stomp and leg drop for another 2 count. Truth works Shamrock into the corner, reversed into a power bomb by Shamrock. Shamrock hits a massive power slam for 2. Springboard elbow into a drop kick into an ankle lock by Shamrock. Shamrock clotheslines Truth out of the ring and sends him hard into the stairs. Other wrestlers group on the stage watching. Don Harris (TNA's head of security) grabs a chair and sits at the end of the ramp to prevent interference. Suplex on Shamrock on the outside. Back in the ring Shamrock hammers into the Truth. Shamrock gets a cross arm breaker on Truth and uses his legs to rack him across the head. Truth back dropped over the top rope. Slugging it out on the outside when Apolo enters and hits a super kick on Shamrock. All the wrestlers come down and are brawling on the outside. Truth hits a still groggy Shamrock with a modified diamond cutter for the 123.


In the ring Steamboat calls out Apolo. Steamboat yells at him for interfering and then gives him a shot at the title. Jeff Jarrett comes out and complains that he has been passed over time and time again because he isn't black or Puerto Rican or Hawaiian. Claims that he was reversed discriminated against by Steamboat. Steamboat sets up a match between Apolo vs. Jarrett with Steamboat as the special ref. If Apolo wins he gets a title shot, if Jarrett wins he gets "the truth."

Jive talking with Disco Inferno
Disco complains that his set is junk. Out come Stan Dupp and Bo Dupp. They say that Steamboat said they could do whatever they want so they say they will have the first invitational Dupp Cup, which will be the hardcore division. They explain the rules.
You need 10 points to win a match. Points are gained as follows.
Put opponent through table 2 1/2 pts.
Put opponent through flaming table 5 points.
Put opponents head in a toilet 2 1/2 pts.
Put opponents head in a toilet that's full of sh*t 3 1/2 pts.
Goose a woman 2 1/2 pts.
Goose a man 3 1/2 pts.
Nail the ring announcer 2 1/2 pts
Nail Don West 3 1/2 pts.
Nail the old lady that sells tickets 2 1/2 pts.
Use a farm animal in the match 2 1/2 pts.
Spank your opponent's bare bottom with the toy pony 2 1/2 pts.
if your opponent likes it you lose 2 1/2 points.
Introduce your opponent to Jai (a blow up sex doll) 2 1/2 points..
Cry like a pussy in the ring you lose 5 pts.
Put your opponent's head in the cotton candy machine and turn it 1 full rotation 10 points.
Use weapons from the fans 1 pt.

They challenge Disco he refuses and Paullina from tough enough 1 comes out to protect Disco.
Dupps offer 64 cents and a night with Fluff Dup for an opponent.
Ed Ferrara accepts the challenge. He hits the ring announcer 2 1/2 pts. He hits Don West 2 1/2 pts. Dupps hit the ring and work Ferrara over. Outside the Dupps take a chair from the fans. Nail Ferrara in the head two times. (score is 6 to 2 Ferrara) Dupps grab a boot from a fan and smash Ferrara in the head three times. (6 to 5 Ferrara) Stan drags Ferrara to disco's set and hits Ferrara with the Jai (the blow up doll) 2 1/2 pts. Bo goes after the old lady in the ticket booth but she gets pissed and runs after Bo hitting him with a broom. Ferrara crawls to the ring. Paullina works over Stan with a blackboard. Ferrara hits Bo with a chair 2 1/2 pts. (8 1/2 to 7 1/2 Ferrara) Low blow by Ferrara on Bo, he pulls Bo's pants down and spanks him with the toy pony BUT BO LIKES IT (LOL) -2 1/2 pts. (6 to 7 1/2 Dupps) Ferrara gets a table into the ring. Bo Dup choke slams Ferrara through the table 2 1/2 pts, for the win.

This was like nothing I have ever seen before; It was really fun to watch.

Low Ki and AJ Styles are all over each other back stage before security break them up.


They lock up, JJ goes for a punch in the corner but Steamboat stops him. Atomic drop and a clothesline by Apolo. JJ out of the ring. Apolo hits a super kick from the apron. JJ pulls Apolo out of the ring, throws a few punches then throws Apolo into the stairs. JJ pulls Apolo to the other side of the ring and slams his head into the other steps. JJ lifts Apolo then drops him head first into the steps. JJ slams Apolo's head into the announce table then back into the ring. Apolo misses a splash in the corner; JJ hits a kick to the back of the head. Apolo walks up the ropes by JJ knocks him into the tree of woe. Stomps in the corner by JJ until Steamboat breaks it up. Figure 4 by JJ. JJ crotches himself on the bottom rope. Swinging DDT by Apolo. Running clothesline into the corner by Apolo. Super kick by Apolo for 2 Jarrett had his foot on the rope. Apolo hits a german suplex with a bridge; both men's shoulders are down. Jarrett lifts his shoulder just as Steamboat hits 3.


On the ramp Apolo gets in Steamboats face. Steamboat has security take Apolo to the back. Steamboat tells Jarrett that he never said that he would get a title shot. Makes a match next week with Jarrett and Truth vs. AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn for the tag titles. Jarrett goes nuts.


Voughn with an inverted atomic drop for 2. Bruce scratches her back. Slaps her hard in the face. Big boot to the stomach into a beautiful suplex. Bruce smashes her face into the corner into a tilt a whirl face first slam. He carefully pulls her dress off for the win.

After the match Bruce gets on the stick and say show everyone must be disappointed that he won but he will make it ok. He strips out of his dress and is wearing a thong with garters and stockings. OH MY GOD!! I thought this guy was fu*ked up in WCW but this is unbelievable.

Alfa male interview with Tenay. He talks about transition from football to wrestling. Politics in professional sports. Talks about the Truths rap about being held back because he is black. Helix Skipper attacks Alfa male. Calls him a kiss ass.


They go at it on the outside. Malice grabs a chair but Harris hits a big boot to the chair into Malice's face. Over the rail Malice hits Harris a few times in the head with a chair. Harris holds Malice's head against the guardrail and repeatedly knees him to the face. Malice slams Harris into the bleachers and beats his head. Malice tries to piledrive Harris into the ramp but Harris reverses into a back drop. Harris throws Malice off the ramp headfirst into the guardrail. Slash comes out and pulls out a blade. Harris carves up Slash. Malice throws Harris down the ramp into the ring, grabs a chair. Sidewalk slam by Harris but he hits his head on the chair and is opened up.



Low Ki and Lynn lock up then double-team Styles. Then they attack each other again. Amazing tilt a whirl back breaker by Lynn on Ki for 2. Hard kicks by Ki. Lynn holds Ki legs and Styles kicks Ki in the head. Lynn jumps Styles. Powerslam by Styles on Lynn. Lynn gets Styles in Gory special, Low Ki drop kicks Lynn in the face. Big spinning elbow by Low Ki on Styles (Great Muta Style). Styles hits a hard spinning kick on Ki. Styles kicks Lynn low and works over both opponents. Lynn hits a face first powerbomb on Styles for a 2 before Low Ki breaks it up. Guillotine leg drop by Lynn on Low Ki. Double roll up on Styles and Lynn for a 2 count. That was AWESOME. Lynn and Low Ki exchange hard chops. Low Ki puts Styles into a dragon sleeper but Lynn breaks it up. Low KI gets the dragon sleeper on Lynn into a big DDT and gets 2 before Styles breaks it up. Lynn gets Styles on the top rope and hits a top rope DDT for 2 before Low Ki breaks it up. Snap suplex on Lynn by Low Ki for 2. Low Ki and Styles hammer each other. Massive front kick by Low Ki on Styles. Low Ki hits a double under hook on Styles, Lynn breaks the count at 2. Lynn back flips Styles who catches Low Ki in one-motion hits a beautiful reverse DDT. (ANOTHER AMAZING MOVE!) Styles covers Low Ki for 2 before Lynn hits a leg drop on Styles to break it up. Lynn covers Low Ki for a 2 count. Lynn puts Low Ki on the top rope for a superplex but Ki pushes him off. Styles gets up to meet Ki with punches to the head and hooks the superplex but Lynn grabs Styles and hits a modified powerbomb while Styles still has Low Ki hooked and both go over hard. Lynn covers Styles who kicks out at 2. Lynn covers Low Ki for 2. Lynn rolls up Styles, Low Ki rolls up Styles breaking up Lynn's pinfall attempt for a 2 of his own before Styles reverses and gets a 2 on Low Ki. Lynn with a back slide on Low Ki which is broken up by Styles with a roll through for 2 on Lynn. Massive super kick on Lynn by Low Ki, he covers Lynn who kicks Low Ki off right into Styles clash. Lynn breaks it up. All three punching each other. Style hits a springboard moonsault but is caught by Lynn and Low Ki and is rammed onto the top rope. Hanging dragon sleeper by Low KI is broken up by Lynn with a drop kick to Low Ki's face. Lynn tries a tornado DDT over the top rope on Low Ki. Low Ki gets Lynn in a dragon sleeper over the top rope while he wraps his legs around him (almost like an octopus). Lynn elbows Low Ki until he lets go of the sleeper and is hanging by his legs as Styles hits a moonsault to Low Ki's head. Styles covers Low Ki. Lynn dives over the top rope but Styles sees him coming and moves away and Lynn splashes Low Ki for a 2 count before Styles breaks it up and hits a hangman neck breaker on Lynn for 2. Low Ki hits a Styles Clash on Styles for a long 2 count. Lynn hits a Ki crusher (fisherman powerbomb) on Low Ki for a long 2 count. Lynn goes for a cradle piledriver on Styles, which is countered into an inverter atomic drop into a massive cradle piledriver on Lynn for another long 2 count. Low Ki goes for a splash on Lynn but takes out the ref. Low Ki tries for a double cross body but is launched over the top rope to the floor. Styles and Lynn both go for the cross body and hammer each other. Styles rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and bends the chair over Lynn's head. Low Ki crawls in the ring and covers Lynn, Styles goes to the top and hits a spinning summersault splash on Low Ki who drops lifeless on top of Lynn and the ref counts 3.


After the match Lynn and Styles hammer on each other a little more, Lynn hits a bulldog then a cactus clothesline out of the ring.
Jeff Jarrett and Truth in the back arguing JJ comes to the ring calling out the Truth as the show goes off the air.

My two cents; random thoughts

I have to tell you, this was a great show. Their production is similar to ECW when they were on TNN. The wrestling on this night was amazing. Every match was entertaining. Some of their talent is just incredible. If they take their time and don't make the same mistakes that ECW made they could definitely compete on a lever playing field with WWE. If you have never seen Low Ki and AJ Styles and all the others it is well worth the 10 bucks to check them out.