Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/10/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 11:40 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/10/02
Commentators: Michael Cole & Marc Lloyd
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Welcome fans to another Saturday night filled with WWE action. It starts now with Velocity, and next, WWE Confidential! We had two winners last week, for Velocity and Confidential, respectively. One chose to post the question, but never sent me an email back with the question. The other never chose, so, ultimately, we have no winner. If you email me, please write the question WITH your answer! If you have a website URL or Message, please ADD them to your email! I save only the winning email, so if you send me three or four emails, I may not save the correct email, and you will not reap the benefits. Email me at iamtweek@msn.com

Opens with footage from earlier today, Rico is doing Marc Lloyd's hair. Hardcore Holly comes up, and does a spot. Rico tells him to leave, he's working, take a number. Holly just took a pair of clippers and shaved off a section of Rico's hair! Rico turns around so the camara can see, it's not a huge section, but there's some missing.

Velocity Pyro hits.

Match #1
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Vs. Tajiri

By the way, Tajiri is very hard to type! Match starts, Tajiri goes low, tries to take the verticle base from Chavo. Nice snapnare from Tajiri. A lot of chain wrestling, comes to a standoff. Kick to the face of Chavo. Tajiri rants, irish whip, Chavo floats over, and Tajiri gets to the ropes somehow. They're outside now, back inside. Tajiri's shin is hurting. Tajiri rolls Chavo up for a two. Chavo is going for the leg, has a single leg lock from behind, into a "Stretch Muffler" as it's known in Smackdown! Just Bring It. Another leg lock from Chavo, but Tajiri kicks out of it. Tajiri standing back up, and Chavo goes to the well again! Tarantula! I wish that move wasn't illegal. Tajiri is like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest...wait, Tajiri IS a one legged man in an ass kicking contest! Chavo chopping away on Tajiri, Tajiri floats around, German suplex for a two. Tajiri to the top, back flip, lands on his leg to stand, but his leg goes. Chavo with a shoulder/back breaker. Pin for only two. Chavo gets the crowd going. Tajiri's mouth is closed all the time, I think he's going for the mist! HE HIT THE MIST!!!

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Green Mist, causing DQ)

Footage from the six man tag from Smackdown.


Match #2
Rico Vs. Funaki

I think Rico's hair is a wig! That would be really funny! Whatever happened to TAKA Michinoku? Starts off with chain holds. Rico sweeps the legs out, pin for two. Standoff, and Rico starts bowing. Rico takes him to the corner, and starts pounding on him. Funaki comes back, arm drag, arm drag, dropkick, Rico to the outside. Rico to the corner and backs off. Rico offers his hand, Funaki takes it, and Funaki kicks him in the gut! Rico hits a sabat kick, and now he rants. Rico choking Funaki with the rope. More kicks from Rico, pin for two. Rico hits some back kick, pin for two. Scoop slam, elbow drop, elbow drop, Rico to the top, moonsault, misses. Funaki with a couple shots, bulldog! Pin for only a two count. Insiguri from Funaki, schoolboy, pin for two. Rico hits some armdrag to an inverted ddt, pin for two. Rico is actually pretty good! Funaki with a shoulder back toss, Rico hits a Spinning back kick, pin for three.

Winner: Rico (Spinning back kick, pin)

Footage from Smackdown, pretty much same as before.


It's that time again kids! Here's today's question: "The cocky "Mysterious" stance from Smackdown! Just Bring It is actually a notable fighting stance from what 'Bouncer'?"

Opens with footage from the six man tag, featuring John Cena, Mysterio and Edge Vs. Latino Heat, The Rabid Wolverine, and Skinhead O'Angle.

Match #3
Mike Awesome Vs. Bull Buchanon

Bull pushed Mike back to the corner and lands a few shots. Bull looks pretty good, but my God he's one ugly dude! Mike from the top, hits a clothesline, pin for two. Mike sends him to the corner, but runs into the corner, misses, and Bull nails a clothesline dropping Mike to the mat, Bull pins for two. Bull hits a clothesline off the top, pin for two. Rear chin lock from Bull, Mike is tapping out, he's hitting his hand on the mat. I'm sorry, but that's bad judgement from Awesome, that makes everything look really obvious for those little kids who still think it's real. Mike Awesome hits a back suplex. Goes to the top, Mike flies, and hits the mat. Bull hits a huge leg drop from the top, pin for three.

Winner: Bull Buchanon (Leg Drop from the Top, Pin)


Some big news for you gamers out there. If you're big on wrestling games like I am, you'll love this tidbit. They are making a "Backyard Wrestling" video game! Def Jam is making it, and they are going to use Def Jam stars.

Footage of Hogan's career, and now his new enemy, Brock Lesnar. I'm sorry but I don't think Brock is hot sh*t. I though HBK was hot shit when he was on top, I think The Game is hot sh*t, but Brock, to me, will be nothing.


Match #4
Hardcore Holly Vs. Albert

Tazz is making fun of Mark Lloyd, saying how Mark thinks he can kick anyone's ass. Big chop from Albert, Holly coming back with chops and right hands. Albert with a devastating backbreaker. Albert hits a slingshot decapitation, and pins for two. Dropkick from Holly, pin for two. Flying clothesline from Holly, pin for two. Holly to the top, Albert hits the ropes. Albert goes for the Baldo bomb, misses, hits the Bicycle Kick, pin for two. Albert questions the ref, rollup from Holly, Pin for three

Winner: Holly (Rollup)

Hardcore went after Lloyd, but Rico kicked Holly. Rico went over to Lloyd and smacked him. Why is this happening?

End of show