Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/10/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 12:12 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/10/02
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Rikishi, Ass Cheek #1

Rikishi suffered a bullet from a drive-by. He was in San Francisco, and he was hit. He says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He describes how the bullet felt, he didn't realize it until a while later. It was getting hot inside of him. Next thing he knows he's in the ambulance, and the last thing he sees is his mother's face, and when he recovers, his wife said he passed away for three minutes. He says he was put back on this Earth for his family. He talks about being a Headshrinker. He came as Fatu, didn't work. He tried The Sultan, didn't work. He gained more then 200lbs and came back more than 400lbs. Vince wanted him to come out as Yoko, but he wouldn't do it. So Vince insisted the "thong". Rikishi says he would do it. Rikishi changes the idea, bleach blonde, dancing. He takes off the skirt, and people laughed. He comes out with Rikishi Driver, BANZAI drop, and people liked it. Then he started dancing, and people LOVED it!


Okay, it's the time where people shine. The question is: "What are the names of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's special moves in Smackdown! Just Bring It?" Again, hit me back at iamtweek@msn.com. I think by now ya know what ya can win!

WWE Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before (Molly Holly)

I personally like Molly Holly, I think she's going to have a very long career. She had a very fun childhood, small town (like mine!) kind of attitude. When she was three, her parents put her in Gymnastics. She was great at tumbling. She started weightlifting with her dad. She started helping her dad restoring cars! Her dream car is a 67 Chevel Supersport. She worked at Subway, and someone started talking about wrestling. She thought it was mud wrestling! She thought it would be a small time thing. They had a big show, and no one showed up! They show clips of her matches, and she did a Fame Asser! She tried out for WCW, and Dean was there! Macho was there, and Molly trained Macho's girl! Clips from WCW. Her parents are very happy, her mom is thrilled. She says not everyone loves there job, but she does.



Militant Degenerates Attack WCW Office

Who would have known after Hogan, would have come a bunch of Degenerates! They actually went right to the WCW office! HHH says they had told the police before hand, and some guy comes out and says that they're calling the cops. WCW calls the police saying they were surrounded by a militant group! DX goes to the CCN Center, and they tried to get to talk to Ted. After a while they had police ushering them out. The guys from the opposing company was doing the crotch chop!



Rikishi, Ass Cheek #2

He gets his strength from his family, the loving family. It starts from Peter Miavia, Jimi Snuka, Haku, Barbarian, Yokozuna, Rock, and on and on! He tells a story how the heater broke, and his newborn son was cold. Yoko overheard the conversation, wrote Rikishi a check, and Rikishi's family had a heater. They talk to Afa, one of the original HeadShrinkers. They have an enormous family. The family is extremely religious. Rikishi is in tears, talking about how his grandfather told him "If you speak it, do it". He demonstrates the Samoan dance. The rest of the family joins in, mostly younger fellows.


Fan Older Than Mae Young

She's 107! She lived through both World Wars, saw the Titanic sink, and now she wants to meet The Rock. She's outlived her kids, and her husband, and wrestling gives her what she needs. She said she wants to feel Rock's muscles. The Rock gave her a message for her 107th birthday party.


Kurt Angle and Big Show Get Behind The Wheels of Nascar

Daytona, FL for the Stacker 250. Kurt hops into his car, and can't get out! Big Show had never been at a Nascar show, and he got to wave the Checkered Flag!

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