Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 8/25

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, August 26, 2002 at 12:55 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 8/25
Announcers: D'Lo Brown & The Coach
Reported by: David Michaud of WrestleView.com

Alright, it's a little late but after last night, who out there is really going to blame me for not rushing back to the computer to type up a mere Heat Report? Besides, as all long time WWE viewers know, the pre-ppv Heat never has that much to offer in terms of action. Also, seeing as how I got absolutely no feedback at all last week in terms of what style of reporting you guys prefer, I'm guessing none of you are chomping at the bit for this report.

On a relatively sad note, this will be the last Sunday Night Heat Report by Pretty-Boy Lycra. Don't worry, I'll still be continuing on with Here's The Deal. As much as I enjoy writing for you people, my time is in demand and something had to go. On with the show...

Well what can I tell you? Do you really need me to break down which feuds were recapped and in which order? Do you want to know when the commercial breaks occurred? Alright, alright, let's see what I can do. The show starts off with D'Lo and Coach discussing the exciting card for Summer Slam complete with video highlights of different feuds and the Summer Slam theme song. After this we cut to The World in NYC where Jamie Noble and Nidia are hosting tonights ppv. As solid a card as Summer Slam was, it's a shame that the Cruiserweight Champion wasn't involved. Jamie announces that he and Nidia will hold a contest at The World where one lucky "audience" member will be selected to have a make-out session with Nidia. Yeah right. Like they're really going to pick a real audience member. Not a chance the WWE is honestly willing to risk. The contest concluded during the ppv with the two finalists being obvious plants.


More highlights of events leading to the feuds of Undertaker, Booker T and Goldust with various members of the UnAmericans. Also shown were highlights of the Triple H and Shawn Michaels feud.


We come back to more highlights and basically the show continues on in this fashion for the duration of the broadcast. I missed the interview with Kurt Angle only because I was outside smoking with my brother. I was watching through the window though and distinctly saw Kurt's mouth form the words "tap" and "damn true".

Other highlights from Heat were in the form of two interviews conducted by Terri. The first was with Bischoff where he talked about how RAW was going to prove itself the dominant WWE brand during Summer Slam. The second was with Ric Flair talking about how he may be old but he's still the Nature Boy and Jericho was going to find that out first hand. Word to the wise, it's extremely difficult to take notes on a show with a bunch of hooligans in your apartment undertaking various activities in preparation for a big ppv. My involvement in these activities probably didn't help matters much either. Oh well.

Let's skip to the chase...

Spike Dudley vs. Steven Richards
This match was actually called by Lawler and JR which certainly helped. Basically Steven beat on Spike for a while with Spike managing to counter a few times to pull off the same moves Spike always utilizes. At one point, Spike almost scores the win when Steven suplexed him from the top rope but Spike reverses on impact and tries a roll up. The match continues on and pretty much in Steven's favour until he misses a charge in to the corner. Spike capitolizes on the moment, hits the Dudley Dog and picks up the win.

Winner: Spike Dudley

After the match, Steven pulls a tantrum in the ring. In one of the weirder moments I've ever seen, Spike comes back to the ring and proceeds to just beat the crap out of Steven. The little guy beats on his chest in the ring and then continues to lay a nasty beating on Steven outside the ring. Weird, Spike Dudley just totally punked out Steven Richards.

So that's it. These pre-ppv editions of Heat sure are easy to report. Hope you all enjoyed Summer Slam, I sure did. Hope you also enjoy this last Sunday Night Heat Report by yours truly. Take care and keep reading.

David Michaud