Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 8/28/02

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On Thursday, August 29, 2002 at 12:38 PM EST

Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 8/28/02
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This week's show opened with Goldylocks about to interview Brian Lawler. Before she could, Jeff Jarrett came up from behind and attacked Lawler. Jarrett said he was sick of being attacked from behind by Lawler.

In the opener, Kid Kash beat The Amazing Red in a hard fought battle. After the match, Red offered Kash his hand but Kid didn't accept the gesture. Instead, he clotheslined Red. The Maximos then came down to ringside and laid Kash out with the Spanish Fly.

Goldylocks interviewed Sonny Siaki. Siaki said he didn't sweat his opponent tonight, Monte Brown. Brown and Siaki then had a hard fought match that saw Siaki win with a low blow on Brown while Monte was arguing with Jeff Jarrett, who had come down to ringside at the end of the match. Bob Armstrong and the Bullet then came out on the stage. After Jarrett turned to argue with them, Brown went at it with Double J. As Brown pushed Jarrett to the ringside barrier, Brian Lawler appeared in the crowd and choked Jeff until security broke them up.

Goldylocks interviewed Slash and Kobain. Kobain doesn't fear pain and actually likes it.

With entrance into the September 18 tag team Gauntlet for the Gold on the line, Chris Harris and James Storm beat the teams of The Backseat Boys, Slash & Kobain and The Hot Shots. Harris and Storm will now be entered into the September 18 match to determine new NWA Tag Team Champions. After the match, Brian Lee and Ron Harris ran in and attacked Harris and Storm. The other three teams from the match ran back in and a wild brawl ensued.

In the back, Jeff Jarrett confronted Bob Armstrong. He said he would reveal whoever is wearing the Bullet outfit later tonight, then would come for Armstrong himself.

Miss TNA Bruce then barely kept his crowd by beating fitness model and wrestler April Hunter. Once again, Bruce was on the ropes for much of the match but held onto his crown in the end. After the match, Bruce tried to unzip April's top. Hunter's boyfriend, Silk Wagner Brown, ran in and pulled Bruce off of her and threw him to the floor.

Goldylocks interviewed Jimmy Yang and Jorge Estrada. They pretty much said that they were done with Sonny Siaki because of how he has acted lately.

Jose and Joel Maximo then took on Jorge Estrada and Jimmy Yang. The SATs had the match in hand and were going for the Spanish Fly on Yang when Siaki mysteriously came in and took out the Maximos. This led his former, and maybe future?, partners to victory.

Goldylocks came to the ring to interview Brian Lawler. Lawler came out and called her a floozy and told her to hit the bricks. Lawler said he was going to tell the story of what happened between him and Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett had five seconds to come to the ring. Instead, NWA Champion Ron Killings came out. Lawler tried to act like they were friends. He said that Lawler hitting the champ in the head with a chair last week was an accident. Killings told Lawler they would meet again about this and left. Lawler pleaded with Killings to accept that it was an accident as the champ walked away.

Before he left, Lawler looked to his girlfriend in the front row. He said that what Jarrett did had something to do with her. Before he said what, he noticed a guy with a camera sitting next to her. He said that the guy was taking pictures of her and threw him to the ground. He and his girlfriend then left.

Jeff Jarrett and The Bullet went to a no contest when Jarrett pulled out handcuffs and cuffed Bullet to the top rope. Jarrett said he was going to knock Bullet out and pull off his mask. Bob Armstrong came to ringside to stop Jarrett, but JJ hit Bob with a chair, and busted him open. For good measure, he did it again, while the cuffed Bullet could only watch.

The main event was up, a Triple Ladder match for the X-Division Title with Low Ki defending against Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles. The belt was suspended over the ring and to win it, a man had to climb the ladder and grab it. This was another X Division classic that saw Jerry Lynn win the title after he cradle piledrove Low Ki off of one of the ladders. This is a match you have to see to believe.