Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/31/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 11:07 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/31/02
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Welcome fans to another Saturday Night full of WWE Action.

Velocity opens with the usual green pyrotechnics. I notice how all the pyro goes around the SmackDown fist, you think that fist is covered in old pyro?

Chavo Guerrero vs. Hurricane Helms
Chavo came out to huge heat. I've never seen anyone hated his much. Chavo has Helms's cape. Hurricane with a few right hands to start the evening's events. Helms with a Flash Magic, pin for only two. Chavo and Hurricane are on the outside. Back inside again, Chavo has the upperhand. Chavo rants, getting the crowd against him. Hurricane with a Cobra Clutch Bomb. Chavo with a dropkick to the face. Kicks to the downed man, pin for only two. Chavo has him in the corner and choking him with that boot. Big back suplex, pin for only two from Chavo Guerrero. Front facelock, into a suplex, Hurricane blocks, nice move from Hurricane. Both men are having a hard time getting to their feet. Hurricane off the top, pin for only two! Hurricane going for his chokeslam. Looked like he went for the Vertibreaker instead, Chavo rolled him up and gets the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero (School Boy)

Footage from WWE in NY


Albert vs. Mark Henry
Didn't this match happen last week? Big test of strength from these guys. This match is like two big fat bears trying to fight. Mark Henry SUPLEXES Albert! Albert goes to the outside and starts beating on Mark Henry. These guys look horrible in the ring. Big thump from Henry. Albert went to the ropes and they buckled! Albert went for the baldo bomb, and Henry blocked, and stole the pin.

Winner: Mark Henry (sorry folks, missed it)


Okay, we didn't have a winner last week! This weeks question is this, "What is the old address WrestleView used before its current one?"

Footage from Smackdown


Randy Orton & Hardcore Holly vs. Billy & Chuck w/Rico
Starts off with a faceoff. Starts with right hands thrown from all angles. It's broken down into a fight more or less. Chops from Hardcore Holly. Billy is in now, and hammering on him in the corner. Holly is coming back. Damn! Randy Orton came in cause Billy and Chuck were cheating and he starts punking out the ref! Hardcore gets in a desperation move, the dropkick. Both men on the ground and both Holly and Billy get the tag! Orton with some spinning piledriver thing. Billy hits the One and Only, and Chuck gets the pin.

Winner: Billy & Chuck w/Rico (One and Only)


Footage from Smackdown


WWE Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble w/Nidia (c) vs. Funaki

Jamie Noble takes this match to the oustide. The crowd is dead, Funaki is upside down in the corner. Jamie pulls him down, and pins for a two. Funaki hits an Insigury, and pins for two. Tornado DDT from Funaki. Pinf for only two. Jamie hits the Tigerbomb

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

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