Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/31/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, September 1, 2002 at 12:03 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 8/31/02
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Tough Enough Fake Segment

Al Snow says there is excitement everywhere. Tension all over the walls. Big says they decided who was going to win, and no one knew. They go over how the show went down. There was tension and hilarity all around. Both guys thought that it was going to be a guy and a girl.


I'm changing my own tradition, and picking up an old and lost one. I'm dropping the Condifential Trivia, but I'm picking up an old line from my old Column, "A Mark Makes His Mark"

Before They Were SuperStars

Bradshaw was always a lot of fun, said his mom. Sweetwater is not very famous at all, except Rattlesnakes. He played football when he was younger, but he wasn't good at all. He was the bench warmer. When he got older he would play more and more and he eventually became a starter. He got older and started wrestling. He broke his leg in a high school match. The coach came over and he said, "Okay you're done"


Comes back and it says PRE RECORDED at the top of the screen!

Rock Segment

Rock gives Janet Jackson the Reader's Choice Award. Then he goes to promote the new movie, Scorpion King.

WWE Superstars want to be The Rock

A bunch of different superstars immitate The Rock. Booker T tried to do the people's eyebrow, but he had to hold up his eyebrow. Everyone sucks at the Smellllllll part.


Big Segment

He doesn't think he doesn't have any explaining. As a person, it was difficult to make the decision. The women were coming along better then the men. Jake was a great athlete, but not a good actor. Kenny had to get a little more maturity.

They're going to have calls from Jake and Kenny

Jake: He was upset, and needed to get out of there. He wants to know how far along Big had known that they were going to pick two women.

Big: We were going to select who was the best, and this time it's going to be two males.

Mene Gene: Would you do it over again?

Jake: If you were only going to select two women, not at all.

Kenny: My feelings are that they did chose two great champions. All I was hearing was that Jake and Kenny were robbed.

Big: Anywhere you go they're going to tell you you were robbed, and not going to tell you to your face. Kenny should feel he was robbed, but he wasn't. I'm proud of the decision I made.


Stone Cold Off Air Segment

All of this was taken off of the "Stone Cold; 'What?'" DVD. It's about what he does when the camara's go off the air, and he goes out and entertains the fans. Shows him drinken beers with other wrestlers. Also gives us tips on drinking beer the Stone cold way

1) Thrown Underhand

2) Pop two open

3) Get on the middle rope

4) Clash them together

5) Pour them down into your mouth, and he doesn't drink all of it.

Mark Henry Segment

A few months ago he won the World's Strongest Man contest. Shows segments of his strong feats. He starts working out with some winner of some contest.


Stacy and Torrie Go Shopping

They took along Tough Enough 2 as well! Eww, one of the guys came out in a tight pair of shorts and a bra. Kenny is even worse! Sequins! Al Snow has been scared for life.