Full WWE RAW Results - 9/2/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 2, 2002 at 11:10 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/2/02
LIVE From: Milwaukee, WI
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment

Eric Bischoff comes out with a briefcase. He said that Brock Lesnar likes to refer to himself as the Undisputed WWE champion, and since Stephanie convinced him to be exclusive for Smackdown, he thinks the fans for RAW deserve their own World champion. He said that Triple H is the real #1 contender. Eric Bischoff introduces HHH.

HHH comes out. HHH shakes hands with Bischoff. HHH said that there is one thing Eric forgot to mention, and that's the real reason Brock left to Smackdown, that's because of HHH. HHH says that Brock knows that he doesn't belong in the same ring as HHH. Brock doesn't belong speaking his name. The second HHH beat the Undertaker to become #1 contender, Brock knew his days as champion were numbered. It turns out that the next big thing has no balls. Eric agrees with what HHH said. HHH says that he wishes he could have signed HHH for Nitro a few years ago. Eric compliments HHH. Eric Bischoff opens the briefcase and pulls out the WCW title and tells HHH that legends have held that title and now it's the official title for RAW I guess. HHH is awarded the title. HHH says that a lot of guys would come out and say that they don't deserve it, but he said that he isn't a lot of guys. HHH says that nobody deserves to be World champion more than him.

Wooooo, Ric Flair comes out to the ring. Flair says that RAW deserves its own title. Flair said that HHH held the title once, but Flair held it 16 times. Flair said that no one awarded him the title, he busted his ass. He paid the price of a wrestling lifetime. Flair says that HHH needs to earn the right to wear that title. Bischoff makes a match between Flair and HHH for later tonight. HHH says it would be an honor and a privilege. Flair said it's an honor to be his first opponent for the title. Bischoff officially announces the match, World champion, HHH, defends the title against Ric Flair, and #17 might be right around the corner for Mr. Flair. Then HHH punches Flair and leaves.

Note from me: Let's give out world titles! Who wants one? This is wrestling these days.


HHH looks at Bubba and asks him if he has a problem. Bubba says yea. HHH says that Bubba is jealous like everyone else. Bubba tells HHH that it isn't a look of jealousy, it's a look of hunger. Bubba basically trashes HHH and leaves.

Inter gender tag team table match
Trish Stratus & Bubba vs Chris Nowinski & Molly

The match starts with Bubba and Chris. They lock up, headlock by Bubba. Chris whips him to the ropes, take down by Bubba. Headlock again. Clothesline by Bubba. Shoulder block takedown by Bubba. Chris fights back with a drop kick. Molly gets the tag. Bubba embarrasses her and pulls down her pants and tags Trish. Trish is in control. Then Chris pulls her down by the hair, which allowed Molly to gain control. Swinging neck breaker by Molly. Chris gets the tag back. Chris grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the mat. Molly gets the tag back. She gets taken down and she tags Chris. Bubba gets the tag. Back body drop by Bubba on Chris. Trish spears Molly. Bubba whips Chris in the turnbuckle and whips Molly on him. She falls and Chris falls to, head first on her you know what. Bubba throws Chris to the outside. Trish does the wazzup top rope jump thingy. They call for tables. Bubba and Trish place the table in the ring. Chris hits Bubba from behind. Molly jumps on Trish. A table is placed on the outside and Molly puts Trish on it, she goes to jump, but Bubba pushes her off. Chris goes and jumps, Trish moves and Chris goes through the table. Then in the ring, Bubba powerbombs Molly through the table.

Winners: Bubba & Trish Stratus


Coach interviews the Un-Americans. Christian says that Kane ruined everything last week, but tonight, they will ruin him. He talks about Labor day. Storm says that the fattest, laziest people on the planet celebrate it. Test comes in and says that tonight, they will finish what they started last week and that's to burn the flag.

Lingerie pillow fight match tonight on RAW! Terri vs Stacy Keibler. They are in Bischoff's office and Bischoff says that he wants to do his job and check Terri's and Stacy's lingerie clothes to see if they are appropriate for tonight's match. They both show him what they are wearing.

Jericho walks in Flair's locker room. He says he can't believe his ears. A 53-year old has been is now getting a title shot. Flair said that the 53-year old was the one who beat him at the PPV. Jericho said that he wants him to win the title tonight, so he can beat Flair for it.


Booker T vs William Regal

Kick to the mid section by Regal. Booker fires back with punches. Booker knocks down Regal. Body slam by Booker. Booker T misses a side kick and Regal sends him to the outside. Regal tosses him back and applies pressure to his back. Booker fights back with a roll-up, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Take down by Regal, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Uppercut by Regal. Booker T fights back with a side kick. Booker T then connects with the scissors kick and gets the win. After the match, Booker T does the spinaroonie.

Winner: Booker T


Highlights were shown of the HHH vs HBK match from SummerSlam.

Shawn Michaels speaks out from a studio in San Antonio.

Jim Ross and Lawler interview HBK. Shawn was in a wheelchair. JR asked him about his health. HBK says that he has feelings in his legs, he said he won't get up from that chair until he's back like he was. Lawler asked him if he had any regrets? HBK says the fans loved it (the match), and yes it was worth it. He thanks God for giving him the privilege to get in that ring. He says, the irony is, it's not the match that put him in the chair, it's the hit by HHH after the match. JR asks Shawn if he wants to say anything to HHH. HBK tells HHH "Don't hunt, what you can't kill." Then we see HBK with the sledgehammer.


World Title (RAW Title I assume)
Triple H vs Ric Flair

They lock up, HHH pressures him to the corner. They lock up again, Flair takes down HHH. They exchange several small wrestling moves for the first 3 minutes of the match (arm twist, head locks, take downs etc...) Flair delivers a few chops to the chest of HHH, then HHH knocks him down. Spine buster by HHH, followed by several punches. HHH hammers away on Flair in the corner. HHH whips Flair into the turnbuckle and Flair goes flying to the outside. HHH suplexes Flair back in the ring, 1,2 but Flair kicked out. HHH applies a sleeper hold, but Flair manages to get out and back suplex him. Flair misses the knee drop, which allowed HHH to work on Flair's knee. HHH was going for the figure four, but Flair does an inside cradle, 1,2, but HHH kicked out. Flair delivers a few chops on HHH. Flair sends HHH to the outside. HHH goes back in the ring. Flair takes him down and applies the figure four, but HHH grabbed the ropes. Flair stomps away on HHH. Flair goes for the figure four again, but HHH pushes him and the referee escapes out of the way and goes to the outside. HHH does the low blow, followed by the pedigree and the referee gets back in the ring and counts to 3.

After the match, Jericho runs in and applies the Walls of Jericho on Flair. RVD comes running out and does a spinning kick on Jericho. HHH goes back in, but he also gets taken down by RVD.

Winner: Still World Champ, Triple H


Eric Bishoff is telling Big Show to calm down and to trust him. Big Show says that he had the Island Boyz attack him, then he hands HHH the world title. You don't hand world titles. Bischoff tells Show to earn his #1 contender spot. Show leaves and Bischoff answers his cell phone. He got some bad news. Someone will leave RAW tonight to go to Smackdown to meet a family member.

Handicap Match
Kane vs Storm & Christian

Kane is in control. He squashes Storm in the corner, and picks up Christian and throws him on Storm. Kane chokes Christian. The Un-Americans double team him. Then Christian chokes him. They double team him again, Christian covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Storm gets the tag. Elbow drop by Storm, followed by a choke hold. Christian gets the tag. Christian sends Kane shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Kane fought back. Christian made the tag. Kane knocks down Storm, followed by a back body drop. Kane throws Christian to the outside. Side walk slam by Kane on Storm. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Storm. he covers, 1,2 but Christian breaks the count.Thumb to the eye by Storm, followed by a nice side kick, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Christian gets in and they double team him. Storm accidently super kicks Christian, then Kane does the chokeslam on Storm and gets the win. After the match, Test comes out and nails Kane with the big boot. He was about to burn the flag, but Bradshaw came out, and Kane got up and they cleaned house.

Winner: Kane


Big Show vs Tommy Dreamer

Show attacks him while he was entering the ring. Suplex by Show, followed by a leg drop, 1,2 but Show breaks his own count. Body slam by Show, followed by a headbutt. Bear hug by Show, then he drops Dreamer. Fight goes to the outside, and Show is destroying Dreamer. Back in the ring, Show was distracted by the referee, then Dreamer gets a steel chair and nails Show with it. Referee calls for the bell. Dreamer destroys Show with the chair.

Winner: Big Show by Disqualification

HHH demands a match with RVD, Bischoff says not tonight, HHH says he's the man, he's the champ, he should get what he wants (he obviously does in real life), then Bischoff gives him the match. Jericho interrupts and says that he's facing RVD tonight. Finally, Bischoff does something to make them both happy. Tonight's main event will be HHH and Jericho vs RVD and Flair.


Jeff Hardy vs Crash Holly

Eric Bischoff interrupts and says that someone is jumping from RAW to Smackdown for family issues, and he accuses Jeff Hardy. Bischoff tells him that he should have given him a notice before he decided to leave, like a 3-minute notice, and the Island Boyz attack Hardy.

Crash Holly takes the microphone and says that Jeff isn't the one leaving to Smackdown, it's him.

Winner: No Contest (Match never started)


Lingerie Pillow fight Match
Stacy Keibler vs Terri Runnels

Special Referee: Jerry Lawler

The ring was all setup..red carpet, bed, teddy bears, etc. Lawler lays down on the bed and Stacy was on top of him, but Terri attacked her. She spanks Stacy. Terri fights back. Eventually, Terri pins Stacy. Stacy had placed an alarm clock in the pillow earlier in the match. She took the pillow and nailed Terri with it. She dumped some crap on her and she hit her with the pillow until the feathers came out.

Winner: Terri


Chris Jericho & HHH vs Ric Flair & RVD

Jericho and HHH attack RVD. Flair came down running to even things up. RVD delivers a few kicks on Jericho. Jericho fights back and chokes RVD in the corner. Flair gets the tag from RVD. Chops to the chest of Jericho, followed by several punches from Flair. HHH cheap shots Flair. Jericho tags HHH. HHH and Flair exchange hits, then Jericho gets the tag. Jericho chokes Flair on the rope. RVD and HHH get the tag at the same time. Heal kick by RVD on HHH. RVD throws Jericho to the outside. RVD goes on the top rope and jumps on HHH. RVD was going for the rolling thunder, but Jericho tripped him and nailed with with a steel chair. HHH covers, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. HHH tags Jericho. Suplex by Jericho, he covers, but RVD kicked out. RVD fought back. Walls of Jericho on RVD, but Flair hits Jericho to break up the hold. HHH gets the tag. Elbow drop on RVD. Flair gets the tag. He sends Jericho to the outside, then HHH sends Flair to the outside. Spinning kick by RVD on HHH, followed by a rolling thunder, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH is going for the predigree, but RVD does a back body drop. RVD goes on the top rope, but Jericho pushes him off. Lionsault by Jericho. HHH covers RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Flair has Jericho in the figure four on the outside. In the ring, HHH grabbed the title belt, but RVD does a spinning kick on the belt, which connected with HHH's face. RVD does the 5 star frog splash for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair