Full WWE Confidential Results - 9/7/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, September 8, 2002 at 12:02 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 9/7/02
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

John Cena Segement

When John and his brother were kids, they would do insane things like spraypaint the walls! He played wiffleball with his friends a lot, so he played a lot of sports. He made his own playbooks, and football stats! Cena always was playing around with his friends. At a young age they discovered wrestling. Cena says when he saw Hogan beat Sheik for the belt, he was a Hulkamaniac. Cena made a wrestling belts out of cardboard! When he went to prep school, he learned how to be a jackass. Ohh my God Cena is in a G-string! Eww!


Eww, a frigging G-String!

Chris Jericho Segment

He talks about how he created "Moonjuice" who was a lead singer who had his personna gone to his head. It started out as fun and it just lead into a good band. Fozzy sucks! They go on and on about how good Fozzy is, but they really suck. Take it from me, I'm a guitarist for the Heavy Metal band "Forces Within" and we're much better then they are!


Brock's Parents Segment

His parents are very proud of him. End of story!


Cena Part Two

He had some success in body building. He started doing show after show, and starting winning! After he started setting up the equipment, he met a guy who was a wrestler, and he brought Cena to the UPW. He made a name of himself as "Prototype" and he started getting more and more popular. He did a preview for "Manhunt" which failed as a show. He said he is always in a good mood, and he loves being in the WWE.


Booker T Five Time Hand

Some football player scored a touchdown and did the Booker T signature hand pose.


This weeks show SUCKS!

Stacker 2 Commercial

Bubba plays a new member of the hitman's family.

Well, that's all folks. What ever happened to the good old days of the nWo? Well Fans, I'll leave you with this, WOLFPAC IN DA HOUSE!