Full WWE Velocity Results - 9/14/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 11:24 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 9/14/02
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Show opens with the usual green pyro.

Main even tonight is Jamie Noble and Tajiri vs. Crash Holly and Hurricane Helms

Match #1
Reverend D-Von Vs. Shannon Moore

Has the story been told about what happened between D-Von and Batista? D-Von hits a nice tilt a whirl slam from the ropes, and does not go for the pin. D-Von brings Shannon from the corner, head whip to the ground, and goes for a pin, does not hook the leg, and receives a two for his efforts. D-Von holding a reverse chinlock, and now Shannon coming up, gets out, and D-Von hit with the kitchen sink from D-Von. D-Von going to rip off the padding from the turnbuckle, Shannon gets a backslide but the ref was putting the padding back on the turnbuckle, and Shannon only gets a two. Shannon hits a back elbow, and a fan in the crowd is shouting "3 Count, 3 Count!". Shannon gets a pin, hooks the leg but only gets two. Shannon Moore hits a sunset flip and nails D-Von in the head with his boot. D-Von throws Shannon into the exposed turnbuckle, hits the Saving Grace...and gets the pin.

Winner: D-Von (Saving Grace)


Match #2
Kidman Vs. Randy Orton

Starts off with chain wrestling, front face lock form Orton, Kidman hits the first move with a flying head scissors. Kidman hits a dropkick, hooks the leg and only gets a two. Orton hits a huge bulldog, pins but only receives a two. Orton hits a flying crossbody and almost gets a win. Kidman hits a big reversal from a powerbomb to a face buster, pins for two. Kidman went to the top and took too long! Kidman hits a dropkick, and misses the three count! Orton hits that weird inversion of the Fame Asser and gets the win

Winner: Orton (Unnamed finisher move)


Comes back to the marketing of Billy and Chuck's marriage.

Match #3
Funaki Vs. Albert

Is it just me or is this match a little mismatched? Albert is throwing Funaki around the ring, eventually getting a pin, but only for a two count. Albert with a backbreaker/Angle Slam type of maneuver and pins for a win.

Winner: Albert (SideBreaker)


Comes back to footage from Smackdown

Main Event
Tajiri and Jamie Noble Vs. Crash and Hurricane

This match is rather boring, Tajiri connects with his famous Tarantula. Nice pins, with the partners coming in to make the saves. Crash hits a huge crossbody block and almost gets the win! Crash hits a huge piledriver/pedigree and gets the win!

Winner: Crash and Hurricane (Crash gets the pin.)

End of show