Full WWE Velocity Results - 9/21/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 11:08 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 9/21/02
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Opens with typical pyro.

Match #1
Billy Kidman vs Tajiri

Kidman starts off the match with a side headlock. Kidman off the ropes, going for a baseball slide but misses Tajiri, who was on the outside. Tajiri brings Kidman back into the ring, slams him down, and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Armbar from Tajiri, a move I never thought I would have seen from him. Kidman battling back, gets Tajiri off, and Tajiri goes right back to the move. Wrapping his arm in the ropes, and kicks him arm. Tajiri being ruthless, going for the armbar for a third time. Kidman battling back, getting momentum from the crowd. Snapmare headroll from Kidman. Kidman in the corner, kicks Tajiri twice in the stomach, hitting him now with two clotheslines, and goes for a pin, only getting a two count. Kidman kicked in the face, pin for only two from Tajiri. Micheal Cole mentions Stephanie McMahon/Eric Bischoff's bet for Unforgiven. Tajiri kicks Kidman in the temple. Kidman hits a bulldog, going to the top, almost gest the shooting star press. Tajiri pins for a two. Tajiri hits the buzzsaw kick, and gets the three count

Winner: Tajiri (Buzzsaw Kick)


Match #2
Albert vs Funaki

Funaki comes out with the mic, announcing he is the number 1 announcer of smackdown!, and calls Albert a hairy bully! This is a return match from last week, in which Albert won with a guutbuster. Funaki ducking Alberts big clotheslines, but Albert nails one, and Funaki hits the mat hard! Funaki goes for a dropkick, he's got Albert down, and now Albert hits an enormous powerslam, and tried for the pin, but only gets a two. Camel clutch from Albert, and the crowd starts chanting "Shave Your Back". Albert hits a huge backbreaker, and gets a two count. Funaki getting up very slow now. The crowd again chanting, Albert gets Funaki in the corner and starts clubbing Funaki. Mudhole Stomping, and a rant from Albert. Albert lifts a knee to Funaki, and Funaki is down. Albert picking him up, and a headbutt sending him down again. Albert gets his hands around Funaki's neck, and Funaki grabs his chest hair! Funaki dives off the top, and Albert catches him, and Funaki grabs Albert's back hair, rolls down and gets a schoolboy, and wins!!!

Winner: Funaki (Schoolboy)

After the match Albert attacked Funaki.


Okay, last week I did not include a trivia question. The tradition has not died. This weeks question is, "What is the name of the band I am in?" Yes you can ask me what the name is, but then when I respond with the name, you must immediately respond with the answer, otherwise you do not win. I know, it's a game, but fun, and an easy way to plug my band!

WWE Boot Of The Week is Undertaker attacking Paul Heymen two weeks ago on Smackdown!

Comes back with Lloyd plugging Unforgiven. Footage from Smackdown, giving insight on how the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar's match has been getting the stakes raised.

Comes back to Funaki's earlier interview with Crash Holly, and notifies Crash he has a match with Hurricane.

Match #3
Crash Holly vs Hurricane

Match starts off with a bunch of sweeps, and gets a couple one counts here and there. Crash working on Hurricane's back, and gets a pin of two. Pins him again and still only gets a two. Abdominal stretch from Crash, grabbing the rope. Ref Mike Sparks sees it and stops him. Crash gets Hurrican in the middle of the ring, and uses the Abdominal Stretch again. Hurricane gets an armdrag takedown. Hurricane gets a top rope neckbreaker, and both men are on the ground. Ref doing the laying 10 count, and Hurricane kips up. Hurricane with a flying clothesline, and Hurricane hits another huge neckbreaker from behind. Crash gets a schoolboy, using the ropes, and Hurricane still gets the two. Crash and Hurricane on the top, Hurricane throws him off, hits a flying crossbody, and only gets a two count. Hurricane gets a chokeslam, but Crash gets out and almost gets a roll up pin. Hurricane hits the Shinning Wizard and gets the win.

Winner: Hurricane Helms (Shinning Wizard)


Comes back to the footage of how Unforgiven's main event, which is tomorrow night, came about.


Main Event
Shannon Moore vs Randy Orton

A lot of chain wrestling to start the match off. Orton has Moore on the ground, and he's kicking Moore around the ring. Orton has Moore in a type of armbar, trying to hyperextend the arm. Moore battling back, to his feet hitting Orton with forearms. Moore gets a pin of two. Orton hits an explosive powerslam, hooks the leg and gets a two. Pins again, hooks the leg, and only gets a two count. Orton hits the O-Zone and gets the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton (O-Zone)

End of Show