Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 9/29

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, September 29, 2002 at 9:11 PM EST

WWE Sunday Night Heat Results for September 29, 2002
Originating from the Pond in Anaheim, CA
Commentators: D-Lo Brown & The Coach
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

D-Lo Brown vs. Shawn Stasiak

The Coach is alone at the announce table for this match and the audience comes to find out that D Lo will no longer be announcing, he has heard the "D Lo Nation" and will be inducting new members to the "Sky High Club". Stasiak cheapshots D Lo from behind. Stasiak drops D Lo on the top rope. Neckbreaker on D Lo into a nearfall. Snapmare, followed by a spinebuster for another nearfall for Stasiak. D Lo reverses an abdominal stretch with a hiptoss. D Lo does his best Hogan impression with a legdrop on Stasiak for another nearfall. Sky High from D Lo for the easy 1, 2, 3. Stasiak finished his career (for now) with the WWE on one whale of a losing streak.

Winner: D-Lo Brown



Booker T & Goldust are made an example of by the GM for replaying the non-HLA from Unforgiven. Both participants are on the receiving end of Island Boyz beatings. This setups a match between both teams tomorrow (9/30) night in Booker T's hometown.


WWE Slam of the Night: Orton's appearance on Raw and subsequent win.

Johnny Stamboli vs. Justin Credible

Collar and elbow to start the action off. The Bull unloads offensive move, one after the other. Credible responds with knife-edge chops to the corner on the Bull. The Bull escapes by powerslamming Credible. Credible introduces his lower body to the ringpost after missing a baseball slide. The Bull takes advantage with an atomic drop and a heel kick resulting in a near fall. The Bull hits "Forget About it" for the win.

Winner: Johnny Stamboli

Clips of the press conference in Seattle, WA announcing WrestleMania XIX.


WWE RAW Recap Part Deux

Kane & the Hurricane defeat the UnAmericans to become the WWE Tag Team Champions.


WWE Boot of the Week: Flair attacking RVD with a sledgehammer at Unforgiven.

WWE RAW Recap Part III

Flair wants to end his career on top (just like it began) along side of The Game. Flair & Triple H attack RVD with Bubba Ray Dudley making the save. Later on that night Flair & Triple H get the win of the team of RVD & BRD.


Raven vs. Spike Dudley

Lockup between participants. Spike goes for the early pinfall, but Raven easily kicks out. Spike responds with a leg scissors take down. Battering ram on Raven. Snapmare on Spike. Spike responds with a chinbreaker. Attempted "Dudley Dog," but Raven clotheslines Spike and drives his head into the mat. Spike again with the "Dudley Dog", but this time it connects and he gets the win. After the match, Raven hits Spike with the "Raven Effect."

Winner: Spike Dudley

WWE RAW will be live from Houston, TX tomorrow night.

End of Show.