Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 10/9 (New X Division Champion)

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On Wednesday, October 9, 2002 at 10:29 PM EST

Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 10/9/02
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This week's edition of NWA TNA opened up with a replay of Ron Killings being attacked on last week's show by the mysterious masked man. After that, Killings was in the ring and cut a promo where he ripped the local sports teams. He then said that B.G. James, Scott Hall, and Syxx-Pac hired a man to take him out and that the man would be their tag partner tonight in the main event. Don West made a derogatory comment towards Killings on the mic and Killings heard it. Killings didn't like what West had to say and threatened him when James and Syxx came out on the stage. They brought out their partner and it was none other than Curt Hennig. As Hennig, James and Syxx went towards the ring, Jeff Jarrett and Brian Lawler came out and attacked them from behind. This led into right their match, which Hennig, Syxx-Pac, and James won when the masked man from last week hit a powerbomb on Killings. Hennig then pinned him. The masked man was wearing a jacket that said "Mr. Wrestling III" on the back.

In the back, both B. G. James and Jeff Jarrett were shown laid out. We didn't see how it happened.

Jerry Lynn came out to the ring to do an interview and ran down Sonny Siaki. He challenged Siaki to a match next week. Sonny came out on the stage and told Lynn there was no reason to wait, and Jerry charged up the ramp. The two fought on the stage until Siaki threw Lynn to the floor. It appeared that Lynn hurt his knee when he hit the guardrail. Lynn was taken out on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

We were shown footage from earlier today when Syxx Pac wanted to go into the back with Goldylocks and apologize to Low Ki for what he said about him last week. Before he could, AJ Styles met up with Syxx and called him a suck up. Low Ki called Styles a jerk.

Chris Harris & James Storm defeated The SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo) to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. It was a hard fought battle that saw the champions win out in the end.

Goldylocks introduced Chris Rock, who was adored by the fans. Rock said that NWA:TNA was the best wrestling in the world and challenged anyone who said otherwise to come to the ring and get their butts kicked.

Ace Steele beat Kid Kash, Tony Mamaluke and Low Ki in an Ironman match that saw the man who got the most pins in fifteen minutes score the win. Each man scored a pinfall as the match came to an end. Steele managed pin Low Ki as time ran out when Mortimer Plumtree came to ringside and held down Ki's leg.

Don West then interviewed Hermie Sadler, who is racing the TNA car this weekend. Bruce came out and mocked Sadler's being a driver. Bruce said that he should decide if he was a wrestler or a driver. Jeff Jarrett then came out and joined Bruce in running down Sadler. Sadler then mocked Jarrett for not having a title. Sadler then asked Bruce if he was a man or a woman, which led to Bruce confronting him. Jarrett then jumped Sadler and the two men beat him down until B. G. James made the save.

Chris and Rick Michaels upset the team of Ron Harris & Sonny Siaki when Harris and Siaki's doubleteam move went bad and Harris hit Siaki with the big boot. The two men faced off after the match until Don Harris came to the ring. Don threw down Siaki but not his brother.

Bill Behrens came to the ring and said that the X-Title was held up. He said that Jerry Lynn will get an X-Division Title match when he is able to wrestle again. He also said that Ace Steele would take Lynn's place in the ladder match tonight against AJ Styles with the winner becoming the X Division Champion. Low Ki then came out and ran down Mortimer Plumtree for helping Steele earlier in the evening. Bob Armstrong came out and said he was sick of all the talk. He said that Low Ki would wrestle Steele, with the winner getting Styles later in the night. Steele then beat Low Ki by countout after Plumtree again interfered and helped Steele. Armstrong said that wouldn't fly and made a ladder match where any X Division talent could enter. The winner would be the new champion.

The night's main event saw Syxx-Pac beat The SAT, Kid Kash, Ace Steele, Tony Mamaluke and AJ Styles in a ladder match to become the new X-Division champion. It was the kind of amazing match you expect from the X Division that needs to be seen to be believed! The men beat each other from pillar to post before Syxx Pac ran in, suplexed Styles and then climbed the ladder and grabbed the title belt.

Matches announced for next week:

  • X-Division Champion Syxx-Pac vs. AJ Styles in a ladder match.

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions Chris Harris & James Storm will take on Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels.

  • B.G. James vs. Jeff Jarrett

  • Ron Killings will defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title.