Full WWE Confidential Results - 10/12/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 3:04 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 10/12/02
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Wrestling Is Fake Segment

Shows clips from matches that were extremely violent. Billy Chuck says everyone thinks they are landing on a trampolene, and he says it's a big set of boards and such. Triple H mentions his injury to his knee, when he ripped the tendon right from the knee. Kurt Angle mentions the King of the Ring spot he did when he threw Shane through the glass. Bob Holly broke his arm in the ring, and he continued the match. Billy talks about his injury where he majorly screwed up his arm. Rikishi's shoulder was actually dislocated and he finished a match with Kurt Angle. Kidman tore his PCL when he was in a match with X-Pac. Jim Ross says they love what they do, so it doesn't matter how much pain they have taken. Kurt Angle broke his tailbone in a match and kept going when he fought Shane. Benoit ruptured a disc and fractured his spinal column when he did a german superplex. Lita broke a disc when she was on the set of Dark Angel when doing a Litacanrunna. Undertaker has worked over 20 years in the WWE and he always works the toughest matches.


Tough Enough Tapes Segment

These are tapes that were sent in from Tough Enough, and they all are absolutely horrible!


Victoria Segment

She says she is nothing like who she is on WWE television. She did the whole body building scene and was very successful. Her brothers were into wrestling, and one of them won the Pan Am Gold. She ran into Chyna, and Chyna referred her. Jim Ross says she is not willing to take no for an answer.


Kurt Angle Segment

This is the Milk Truck segment that appeared in Sacramento. Angle started throwing milk cartons at the Alliance. Then Angle started with the milk hose. Jim Ross said the Million Dollar Princess had become a Diary Queen. Tommy Dreamer peeled off a cookie from his shoe and started to eat it! It wasn't real milk that the hose was filled with, it was a powder mixed with water, and some food coloring.


Lilian Garcia Segment

Her album was recorded by Meredith Brooks. Her single is called "Shout". Footage of her singing the National Anthem. Then footage from Jamal and Rosie attacking her. The guitarists, by the way, were rocking an Ibanez and a Gibson Les Paul. My band uses an Ibanez RG250DX, I am the guitarist! Check us out on our website! The URL will be posted at the end of this report!


Rock Segment

Rock is on the set of his new movie, "Scorpion King". Rock brings us around and shows us the different sets and stuff in the movie, and gives background of the movie. Other actors say he is a really great guy. Rock even gets his own love scene with Heather Hu! They also show clips of how the movie was being made.

What happened to the good old days of the nWo? Ohh well, I'll leave you guys with this...WOLFPAC IN THE HOUSE!!!

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