Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 10/20 (1 hour before No Mercy)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 21, 2002 at 9:15 AM EST

WWE Sunday Night Heat Results for October 20, 2002
Live from Little Rock, AK
Commentators: Lita & the Coach
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Fans are shown entering the arena.

Lita and the Coach talk up both Main Events on the No Mercy card.

Video recap of the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Tournament, culminating in the Finals tonight.

Paul Heyman discusses his opinion of the Hell in the Cell match upcoming and its history, he believes that Lesnar will leave the match a changed man.


Bret Hart's Entrance teaser for the upcoming WWF/WWE Anthology album.

Tough Enough III Casting Special recap.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship and RVD vs. Ric Flair match hype.


PS2 WWE Rewind: Trish and Victoria exchange pleasantries after their WWE Raw tag match.

Video package encompassing the 23 year history of the IC belt. There have been some stupid ideas done by the WWF/WWE in the past and hell currently but eliminating a championship that actually still has some integrity is just plain stupid.


Saliva's new video "Always" is premiered from The World in New York.

Undertaker's thoughts on the Cell. He doesnt see how anyone "wins" in such a match. Two men enter, only one can leave.


WWE Slam of the Week: The Knobles version of foreplay from WWE Smackdown.

Tajiri vs. Jamie Knoble for the Cruiserweight Championship is announced for No Mercy.

WWE Raw Unification Match Hype (HHH vs. Kane).

Lesnar's thoughts on his first time within the Cell. He is "excited" to have the opportunity to defeat the Undertaker in his "own backyard."


WWE Raw is live from Nashville, TN tomorrow night. This presents a great question, how many signs/shirts will be visible advertising NWA-TNA?

The Hurricane vs. Steven Richards
Richards immediately starts out beating on Hurricane. Hurricane goes for a sunset flip resulting in a nearfall. Richards responds with a side suplex. Another suplex from Richards, this time a near fall is the result. Neckbreaker on Richards. Blockbuster by Hurricane. Flying scissors kick by Hurricane. Hurricane attempts a chokeslam, but Richards responds with a Superkick and the resulting near fall for Richards. Vertabreaker by Hurricane for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: The Hurricane

Michael Cole and Tazz are in the ring and the Cell is being lowered around them as they describe just what the "nine tons" of steel can do to those who step within it.

http://hellinacell.wwe.com/ coincidentally seems to forget that Al Snow and the Bossman had an altercation within the confines of the Cell on an episode of WWE Raw, where dogs were involved.

End of Show.