Full WWE RAW Results - 10/21/02 (24 hours after No Mercy)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 8:07 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 10/21/02
Originating from the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Report by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Show opens a video recap of the Triple H & Kane saga.

Inside the arena, the Game is making his way to the ring, accompanied by Flair. He puts himself over, brags about retiring the IC belt last night. Flair produces a videotape that the Game says will show the world what kind of man Kane really is. Hunter runs his mouth until the Hurricane hits the ring and grabbed the tape. His actions soon resulted in a beating by both the Game and Flair. They make there way up the ramp with tape in hand.


Slam of the Week: Last week, Al Snow inadvertently assisting Nowinski in his upset of Dreamer.

Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Nowinski
The action starts off with reversals from both men. Rope action ends up with Nowinski on the outside and Hardy leaping over the Ref to land on Nowinski. Two (2) elbows from Nowinski resulting in a near-fall. Thesz press by Hardy for a near-fall. "Oklahoma Roll Up" by Nowinski for another near-fall. Inside cradle by Hardy for another near-fall. Two (2) run of the mill near-falls for Nowinski. Double Underhook slam into a near-fall for Nowinski. Nowinski goes for a chairshot, but Snow grabs it from him and allows Hardy to drop kick the chair into Nowinski's face. Hardy goes for the Swanton Bomb, but lands on the chair. Nowinski capitalizes and gets the easy 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Christopher Nowinski

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is viewing the "assault" by the Big Show from last night. Keibler walks in and wants to ref again tonight. Bischoff says fine, but just not the main event. The Big Show makes his appearance and is informed that he will be facing the Island Boyz and Rico in a Handicap Match later on in the night.


Dreamer questions Snow about costing him the match last week. Snow explains that he was protecting his Tough Enough pupil. Nowinski informs Snow that he doesnt need his help now, just like he didnt during TE I.

Lance Storm & William Regal vs. Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley (New Dudley Boyz) (#1 Contendership Match)
Storm on the mic, confirms that the UnAmericans are gone, but Regal and him still believe that the US is a dump. Very short match with each competitor getting in only a few offensive moves. Midway through we are shown a split screen of Kane arriving to the arena. The end is a result of both Dudleyz hitting their finishers and Spike ending up in the ring and covering Storm for the 1, 2, 3. Storm and Regal retaliate and leave the Dudleyz lying in the ring.

Winner: The "New" Dudley Boyz


Trish is backstage and has a confrontation with Y2J and Christian. Both men believe the accusations that Victoria is spouting and that any woman that would bark for Vince would most likely sleep her way to the top. Y2J implies that Stratus really wants an injection of "Vitamin C".

Bischoff makes his way down the ramp. He compliments the participants in last night's Hell in a Cell Match, but believe that his genius invention will tower over the Cell in comparison. At the Survivor Series we will be introduced to the "Elimination Chamber".

(Side note; THIS IS NOT NEW, hell it first happened at the original SuperBrawl with Ron Simmons and Butch Reed in a three-tiered cage, and many more incarnations the following years in WCW.)

Stacy Keibler is making her way to the ring in her ref outfit.


Batista's promo airs.

D Lo Brown vs. Test (w/ Stacy Keibler as the special referee)
Stacy gives the two (2) some instructions, but D Lo is looking elsewhere and receives a slap across the face for his wandering eyes. Anything D Lo did resulting in a pinning situation Keibler was either slow or not paying attention. D Lo had enough and confronted Keibler, but turned around into a boot from Test, fast count and theres your winner. Test and Keibler left together.

Winner: Test

Backstage, Terri interviews Victoria, she stands by her statements that Stratus is a tramp. Booker T & Goldust join the interview and after a bit of trash talking Goldust smacks Victoria on the butt.


Burn of the Night: Last night, Trish's victory over Victoria and subsequent headache from the title shot.

Trish Stratus, Goldust, & Booker T vs. Victoria, Christian, & Y2J
More or less your standard inter-gender match with only lite action between the opposite sexes. Funniest moment is when Victoria interrupted shattered dreams and ended up on the receiving end of a kiss from Goldust. Stratus again proved that she is the best female performer in the WWE, but she did come out on the losing end of this one when Y2J placed her in the "Walls of Jericho."

Winners: Victoria, Christian, & Y2J

The Game tells those in the production truck to be ready to roll his videotape when he gives the word.


Terri in front of Kane's dressing room, hopes to speak with her "friend" once the tape has been viewed. Jonathan Coachman with HHH. HHH tells the crew to roll the tape. TNN disclaimer, starts off with an open casket in a funeral parlor. HHH enters, wearing a Kane mask. "Kane" begins a conversation with the "corpse", after some "censored" breast fondling "Kane" undresses Ms. Vick and them himself... Back to Coach with HHH laughing his ass off. Terri gets no where when the door is slammed in her face.


(Words cannot describe how disgusted I am after watching that $#%@, I've been a fan for well over a decade now and I can honestly say that I will no longer be watching this trash. Though tonight the show must go on, as does this recap.)

Al Snow vs. Tommy Dreamer (Singapore Cane Match)
Crowd is not sure how to react to what they just saw, so no real response during this match. Snow starts off on the offensive, but soon Dreamer is doing his best Bonds impression on Snows midsection. Action spills outside and while Snow tries to "post" Dreamer he screams "s#!t" (it could clearly be heard on the telecast [don't know if injured or what]). Needless to say the match soon wrapped up after a "cup check" from behind by Dream. Nowinski attempted to hit Dreamer with the cane, but tagged Snow just under the jaw with it. Dreamer immediately went for the cover and victory.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer


Big Show vs. The Island Boyz & Rico (Handicap Match)
Waste of time match, back and forth 3 on 1 into 1 on 3 with breaks in between. Big Show picks up the victory after clearing the ring one last time and choke-slamming Jamal (I think).

Winner: Big Show

Shawn Michaels is making his way to the stage at The World in NYC.


Coachman attempts to interview Big Show, but Bischoff interrupts and informs Show that he has been traded to SmackDown. Shows's parting words were to the effect that he at least doesnt have to work for that (Bischoff) a$$hole anymore. Hurricane has pulled up and has the trunk open.


Warrior WWE Anthology Teaser Promo.

SummerSlam clips involving the post match attack by the Game on Michaels.

Shawn Michaels discusses his rehab and then after a couple of attempts to get out of the wheelchair he springs to his feet and reminds the Game that he should not have hunted what he did not kill. Interview ends with HBK dancing across The World Stage.

TE III "next week" promo. Saliva's "Always" is announced as the Survivor Series them song.

Ric Flair & HHH vs. Kane & RVD
All four (4) men start out in the ring with RVD pairing off with Flair and Kane and the Game fighting as well. Back and forth action between heels and faces. A tag to Kane is finally made and of course he and the Game are on the outside battling to the back while RVD and Flair continue the match in the squared circle. RVD levels Flair, landing a "Rolling Thunder" to follow up, and then a "5 Star Splash" for the victory.

Winner: Kane & RVD

Backstage, Kane beats the hell out of Hunter, then tossed him into the trunk of Hurricane's car. At that point Kane informs the Game that he is about to get screwed. He then gets in the car and drives off (but they show the damn trunk swinging open as he leaves).

End of show.