Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 10/23/02 (New X Division Champion)

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On Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 11:45 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 10/23/02
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Courtesy of: NWATNA.com

NWA: Total Nonstop Action for October 23rd began with Mike Tenay and Don West running down the main events for the show, then they went right to the ring for a Five Way Elimination match with Amazing Red vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kid Kash.

Five Way Elimination match - Amazing Red vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kid Kash
They immediately rang the bell and started the match. They started off fast, with Joel Maximo hitting a tope on Skipper, Jose, and Kash on the floor, and Red then jumping onto the pile with a tope con hilo. Kash got back in the ring, and hit a springboard twisting moonsault onto the pile. Joel put Kash in a Gory Special, with Jose inserting Red into a Boston Crab position. Skipper grabbed Jose into a camel clutch, for a weird five way submission spot, then dropkicked the whole pile, knocking them all over. Joel hit a German suplex on Skipper for a two count. Joel hit Kash with a rana, but Kash dropkicked him as he tried a springboard. Kash came off the top rope to the floor with a rana on Joel. Kash hit a Tornado DDT off the announce table on Joel. In the ring, Red flipped out of a German by Jose, and tried a top rope dive, but Jose turned it into a powerbomb. Skipper ran in to break up the pin. Jose hit a rana on Skipper for a two count. Jose went for a tornado DDT on Skipper, who blocked it. Jose then sat on the ropes for some reason, allowing Skipper to rana him off. Kash ran in, and Skipper hit a powerbomb on Kash, followed by a double arm overhead suplex. Red dropkicked Skipper as he went for a cover, and hit an enzugiri. Red went to the top, but Kash took him down by running the ropes and hitting a press slam from the top rope. The Maximos went at it, with Jose hitting a tornado DDT on Joel. Skipper hit the Play of the Day on Jose to get the first elimination.

Kash dropkicked Joel from the ring. Skipper hit a spinning pescado onto Kash and Joel. Back in the ring, Skipper hit a slingshot headscissors on Joel. Red kicked Skipper, and Joel hit the Maximo Explosion (sort of a Kryptonite Krunch) on Skipper to eliminate him.

Kid Kash immediately went after Joel and hit the Money Maker (double underhook piledriver) for the pin. It was down to Kash and Red.

Both men went for quick pins, getting two counts. Red hit a swinging faceplant off the second rope, but Kash got his foot on the ropes. Kash booted a charging Red, and hit a springboard into a senton on a standing Red for a two count. Red and Kash began reversing holds for a two count, then Kash caught Red with the Bankroll (fisherman's buster onto a knee) for a two count. Kash hit a walking the ropes bodypress for a two count. Red and Kash fought on the ropes, but Red elbowed him to the mat, then hit the InfraRed (corkscrew moonsault) for the pin. Amazing Red gets an X-Division title shot next week.

Goldylocks was trying to interview Brian Lawler, who kept peeking out a door. Lawler politely excused himself from the interview, saying he would do it later.

NWA World Tag Team Title match James Storm & Chris Harris vs. The Hot Shots
The champions ran to the ring and went right at it with the Hot Shots, with the brawl quickly spilling out of the ring. Storm used a belt to whip Stevens on the floor. Harris and O'Reilly tossed each other into the guardrail. Storm powerbombed Stevens on the floor when he tried a rana off the rails, and followed with a suplex on the floor. Storm knocked O'Reilly into the crowd, then yanked him back over the rails. They finally got back to the ring, with Storm and Harris dominating O'Reilly, punctuated with a bulldog by Harris. It settled into a tag match. Stevens grabbed Harris from outside the ring, but Harris ducked and O'Reilly accidentally hit his partner. Stevens tripped Harris from the floor to finally put his team on offense. Stevens tagged in and hit a suplex for a two count. Stevens & O'Reilly hit a double legsweep, and O'Reilly put him in a single leg crab. Harris and O'Reilly exchanged chops, and O'Reilly decked him with a clothesline. Stevens tagged in, and stopped Harris from making the tag, but missed a leapfrog and Harris hit a spear. Storm tagged in and cleaned house on both Hot Shots, tripping O'Reilly into Stevens groin. O'Reilly tossed Storm to the floor. Harris went for a slam on O'Reilly, but Stevens kicked him down. Stevens went to the top, but Harris knocked him to the floor. Storm hit the "8 second ride" (spinning faceplant) on O'Reilly for the pin, even though Stevens was the legal man. Storm & Harris retain the titles.

The confrontation between Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki from last week was recapped. Goldy interviewed Jerry Lynn, asking if his knee was ready. Lynn said his knee was not fully healed, but he is used to wrestling hurt, and that he's done it his whole career. He said wrestlers keep trying to take him down and use him as a stepping stone, but it is nothing new to him. Brian Lawler walked by as the interview ended, asking the camera man if he had seen April.

Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn limped to the ring, then pulled Siaki out under the ropes and ramming him into the ring steps. Siaki tried to pull Lynn by the leg, but Lynn kicked him off and over the rail. Lynn jumped over the rail from the floor and hit Siaki with a bodyblock. They went back to ringside, with Lynn ramming Siaki into the announce table. They made it into the ring, and Lynn went for a slam, but his knee gave out, and Siaki fell on top. Siaki hit a pair of elbows on the leg, then hit a shinbuster. Siaki applied a single leg crab on the bad leg. Lynn made the ropes, and managed a legdrop across the back of Siaki's head when Siaki went for a shoulderblock between the ropes. Siaki tripped Lynn, and yanked his leg into the ringpost twice. In the ring, Siaki hit another shinbuster. He went for another, but Lynn turned it into a sunset flip for two. Lynn got a crucifix for another two, then Siaki swept the bad leg with a forearm for a two count. Siaki applied a figure four variation, pushing on the bad leg. Lynn punched out of it, and Siaki kicked Lynn's leg out from under him as he got up. Siaki dropped an elbow on the leg, then applied a surfboard variation, grapevining the legs. Siaki lifted Lynn by the bad leg, then slammed it to the mat three times, knee first. Siaki kicked at the leg, went for a spinning toehold, but Lynn kicked Siaki into the corner. Siaki went between the turnbuckles, posting himself. As he fell out of the corner, Lynn rolled him up and did the Backlund Bridge for the three count. Siaki went after the leg when the match was over, but the referees got him off. Lynn charged Siaki when he got back to his feet, but the officials got them apart.

Curt Hennig and BJ James came to the ring. Hennig got on the mic, and said that many wrestlers have tried to be like him, specifically mentioning that "mark Diamond Dallas Page". He then said Jeff Jarrett was a "Curt Hennig wannabe". Hennig talked about how Jarrett not only copied his ring style, but also copied his music style, when Hennig had "The West Texas Rednecks" and their gold-single "Rap Is Crap". Hennig said he is a little older, but he is still the man that "took Brock Lesnar down at 30,000 feet" then laid out a challenge to Jeff Jarrett for next week.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was telling Brian Lawler to go to the ring and take out Hennig and James, but Lawler said he had to wait for April. Jarrett said 'screw you and April' and walked off. Lawler told Jarrett to go get the Truth to help him. In the ring, James said Lawler had a few months before April comes. He then ripped on Lawler on the mic, promising to get him later.

Scott Hall came to the ring, and delivered his "Hey yo". Hall said he was not supposed to come out now, but he wasn't good at following the rules. He said he just couldn't be a good boy anymore, so he was just going to do whatever he wanted, and said he wanted Jeff Jarrett right now.

Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hall slugged Jarrett early, knocking him to the floor. Hall continued to dominate inside the ring, ramming Jarrett into the buckles, and chopping him. Jarrett went to the floor, and Hall went after him. As they got back in, Jarrett kicked Hall, and stomped him on the mat. Jarrett slugged Hall, but Hall came back with the fallaway slam. Jarrett rolled from the ring and headed to the back, with Hall following him and brawling into the crowd. Hall hit Jarrett with a trash can repeatedly. Jarrett returned fire with the trash can and a chair. They brawled into the bleachers, and Jarrett drove a chair into Hall's throat. Hall got control of the chair and hit Jarrett with it. They continued to brawl throughout the building, and back to ringside. Hall rammed Jarrett into the announce table, and tossed him back into the ring. Hall hit a kneelift, and went for the Edge, but Jarrett backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. Jarrett hit Hall across the back from the ring apron. Jarrett rammed Hall into the ringpost, and hit him in the gut with a chair. Jarrett rammed Hall into the buckles and pounded him in the corner. Hall battled back with punches, but Jarrett rammed Hall facefirst into the mat. Jarrett straddled Hall on the middle rope, and stomped him. Hall battled back again, but Jarrett hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Jarrett argued with the referee. Jarrett missed a back elbow, but grabbed a sleeper. Hall went down, but the referee never checked his arm. Hall eventually worked his way up, escaped, and hit a chokeslam on Jarrett before collapsing to the mat himself. Jarrett actually managed to get up first, and covered Hall for a two count. Both men got to their feet, traded blows, and Hall ducked a clothesline from Jarrett, which knocked out the referee. Jarrett grabbed a chair and hit Hall in the head. Curt Hennig ran in and hit a clothesline on Jarrett. The lights went out in the ring. Ron Killings appeared on the screen, saying Hennig should be worrying about his title match tonight, not playing with his "old friends". The lights came back on, and Brian Lawler attacked Hennig from behind. BG James ran in, and chased Lawler to the back. Jarrett went for The Stroke on Hennig, who elbowed out. Jarrett fell into Hall, who, after a double pump, lifted Jarrett and hit the Outsiders Edge for the three count. Hennig raised Hall's arm after the match.

Brian Lawler vs of BG James
Lawler still seemed preoccupied by April not being there as he came out. Lawler attacked James as he ran in, but stopped to yell at the crowd and missed a charge, falling through the ropes to the floor. James crotched Lawler on the guardrail, but Lawler fought back and rammed James into the rail twice. Lawler grabbed the ring announcer's mic and asked if anyone had seen April, then hit James with the mic. Lawler went for a piledriver, but James backdropped him on the floor. James hit Lawler with a chair, and whipped him into the rails. Lawler responded by whipping James into the steps. Lawler tried to grab a chair from a fan (the same one from a few weeks ago), who refused to give it to him. James did get a chair and hit Lawler with it. Back in the ring, James hit the dancing punches, with Lawler ducking the last one, but James hit a boot to the face. James went for a pumphandle slam, but Lawler floated over and hit a superkick. Lawler went to the top rope, and we saw that Syxx Pac and April were on the top stage. They started kissing, and Lawler fell off the top rope when he saw, crotching himself. James easily covered Lawler for the pin. James then held Lawler by the foot, so he could not run up the ramp. Lawler started crying as Syxx Pac and April walked off.

X Division Title Match A.J. Styles w/ Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx Pac
Styles gave Syxx Pac a crotch chop at the start. Styles applied a waistlock, and Syxx Pac rode him to the ropes, dumping him to the floor. Syxx Pac hit a somersault senton from the ring to the floor on Styles. Back in the ring, Syxx Pac hit a spinkick and a flapjack. Syxx Pac applied a surfboard, elevating Styles in the air with it. Syxx Pac had his own shoulders down, and had to break the hold before pinning himself. Syxx Pac hit a chop in the corner, and Styles came back with a headscissors, sending Syxx Pac to the floor. Styles tried a baseball slide. but Syxx Pac caught it and dropped Styles chest first across the railing. Syxx Pac went to hit Styles with the steps, but Styles ducked it. Syxx Pac tossed Styles into the ringpost, but when he charged him, Styles hoisted Syxx Pac into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Styles hit the Spiral Tap for a two count. Styles covered Syxx Pac for another two count, then applied a surfboard. Syxx Pac reversed the hold, but Styles hit a drop toe hold and applied a reverse chinlock, then went back to the surfboard. Syxx Pac broke free, missed a clothesline, and Styles hit the moonsault into a reverse DDT for a two count. Styles missed a dropkick, and Syxx hit a pair of spinkicks. Styles went for a rana, but Syxx Pac hit a powerbomb for a two count. Syxx hit a series of kicks in the corner, then hit the bronco buster. Syxx stood on the ropes and celebrated, and Styles hit a powerbomb out of the corner for a two count. Syxx Pac bridged out of the cover and hit the X Factor, but Plumtree dragged the referee from the ring. Syxx Pac grabbed Plumtree, and Styles charged him, and Syxx Pac moved, so Styles hit Plumtree. Syxx Pac hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Syxx Pac went for a flying bodypress, but Styles caught him and hit a German suplex for a two count. Styles went for a bodypress, but Syxx Pac rolled through for a two count. Syxx Pac went for a powerbomb, but Styles reversed it, and went for the Styles Clash, but Syxx Pac reached over to grab the ropes from underneath. Brian Lawler, at ringside, hit Syxx with a can or bottle, and Styles was able to get the Styles Clash for the win. AJ Styles in the new X-Division champion. Lawler took off, and Syxx Pac raised the hand of Styles. Lawler ran back in, grabbed the X Division belt from Styles and hit Syxx Pac with it. Styles simply picked up the belt and posed with it, as Lawler left, and Syxx Pac was laid out.

Ace Steel vs. Jorge Estrada w/ Priscilla
They exchanged holds at the start, with Steel taking Estrada down to the mat, but Estrada grabbing a hammerlock and riding Steel into a front facelock. Steel and Estrada ran the ropes, and Steel tossed Estrada to the mat, but got caught in a powerslam as he tried a leapfrog. Estrada hit an elbow in the corner, and a headscissors that sent Steel into the middle turnbuckle. Estrada hit a vertical suplex for a two count. Steel shrugged out of a headscissors, and hit a forearm. Steel hit a dropkick from the middle rope, then tossed Estrada to the floor. Steel hit a elbow suicida on Estrada, then argued with Priscilla before shoving her down. Estrada tossed Steel into the apron, then hit a DDT on the floor, trying to boost himself off the ropes. Estrada went for a slingshot into an Arabian press, but Steel moved. Steel hit a slingshot splash. Steel backdropped Estrada to the ring apron, but Estrada hit some elbows. Estrada went to the top rope, but Steel crotched him and hit a superplex. Steel covered Estrada for a two count. Estrada hit a short arm clothesline and a dropkick. Steel went for the Twist Of Cain, Estrada went for the Trip to Graceland, but neither could get their finisher. Steel hit a pair of Northern Lights suplexes for two counts. Steel bounced of the ropes, and Priscilla tripped him, allowing Estrada to hit a sunset flip for the pin on Steel. Mortimer Plumtree ran out and argued with Priscilla. Estrada got between them, and Steel hit Estrada with a knee from behind. Priscilla jumped on Mortimer's back, but Mortimer tossed her off to the mat. Referees pulled Mortimer to the back, as Steel left Estrada laying.

Syxx Pac came to the ring, and said he had been out too much already tonight, so he would make this fast. He said there were a few reasons that he lost the X Division title tonight. He said that AJ Styles was a world class wrestler. He also said he was too concerned with pushing Brian Lawler's buttons, and it came back to haunt him. He said that he dug April, but it cost him. He called out Brian Lawler right now, saying whoever beat up the other would get to take April home. Brian Lawler appeared on the stage, and Syxx Pac asked if he was willing to fight for his woman. Lawler, practically crying, said the fight was over, and that he didn't want April, saying she was "used" and a "piece of trash". Lawler started crying when he said he saw them kissing. Syxx said that's not all they did in the back. April ran out on the stage and told Lawler that Syxx Pac forced her to do it, and that she loved Lawler. Lawler said he would kill Syxx Pac, and ran to the ring, tackling him and punching him. Security broke it up.

NWA World Title Match Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Curt Hennig
Killings rapped as he came to the ring, ripping on the fans. Hennig hit the ring, attacked Killings with chops and taking him to the floor. Killings whipped Hennig into the ringpost and hit a series of punches and forearms. Truth rammed Hennig into the announce table, and pounded him with right hands. Killings missed a sidekick on the floor, and crotched himself on the rail. Killings came back, choking Hennig with a camera cable. Killings hit a second rope legdrop back in the ring for a two count. Killings hit an ax kick, and a second rope fistdrop. Hennig tried to fire back with punches, but Truth hit a face first slam for a two count. Killings hit a series of knees in the corner, but Hennig battled back with chops. Killings hit a flying forearm, then stood on Hennig's chest with one foot for a two count. Hennig grabbed a single leg takedown and applied an ankle lock. Killings grabbed the rope for a break. Hennig twisted Killings' neck. Truth hit some chops, and Hennig returned fire, then hit a low kick. Hennig slugged Killings and hit a backdrop. Hennig tossed Killings over the turnbuckles, so he would hit his head on the ringpost. Mr. Wrestling III ran out, but Hennig stopped him as he got in the ring and hit a kneelift, then tossed him into the ringpost. Hennig went after the mask, but as he did so, Killings hit Hennig in the back of the head with brass knuckles. Mr. Wrestling III ran off through the crowd, as Killings got the pin on Hennig to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title.