Full WWE Survivor Series Results - 11/17/02 (Quick Results)

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On Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 10:59 PM EST

You probably found this page through a search engine. The following results are the 2002 Survivor Series results.

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- This matCh took place on WWE Sunday Night Heat prior to Survivor Series.

  • Goldust & The Hurricane vs. Lance Storm & William Regal

    Winners: Lance Storm & William Regal (via Storm getting inside cradle pin on Goldust after Regal attacked Goldust from behind)

    - After the match, Tommy Dreamer came in from the crowd and cleared house with the singapore cane.

    WWE Survivor Series Results - 11/17/02 (Quick Results)
    LIVE From: New York City in Madison Square Garden

  • Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy vs. 3 Minute Warning & Rico

    Winners: Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy

    - Spike Dudley was eliminated first after a flapjack through the table.

    - Rosey was elimainted second after being thrown off the top of MSG entranceway by Jeff Hardy through the table.

    - Jeff Hardy was eliminated third after a plancha off the ring apron to the floor through the table by Jamal.

    - Jamal was eliminated fourth after taking a powerbomb off the ring apron to the floor through the table by Bubba Ray Dudley.

    - Bubba Ray Dudley & Rico were left when Rosey & Jamal interfered only to see D-Von, dressed in his old Dudley attire, interfere and make the save. Both Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley did the 3-D through the table to Rico to win the match for Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy.

  • Jamie Noble (c) vs. Billy Kidman

    Winner & NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

    - Billy Kidman won the match via a shooting star press. Nothing else really exciting happened until the finish.

  • Trish Stratus (c) vs. Victoria

    Winner & NEW Women's Champion: Victoria

    - Victoria got the win following a fire extinguisher to the eyes and a big vertical suplex. The match consisted of various weapon shots that included garbage can lids, ironing board, cane and a mirror (which wasn't used). Victoria suffered a bloody nose in the match.

  • Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Big Show

    Winner & NEW WWE Champion: Big Show

    - Big Show won the match after a chokeslam to Lesnar on a steel chair. Lesnar did several suplexes to Big Show and did a very impressive F-5. When Lesnar hit the F-5 however, Heyman knocked out the referee, turning on Lesnar, and threw the steel chair into the ring. After the match, both Paul Heyman and Big Show jumped into a getaway car to leave the arena.

  • Edge & Rey Mysterio (c's) vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

    Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

    - Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit were eliminated first when Edge speared Benoit for the win/elimination. What led up to the elimination was Chavo Guerrero hitting Benoit with one of the WWE tag titles and then throwing the belt to Kurt Angle. When Benoit turned around, he saw Angle with the belt thinking he hit him.

    - Edge/Rey Mysterio & The Guerrero's were left next. The Guerrero's got the win when Eddie Guerrero locked on the Lasso from El Passo on Rey Mysterio, allowing Rey to tap out.

    - Following the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Title's, both Matt Hardy and Christopher Nowinski came out to the ring and insulted New York City. Scott Steiner interrupted however and came out, destroying both Hardy and Nowinski. The spot got a huge reaction from the crowd and obviously put over Steiner as a big babyface.

  • Triple H (c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T vs. Chris Jericho

    Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels

    - The match started with Chris Jericho, Booker T, Kane and Shawn Michaels being locked up in the individual chambers while Triple H and Rob Van Dam started the match. Chris Jericho entered third. Booker T entered fourth. Shawn Michaels entered fifth.

    - Rob Van Dam was eliminated first when Booker T pinned him following a missle dropkick. RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash on Triple H earlier off the chamber.

    - Booker T was eliminated second when Chris Jericho pinned him following a Lionsault.

    - Kane was eliminated third when Chris Jericho pinned him following a Superkick, Pedigree and finally a Lionsault.

    - Chris Jericho was eliminated fourth when Shawn Michaels pinned him following a Superkick. HBK did the Superkick on Jericho when Jericho had the Walls of Jericho applied on Triple H.

    - Triple H was eliminated fifth when Shawn Michaels pinned him following a Superkick after a blocked Pedigree to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. A big confetti scene took place during HBK's celebration.