Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 11/24/02

Reported by of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 10:50 PM EST

Sunday Night Heat - November 24, 2002
Commentators: Lita & Coach
Reported by: Jevon Brun of WrestleView.com

Match 1:
Hurricane Helms v. Justin Credible

Hurricane pulls out some funny moves, including pointing out the ceiling to the ref during his tree of woe maneuver. During the match, Coach and Lita talked a lot about the Elimination Chamber- kind of a waste because this match was pretty good. The Hurricane hits his "Shining Wizard", which I guess is a kick to the face. The Hurricane wins with a wicked half-nelson drop. It's a shame how they took Helms out of the great cruiserweight division of SmackDown! just to misuse him on Heat.

Winner: Hurricane Helms.

Elimination Chamber Recap Video
I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting tired of hearing about the chamber. Two Pay Per View events in a row, both with a headlining cage match. Maybe No Way Out this February will have a Battle Royale as a main event.

Backstage Segment with Raven and Aaron Stevens
Raven goes on and on about salvation and his "masterpiece". He talks about saving himself and using the Seven Deadly Sins. Does Raven even count as a Raw Superstar anymore?

Recap of Batista attacking Kane.
Batista is one big, bad, man. Hopefully this deal with Ric Flair goes somewhere, because they both need something to happen quick. Maybe the Four Horsemen again? We'll see. They did bring back the nWo- so I guess anything is possible.

Match 2:
Aaron Stevens v. Raven

Personally, I have never heard of Aaron Stevens. He came out with a ball of fire... But Raven Squashes him. Short and sweet. Raven put out some good moves. Hopefully they'll have a place on Raw for him in the future. After the match, Raven broke two of Stevens' fingers. Crazy.

Winner: Raven w/ the DDT.

Tough Enough III Recap
Nick gets cut. I guess he's not "Tough Enough."

Raw Retro
Clips are shown of Mick Foley winning the world title, back in 1999.

Raw Recap: The Dudley Boyz v. 3 Minute Warning
I like how they can just bring the Dudley Boyz back together like it's nothing. It seemed to me like a good idea at first, but then seems as if with the Tag Team situation on Raw now, they have nothing left to prove. I do, however, have to say that that Reverend D-Von deal wasn't very great. Remember that altercation he had with Ron Simmons way back when? Anyway, The Dudley Boyz win with the 3-D on Rico.

Survivor Series Recap
Scott Steiner takes out Chris Nowinski and Matt Hardy after they call New Yorkers "Lupid." One thing I don't understand about this Scott Steiner is how he's so big up top, but he's got some dinky legs. Anyway, hopefully they use Steiner for something good. Personally, I don't think he'll help all that much.

Match 3:
D'Lo Brown v. Johnny Stamboli

I really like D'Lo. Johnny Stamboli has been stumbling around Heat for a long time, it seems like he is not going anywhere. D'Lo controlled most of the match, even hitting his Leg Drop. However, Stamboli fights back and hits a nice Back Breaker. They fight for a bit more, and Stamboli wins with a Powerslam.

Winner: Johnny Stamboli (Fuggetaboutit!)

Recap of Raw
RVD beats Booker T and Chris Jericho after some interference by Scott Steiner to get his #1 Contender position for this coming Raw. Hopefully Shawn Michaels doesn't hold the title for too long because it doesn't seem like he can nor wants to wrestle a full schedule. Nonetheless, it should be entertaining.

Match 4:
Jacqueline v. Molly Holly

It's surprising how popular Jacqueline is. Might I add, she's got some awesome music. The women wrestlers are getting very good. Jacqueline and Molly probably put on the most technical match of the night. Many reversals happened, but the crowd was not really in to it. Jacqueline hit a really nice Legdrop-Bulldog, but Holly rolls her up for the surprise victory.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy watching Heat more than I do Raw. The Less-Talk-More-Wrestling approach is fun to watch. However, it seems like a lot of the wrestlers on Heat are getting wasted because of the lack of a mid-card title. They have nothing to strive for, so the feuds don't seem as meaningful. Hopefully someone figures this out and fixes it, but we'll see.

Take it easy, see you all next Sunday.