Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/5/03

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, January 5, 2003 at 8:18 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/5/03
Report by: Dave Missert of WrestleView.com

Hi everyone, Iím Miz, the new Sunday Night Heat reviewer. The reviews will follow the same format as the Velocity reviews from KVG, match recaps first, and then my thoughts and feelings to follow. Letís get started.

Well, hereís the Coach, heís in the studio, heís talking, but I donít hear anything. Is this going to be just like Raw on Monday? Well thatís no good. I guess Iíll review what Iím seeing, even though there is no sound on MTV here.

Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker, Ladder Match

Well we all know what happened in this one, Jeff really looked like he was close to winning this thing, took some nasty bumps, until the Undertaker was the ultimate winner. Following the match Jeff called Taker out, and each time the Undertaker squashed him, until he ultimately congratulated Jeff on a great match.

Chris Jericho and Fozzy

Since I donít really have any sound I canít give an accurate analysis of what is happening here, except that Jericho looks very Amish with that beard.

HBK vs HHH, Street Fight, Summer Slam 2002

Going into this one, as we all remember, these two had a feud dating back a few months, when Hunter put Shawnís head through the window of a car (I originally thought Shawn had been shot). The highlights of this one were Shawn doing the table spot from the top rope to the outside, and Shawn doing the ladder spot where he hit Hunter with the flying elbow. HBK won after reversing a pedigree and rolling up HHH for the win. Following the match, Hunter nailed Shawn with the sledgehammer twice, putting him out of commission until Survivor Series.

Tough Enough Recap

Trish was on the show, and she looked beautiful as usual. Jonah was all nervous about getting the axe, as was Jamie, but in the end it was Justin they let go. All these people do is cry all the time. I bet Chris Benoit didnít cry like this when he was coming up.

I got my sound back! Glad that itís 40 minutes too late.

Raw Retro

This is from May 24, 1999, when they all paid tribute to the life of Owen Hart. This was a really touching moment, and probably the most memorable Raw of the last ten years. The superstars had some very heartfelt and touching things to say in remembrance of the late great Owen Hart.

Kane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Christian & Jericho vs. Bubba & Spike, TLC IV

Kane was left to go at this one with out a tag team partner, as the Hurricane was taken out before the match by Ric Flair and Triple H. Youíll remember that going into this match, that Kane and Hurricane were the tag team champions. Several nasty bumps and great spots by all involved, as RVD hit a Van Terminator; Jeff landed Kane with a leg drop from the top of the ladder through the table, and Jericho falling from the ladder all the way to the floor. The match ended with Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho from the top of the ladder, climbing to the top and retaining his and Hurricaneís belts.

Ok, now itís time for my review. This is an unusual situation since this is only a recap of the best of 2002, without any real matches, but Iíll still give some random thoughts on what I thought.

Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker, Ladder Match

This match served several purposes. It helped begin the Undertakerís face turn, culminating in him losing to Brock Lesnar in their second match after the first horrible PPV that they had, which eventually led the Undertaker to take a leave of absence (which was nice). It also made us think that Jeff Hardy had a future on Raw, but alas he has been on Heat for the past two weeks, and if he doesnít get his act together, he may have found his permanent home.

HBK vs HHH, Street Fight, Summer Slam 2002

Even though I really hate Triple H, this one had my vote for match of the year. Shawn really carried Hunter through this one. I donít really care for Triple H, so Iím going to stop talking about him, because he makes me angry.

Kane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Christian & Jericho vs. Bubba & Spike, TLC IV

This one wasnít really up to the standards of the previous three TLC matches, but it was still a very solid match, as each guy really left it all out there. After the great effort that each guy put up, the ending really spoiled the match. We all know that Kane is an ďunstoppable monster,Ē but was it really necessary to bury the Hurricane like that. And why did he have to fall at the hands of Flair and Hunter?

Well thatís all for tonight. Heat was your basic recap of Raw this week, as we saw all of those highlights last Monday. Anyways, Iím Miz, your new Heat recapper, and Iíll see you all next week. Any questions or comment feel free to e-mail me at Miz@sportshype.com.