Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/26/03

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, January 27, 2003 at 8:36 PM EST

Welcome everyone to Miz’s Sunday Night Heat recap. Sorry that this is so delayed, but I was watching the Super Bowl last night, and didn’t have the opportunity to watch Heat until this evening. Anyways, on to the show.


The show opens with an opening montage of Eric Bischoff extending an invitation to Steve Austin to return to the Raw brand at the next PPV, No Way Out in Montreal. The pyro hits to open the show, and we’re ready for the first match.

Jacqueline vs. Molly Holly

The match opens with some mat action between the two women. They wrestle around for several minutes until Molly tosses Jackie into the ropes and over the top. Jackie catches herself, and pulls herself up, effectively skinning the cat. She pulls up and yanks Molly over the top ropes with her legs. The two go at it on the outside for a while, as Jackie hits Molly with some woo-chops. Molly counters and gets Jackie up for a powerbomb, but instead of finishing the move, drops her face first onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, Molly with a one count. She then applies a front face lock followed by some more woo-chops. Jackie to the top turnbuckle as Molly attempts her Molly-go-round. She misses as Jackie pushes her off. This follows by Molly rolling up Jackie and putting her feet on the ropes for leverage, but Jackie kicks out. Jackie hits a head scissors, but Molly slingshots her onto the top rope and rolls her up for the pin.

A promo for Nathan Jones airs.

Rico vs. Aaron Stevens

Rico starts the match by kicking Stevens in the ass and taunting him. Stevens goes on the early offensive, returns the favor by kicking Rico in the ass and then drop kicks him. Rico counters with a rake to the eyes, a clothesline and a flurry of kicks. He whips Stevens into the ropes, but Stevens comes back with a Flying Burrito and a flying neckbreaker, followed by a front DDT which results in a two count. Rico hits a spinning heel kick out of nowhere for the three count victory.

A recap of the Tough Enough III season finale is shown, and Matt and John are awarded the trophy.

Next Royal Rumble highlights are shown to build the Chris Jericho-Shawn Michaels feud. This is followed by highlights of the Jericho chairshot to Stacy from Raw last week.

Christian vs. Spike Dudley

Christian opens the match by shoving Spike to the ground and laughing at him. He then flexes. Spike with a drop toe hold and he begins slapping Christian repeatedly on the back of the head. Spike then hits Christian’s head into the turnbuckle. Christian falls to the mat and Spike runs on his chest. Christian with a front suplex onto the ropes, and he then tosses Spike to the outside. Back in the ring Spike kicks Christian in the stomach and then hits a spear, followed by a bulldog and a neckbreaker. Spike misses the Acid Drop, and Christian rolls him up, puts his feet on the ropes and gets the win.

A recap of the Steiner-HHH-Alleged Four Horsemen from Raw is shown, followed by a Shawn O’Haire promo.

Chris Nowinski vs. Maven

The match opens with some mat action, followed by Nowinski applying the dreaded armbar to Maven. Maven breaks the hold and hits a high cross body. Nowinski is back on the offensive and goes back to work on the left arm of Maven. Maven counters and hits not one, but two Flying Burritos. He follows with a back body drop, and then fakes Nowinski out with a head fake from the top rope. Nowinski turns around and walks into a flying dropkick by Maven as Maven covers him for the win.


Overall this was what I thought was a solid show.

Jackie vs. Molly

Molly has a new hair-do. I don’t know why they try to make her out as being so nasty, as I think she’s a really pretty girl. Jackie Airbags brutally missed a spinning head scissors that Molly sold nicely even though it seemed to be botched. This match seemed to go on way to long, and the finish came out of nowhere, as most women’s matches seem to do. I mean come on; a stomach drop to the top ropes is enough to give Molly the win?

Nathan Jones Promo

I’ve heard bad things about this guy in the ring, like he’s incredibly stiff and not very good. Someone told me that he really was in jail, but not like they’re building him up. I heard it was credit card fraud or something. I could be wrong.

Rico vs. Aaron Stevens

Wow Rico is back wrestling on TV! It’s been months since I’ve actually seen him wrestle a match. Why is he still coming out to the Billy and Chuck music? It seems that he still gets some decent crowd heat, unless the “Rico Sucks” chant was piped in after the taping of the show. Aaron Stevens looked pretty good throughout most of the match, as Rico didn’t seem to get hardly any offense in until his spinning heel kick at the end that gave him the win.

Tough Enough III Season Finale Recap

Is it just me, or did Ivory look exquisite the other night. Someone told me that she’s 43 years old! I tell you she doesn’t look a day over 30. She looked great. I’m glad the winners were who they were. I really think Matt has got what it takes to make a splash in the WWE.

Chris Jericho

I’m really looking forward to the feud they are building to with Jericho and Shawn Michaels. I however am not looking forward to the feud they are building to with Jericho and Test.

Christian vs. Spike Dudley

This match was alright I guess, nothing real special though. Spike looks so stupid in his Dudley camouflage and pounding on his chest like a gorilla. I also refuse to call his finisher the Dudley Dog.

Raw Highlights

A recap of the oncoming of the Four Horsemen is shown. That should be an interesting little stable, provided they add another guy. Maybe it will be…

Shawn O’Haire

Man his promos are scary and weird.

Chris Nowinski vs. Maven

I guess they are playing off of the recent Tough Enough finale to push two Al Snow alums. Chris Nowinski seems to bruise really easy, as it always seems he has a black eye or something on his face. This match was definitely out of the school of Al Snow, as most of it was technical mat wrestling, with nothing really spectacular to speak of. Nowinski was a classic heel, working on a body part over and over. The best part of the match was Maven’s TWO Flying Burritos!