Full WWE SmackDown Results - 1/30/03 - Green Bay, WI

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
» On Thursday, January 30, 2003 at 9:34 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 1/30/03
Taped From: Resch Centre, Green Bay, WI
Commentators: Tazz & Michael Cole
Report by: Chris Hammond of WrestleView.com

Match 1- Rey Mysterio vs. A-Train
Rey starts his attack on the outside with a kick to A-train’s face, then we move into the ring where A-train takes control. A-Train hits the derailleur for a 2 count. Train keeps control with a big full nelson. Rey counters the move and goes to Trains back and beats him to the mat for a 2 count. Rey goes for the finisher and catches a bicycle kick to the face. A-train gets the train wreck, (back breaker) on Rey and the match is over.

Winner: A-Train

Segment 2 Heyman says there will be no match between the Undertaker and The Big Show. Paul says he has given the Big Show the night off.

Commercial break

Match 2- Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena
Eddie beats Cena to the corner with fists. Cena gets covered for a two count. Eddie keeps his attack up, until tossed out by Cena. Redd dogg throws Eddie into the post and rolls him back in where Cena takes control. Cena suplexes Eddie and goes for the cover. Eddie kicks out. Cena hits a sidewalk slam on Eddie and goes for another cover and another 2 count. They both lock up in the middle of the ring for a few minutes until Eddie takes control. Cena goes to the top rope and is knocked off it by Chavo. Eddie goes to the top and hits the big 5 star frog splash for the win.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero


Stephanie is shown talking on the phone and Vince interrupts. He asks her what the hell she was thinking bringing back Hulk Hogan. Steph says that she thought he’d be proud of her for bringing back Hogan. Vince says he has a big surprise this week.


Match 3- Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore
Shannon starts off with control. They go to the outside where Kidman is driven into the side of the ring. Moore Goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. Moore keeps control with a chin lock. Moore hits Kidman with a few elbows to the kidneys and gets another 2 count. Kidman mounts a comeback and hits a big dropkick to Moore’s face. Kidman gets a 2 count. Moore gets a neck breaker and goes to hit a top rope superplex. Kidman fights him off. Kidman hits the shooting star and wins. Matt Hardy hits 2 Twists of fate on Kidman after the match.

Winner: Billy Kidman


Vince comes down to the ring, and announces that Hogan will take on the Rock at No Way Out. The Rock responds via satellite. Rock says the people want to see the match. Rock says that he is the biggest star that wrestling has ever seen. Rock guarantees that Hogan is going to lose.


Match 4- Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott
They both lock up, Rikishi takes control with a few right hands. Bill hit Rikishi with a big clothesline. Bill hits a few punches and gets Rikishi to the mat with a head butt. Rikishi gets Bill in a Samoan drop. DeMott counters back with a big block and gets a three count via the ropes.

Winner: Bill DeMott

Undertaker comes to the ring and calls out the Big Show. Taker waits down at the ring until Paul Heyman comes out and says Show has sent Taker a personal message. He sends a singing telegram. The singer of the telegram gets a tip and the last ride from The Undertaker.


Match 5- Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge and Chris Benoit
Benoit takes control on Haas with some big slaps and punches. Shelton comes in and quickly goes for 2 quick covers. Edge is tagged in and cleans house. Angle gets involved and gets speared. Benoit goes flying over the top ropes and nails Shelton on the outside. Edge climbs to the top rope and hit Shelton with a missile drop kick. Back from the commercial Edge has Benjamin in an arm lock. Haas gets tagged in and quickly covered by Edge for a 2 count. Benoit comes in and gets a nice bridge pin on Haas. Edge tagged back in and gets Haas in another arm lock. Haas keeps getting beat on by the quick tagging Edge and Benoit. Haas finally counters with a suplex on Edge. Shelton comes in and works on the leg of Edge. Haas tagged in and continues the assault on Edge’s leg. Shelton comes back in and the leg locks continue. The figure four is applied to Edge, Benoit comes in for a save. Edge reverses the figure four, and finally makes a tag to Benoit. Benoit throws in a few Snap suplexes and clears the ring again. Haas and Benjamin try the double team, but it back fires. Three German suplexes, then here comes the flying head butt from the top rope. Angle hit Benoit to the back of the head with the belt. Benoit gets covered for the 3 count match over.

Winner: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

End of show.