Full WWE Confidential Results - 2/1/03

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Sunday, February 2, 2003 at 1:45 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results – 2/1/03
Hosted By: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report By: Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com

  • Behind the Scenes of the Tough Enough 3 Finale

    All of the finalists are nervous backstage. They all pick who they think will win. Jonah says he and Matt. Jamie says herself and Matt. Matt says himself and Jonah. Eric says Matt has the best shot. John says himself and Matt. Everyone picked Matt. Coach tells Nowinski that he is lucky they didn’t let the fans pick one to cut from TE 1 because he would have gotten cut, because the fans hated him. What does it matter, he didn’t win anyways? Al Snow is glad the fans have a voice in cutting someone because of all of the flack they received over their choices from TE 2. Al takes a look at the results of the online poll right before he walks out to cut Jamie. All of the finalist’s parents are backstage watching. They all act like they feel bad for Jamie’s parents when Jamie gets cut. Al hugs Jamie backstage. One of the original DJ’s from MTV, DJ Jesse, called John earlier and told him that he thought he should win. Matt said when his name was called he just stood up and started grabbing and hugging people next to him and he doesn’t remember what he said during his acceptance speech.

  • RAW Tours Korea and Japan

    Triple H explains the reaction from the fans in Korea is like being The Beatles because they don’t see the wrestlers very often. Christian says that Korea was the loudest crowd he has ever worked in front of, from start to finish. In Tokyo, RVD screams “GODZILLA,” while looking through binoculars and he takes off running. Trish had an interesting experience when a fan asked her if she could get her picture taken with her, Trish obliged, but while they were standing next to the woman, she asked if she could touch her breasts, and the lady put her hand on Trish’s breasts. (Lucky lady!) Triple H and Ric Flair go to one of the top Sumo Houses in Japan to watch Sumo Wrestlers practice. Triple H is impressed! (Great, now he and Scott Steiner can have a Sumo match on Raw). RVD wrestled in Japan a lot from 1993 to 1997. D-Lo can’t wait to go back to Japan.

    - A Commercial for the Stone Cold Raw Magazine airs

  • Big Show on Conan O’Brien

    Gene runs down the Big Show’s film career from SNL to sitcoms, now, Conan O’Brien. Big Show is the physically, largest person to ever be on the show. He found a lady backstage that used to love wrestling growing up, and her favorite wrestler was Mad Dog Vachon. He meets Tom Sellock. An assistant runs through what lines Conan is going to throw at Show. It shows clips from his appearance.

  • Favorite Moments From Tough Enough 3

    Matt’s favorite moment was meeting Shawn Michaels. Jonah’s favorite moment was the rib he pulled on the cast. Ivory’s favorite moment was when the kids got back at Jonah with what she described as a “poop fest.” Eric regretted sleeping with the girl from Iceland. Al’s favorite moment was the “Snow Storm” operation, and he talked about having all four of his tires removed.

  • Shawn Michaels Visits The USS Constitution

    The ship is in Boston; he visited it when they were in town for the Royal Rumble. Shawn mentions that his father was in the military. The ship is two hundred and five years old and is the oldest commission war ship still afloat in the world. Shawn says he admires the military but couldn’t handle the conditions of living in the military because he would miss his family. He wishes them luck, takes pictures with them, and signs autographs.

  • The Swanton Bomb’s Origin

    Jeff Hardy explains the origin of the Swanton Bomb. He gives credit to the “swan” form of the move to The Great Sasuke (If you want to see him in the WWE, watch Canadian Stampede – July 1997 or the Raw after). It was called the Senton Dive, he wanted to add the “swan” part to it, but Kevin Kelley thought it sounded too soft, but once Jim Ross started calling it that, it clicked. His favorite way to do it is off of a ladder. Sometimes, he over shoots it and hurts his lower back. Fans often worry about him waiting too late to finish the flip during the move, but he says he is aware of the risk and loves the feeling.

  • Christian On The Streets of Japan

    Christian takes a walk on the streets of Japan. He says he was in Japan before he came to the WWE in 1998. He used to enjoy this type of “warm-milk-tea,” and he goes around trying to find it but he has difficulty. After twenty minutes of looking, he finds someone that speaks better English, and they help him find it. He enjoys it. He goes around meeting all of the fans on the streets and notices that he sees no Christian merchandise for sale. He finds this guy and gets him to do several popular catchphrases from Booker T and Chris Jericho. Then he gets the guy to sing a long with him the first few lyrics of Christian’s entrance theme, “Christian, At last your on your own!” Christian thinks they sounded good.

    Gene wraps up the show and plugs next week’s show, promising segments on: Lita, Arn Anderson (well maybe this segment will finally air), and a tribute to Classy Freddie Blassie, who turns 85 next Saturday. Clips from all three segments are shown.