Sting speaks on possibly coming to WWE, admits talking w/ Vince McMahon

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On Monday, February 3, 2003 at 3:23 PM EST

Thanks to No Holds Barred Wrestling for passing along the following recap:

This week, the legendary Sting joined the No Holds Barred radio show and here are the highlights.

Sting put over the WWA and the upcoming pay per view where he will work with Lex Luger. He said its great to be back in the ring with the WWA after being out 18 months. He felt better and better as the tour went on.

Sting joked as he remembered a conversation with himself, the Ultimate Warrior and Jerry Jarrett. Back in Memphis, Jarrett told the both of them to find another line of work when they were starting out. Sting remembered how bad they were but they obviously improved and went on to have great careers.

Sting talked about the last Nitro where he worked against Ric Flair. He said that was the way to go out. He said Flair always helped him through his career. He said although Flair and him only had 8 minutes to wrestle that night, it was still Sting verses Flair. He remembered the classic match they had at the Clash of Champions where they went for 45 minutes.

Sting said the most fun time in his great career was the Sting verses the NWO angle. He loved the look with the white paint and the ball bat. He said the creative juices in WCW were at an all time high during that period. Sting gave Scott Hall the credit for the idea for the new look. He said the look reminded him of a combination of Kiss, Marilyn Manson and the Rocky Horror Picture show.

Sting said he has not closed the door on working for the WWE. He has talked to Vince McMahon over the last year and would entertain the idea. He said Wrestlemania last year was almost a done deal but it wasn't done in time. He wants to come in with a great storyline and give the fans true bang for their buck. Sting did say he will not go on the road full time. He would do TV once or twice a week and certainly a pay per view once a month.

Sting feels his greatest accomplishment in his great career was turning WCW into a huge success. He remembered WCW being second class citizens and to see them turn into what they became was a huge thrill for him.

He talked about Lex Luger being frustrated overseas with the WWA tour. Lex was sick with bronchitus and was battling a hip injury. He only had 3 weeks to get ready for the tour and Lex was 300 pounds when the tour started. With the injuries, Lex still worked and finished the tour.

Sting doesn't rule out Hollywood but would like one last hurrah to say goodbye to the fans. He said many fans come up to him and tell him they want him to come back. He said he would love to be involved in 1 last meaty storyline and then he would put over who they wanted him to put over.

Sting's favorite superstars to watch are Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. He loves how they both work and could watch them all day.

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