Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/8/03 (Edge vs. A-Train + more)

Reported by Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com
» On Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 12:43 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/8/03
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Ernest "The Cat" Miller
Report by: Keith Vinciguerra of WrestleView.com

It’s time once again for the second best show on the WWE TV schedule, Velocity!! I’ll let all you Raw and Smackdown fans fight over which show is the best. I noticed on Smackdown this week that Edge made a save at the end of the show but he wasn’t actually in a match. Edge on Velocity? Now that would be the huge lift that Velocity has needed since Diamondback / The Jet / River Rat / Spanky / Singing Telegram Boy / The Mad Streaker moved onto the A show.


An interview with Edge starts off the show and he says he is going to get his revenge on the A-Train tonight. Edge vs. A-Train is the main event of Velocity this week.

John Cena vs. Brian Danielson

The two wrestlers exchange armbars to start off the match until Cena powers Danielson to the mat. The newcomer (I think he may have been on the show a few weeks ago) shows some strength as he is able to keep his shoulders off the mat while Cena jumps on his stomach twice. The third time, Danielson gets his feet up and pushes Cena to his feet and then monkey flips him. His luck runs out though as he gets flattened by a brutal clothesline. Cena has had enough of the technical wrestling and shifts gears to a power attack, using kicks, punches, and the dreaded bear hug. Danielson breaks out of the hold and nails an ensuguri and a mule kick to Cena’s sack o’ plenty. He keeps the momentum going with a few European uppercuts and a running kneelift, but he makes the mistake of charging Cena in the corner and catches a boot to the face. The rappin’ thug hits a twisting back suplex (not sure what it’s called) for the win.

Winner by pinfall: John Cena

Nunzio vs. Funaki

The action starts off fast with arm drags and body slams. Funaki misses a dropkick and then Nunzio misses an elbow drop as the quick pace continues. Smackdown’s #1 announcer hits an arm drag then tries to reverse an Irish whip into the corner with a springboard attack, but gets caught in midair with a dropkick to the gut. Nunzio starts a ground attack with some elbow drops and a bow-and-arrow type submission. He applies a chinlock and the action slows down. Funaki gets to his feet and hits an ensuguri followed by a bulldog for a two count. He tries for the Rising Sun (his tornado DDT type move) but Nunzio lands on his feet and nails his Arriva Derci for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Nunzio

Flashback to Paul Heyman and Team Angle signing autographs at the World in NYC. We also see highlights of the Angle vs. Benoit match from Smackdown. Finally, they show Brian Kendrick (Diamondback / River Rat / The Jet / Spanky) running around naked.

Bill DeMott vs. Phil Brown

DeMott takes down the rookie immediately and applies a chinlock. He continues to maul Brown with punches, kicks, and an avalanche (does anyone call it that anymore?). Brown gets in two punches before getting ramshackled by a clothesline. DeMott finishes him off with a power bomb. After the match, Bill shows just how mean he is by hitting another power bomb on the newcomer.

Winner by pinfall: Bill DeMott

Flashback to Smackdown

We see Rock via satellite and then the conversation between Hogan and Rock.

Edge vs. A-Train

Before the match, we get another montage about Albert taking out Rey and Edge fighting for revenge. The match starts with Albert pushing Edge around and talking smack to him. Albert knocks him down with a shoulder tackle and then misses a splash (which I have never seen him hit) by a mile. Edge slides out of the corner after an Irish whip and then spears Albert into the turnbuckles. He continues to work on Albert’s ribs until he gets dropped by a big forearm smash. Albert gets angry at the crowd for telling him to shave his back and rubs Edge’s face all over his hairy chest. He goes to work on Edge’s back with some elbows and a back breaker, then applies the Cobra Twist (abdominal stretch just sounds too friendly to me) followed by a bear hug. Edge finally turns the tide with a chinbreaker and a Flying Burrito. He slips out of a body press attempt and nails the Edge-O-Matic for the two count, but gets thrown into the corner when Albert counters the Edge-O-Cution. Albert tries for a Baldo Bomb (oops, I mean Train Wreck) but Edge kicks him in the chest, sending both guys sprawling to the mat. As they get to their feet, Edge misses a spear and gets shortarm clotheslined in the corner. He manages to get his knees up to fend off an Albert splash attempt and connects with the spear for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Edge


John Cena vs. Brian Danielson

This was a great opening match. I expected Cena to use his thug tactics to brawl, but he actually wrestled with the newcomer for awhile and it worked pretty well. Guys that can brawl and wrestle technically seem pretty rare these days and it’s good to see Cena do both. Danielson got in a lot of offense and therefore the match didn’t come off as a squash which is always nice.

Nunzio vs. Funaki

Another solid match. We saw some interesting grappling in the early going followed by a few momentum shifts before Nunzio got the win. Just who are Nunzio’s “people” that he is bringing to the WWE? I’m sure any surprise will be ruined by the internet weeks before anything happens.

Flashback to Smackdown

Okay, so seeing Spanky run around naked and elude all the refs was somewhat amusing. But I have to agree with Dave Michaud (Here’s the Deal) when he asked why would Kendrick do that just because somebody told him to? It’s not even like Shawn O’Haire is an established star yet that should have any influence. Anyway, I’m happy that Spanky is getting a chance on Smackdown. Just let him wrestle already!!

Bill DeMott vs. Phil Brown

The only good thing about DeMott’s matches is that I only have to write a few sentences in the recap. His matches are so incredibly boring that I can’t even work up enough interest anymore to put him down. Yes, he is a pro wrestler in the WWE and I am just a writer, but too bad. I get e-mails from non-writers complaining about me complaining about wrestlers when I am a non-wrestler. A vicious cycle, no?

Rock via satellite

I still think it’s odd that Rock has gone Hollywood and that’s the basis for his heel turn, yet they still introduce Hogan as Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Personally, I don’t particularly care for the Rock’s new act because it seems too much like .... well, an act. It sounds like Rock has gotten some acting lessons for his movies and he is applying that to his wrestling promos instead of just letting it flow like he used to do. It’s also hard to take him seriously when we know he is leaving soon.

Edge vs. Ass Train

Woo woo, all aboard the Ass Train!! Does anyone like this guy? Is anyone into his character or his new name? I still think Edge has the best entrance music in the WWE. Anyway, the match itself was above Velocity quality. I’m still not an Albert fan but he worked well with Edge as they exchanged several counters fluidly. I wonder if we’ll ever see Edge on the show again.

Overall, Velocity was great. It wasn’t too difficult to surpass last week’s dismal showing. We got three quality matches and the only bad match lasted just a few minutes. The flashbacks to Smackdown were relatively short as well and interesting for the most part.

As for Dave "Mr. Heat Recapper" Missert's claim that I own an X-Pac singlet, well at least I don't hit the bars in upstate New York wearing a Sparky Plugg All Star t-shirt underneath an old lady bathing suit like Undertaker wears.

I should probably say this more often: thanks for reading!! See you next week.