CZW 2/8 CZW Arena Tag Champs & Iron Man Champion

Reported by Bob Magee of
On Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 9:08 AM EST

CZW returned to the CZW Arena Saturday night, February 8th.

Even with much good to excellent action...this was a disappointing show in a number of respects, with Tony Mamaluke and Jimmy Rave having been doublebooked in Nashville. Last minute addition Kevin Sullivan was nowhere to be seen. More on that later.

As he should have, Zandig came out at the very beginning and announced what had happened with Rave and Mamaluke. He took full responsibility to the crowd, and other than a surprisingly good natured "you f%#%ed up" chant from a few fans, the crowd didn't boo or act upset. Zandig was very lucky to have gotten out of this mess, although coming out at the beginning and telling the crowd what happened may have helped.

Rave and Mamaluke will be booked for the March 8th return.

After all that, the show started...

The show started with a ECW TV-style hot open to Fake You TV. Eric Garguilo interviewed what will be the new heel group Hi V (pronounced High-Five), made up of the Backseat Boyz, Messiah, Dewey Donovan, and B-Boy, who will apparently be a regular for CZW.

  • John Dahmer vs Jude
    Dahmer won with his "Move of A Thousand Maniacs" (Michinoku driver type move). Post-match, CZW student Niles Young interfered, double teaming Dahmer with until Corey Kastle ran down to help Dahmer.

    Rebel's Army came to the ring and cut a promo on Zandig and that they were the successor to "Lobo's Army". Zandig shot back at them, with Rebel's Army beat down Zandig until Tatanka, Heartbreaker (a CZW wrestler from their early days), and Wifebeater made the save. Zandig set up a match for later on in the show between Rebel/Matthews and Tatanka/Heartbreaker with Zandig and Wifebeater at ringside.

  • Ian Knoxx/Adam Flash over Hurricane Kid/Derek Frasier and Styles/Z Barr as Flash hit his top rope leg drop on Styles for the victory.

  • GQ won over Tai Smiley in a forgettable match.

  • Grim Reefer over Livewire and Mike Mayhem - in a good match (more or less a tryout match) for three workers from New York's LIWF. Grim Reefer got over bigtime with the crowd. Livewire reminded fans of Brock Lesnar's little brother

  • Nick Berk over Stefan Perez in a submission match with his Texas Cloverleaf.

  • B Boy defeated Ric Blade in what was far and away the match of the night. These two, not surprisingly stole the show with martial arts moves and acrobatics. Blade is getting back into his old form with each match. B Boy wins when Johnny Kashmere ran in, tossed the bat and BBoy did a shining wizard to Blade into the bat.

  • Sonjay Dutt vs. Ruckus - CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship Match (Guest Referee Chris Cash)- NO CONTEST

    A good match, marred by too much comedy with Cash playing the role of heel referee who basically thought he should be wrestling in the match instead. Ruckus attempted to superplex Sonjay Dutt when Chris Cash knocked both men from the ring through a table in a sick looking bump.

  • Rebel/Matthews defeated Tatanka/Heartbreaker (with Zandig and Wifebeater at ringside). In a match that was at least 10 minutes too long, Tatanka dominated the match, and Zandig and Wifebeater demolished Rebel and Matthews. Finish saw Rebel hit Heartbreaker with a "chain" on his fist, and then put Matthews on top of Heartbreaker for the win.

    To explain the reason for Tatanka's presence, a local company called IWS was to hold a show at the Southampton Armory Saturday night. The show was shut down by the State Athletic Commission. The owner of IWS called to ask Zandig to put Tatanka and Kevin Sullivan on the show (since they were already in town).

    The show started with the IWS referee there, Tatanka getting in late, and Kevin Sullivan nowhere to be seen.

  • Backseat Boyz defeated H8 Club to become the new CZW Tag Team Champions.
    After the last match the crowd was ready for action and got it, as the the Backseats defeated H8 Club in an excellent match. After the match, Messiah came to the ring and celebrated with the Backseats and the rest of "High-Five"

  • Nick Mondo defeated The Messiah for the CZW Iron Man Title

    During the course of the match, Mondo used a chair heavily on Messiah and put Messiah through two tables. The finish occurred as Mac Smack brought a tin to the ring and gave it to Mondo, filled with thousands of thumb tacks. Mondo proceeded to stomp them into Messiah, then hit a legdrop onto the thumbtack covered Messiah for the victory.

    Hi V (pronounced High Five) hit the ring and beat down Mondo. Messiah throws the Ironman Title to Mondo and said "He (Messiah) didn't say what title the match was for." (it should be noted that the match was never actually announced as being for ANY title). The H8 Club, and Wifebeater hit the ring and chased Hi V to the back. Mondo said that he was going to bring honor back to the Ironman Title.