Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 2/12/03 (The Sandman & J.J. Dillon debut!)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 12:11 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 2/12/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

Mike Tenay was in the ring, and said that Bob Armstrong had asked for a leave of absence from the NWA, since his situation with his son had become personal, and he could not do his job. Tenay introduced the new NWA representative, former Four Horsemen manager, J.J. Dillon.

America's Most Wanted d. The Rock N' Roll Express
AMW hit a double dropkick on Morton, then Harris followed with the Hennigplex on Morton for the pin. Harris then pointed to the sky, dedicating the win to Curt Hennig. Low Ki ran in after the match and laid out AMW with the title belts, then left.

The Harris Brothers d. The New Church
The Harris Brothers delivered the H Bomb to Brian Lee as Lee was going after Low Ki, who was on the apron. The Harris Brothers face America's Most Wanted next week to determine who will face Triple X for the tag titles.

X Division Title Match
Kid Kash w/ Trinity d. Sonny Siaki w/ Desire

Both women got involved throughout the match, and at the end Trinity took out Desire, and Siaki clotheslined Trinity from the ring. Siaki went for a superplex, but Kash shoved him into the ring, and hit a springboard moonsault for the win to become the NEW NWA TNA X Division Champion.

Tenacious Z, Ron "The Truth" Killings, & Jorge Estrada d. Glen Gilbertti, Mike Sanders & BG James
Ron Killing ended the chaotic match with a pin on Mike Sanders.

Steve Corino d. Low Ki by DQ
Corino had Low Ki down with a variation of the Old School Expulsion, but Low Ki purposely hit the referee in the face to get the DQ. After the match, Corino fought Low Ki up the ramp, then America's Most Wanted chased him into the crowd. The New Church then chased Low Ki through the crowd to the SEX locker room. AMW and the New Church stared each other down.

X Division number one contender match
8 Man Elimination
Shark Boy, The SAT, Jimmy Rave, Tony Mamaluke, David Young, Paul London & Jerry Lynn

Shark Boy and Jose Maximo started the match, and Shark Boy got the win with the Dead Sea Drop. Joel Maximo was in next, and Shark Boy eliminated him with the Dead Sea Drop as well. Jimmy Rave was in next and Rave blocked the Dead Sea Drop into a Northern Lights Bomb to eliminate Shark Boy. Tony Mamaluke was in next, and Mamaluke eliminated Rave with an exploder suplex. David Young was in next and despite have his leg worked over, beat Mamaluke with a spinebuster. Jerry Lynn was in next, and after Young missed a moonsault, Lynn used a single leg Boston crab, switched into a STF and got the tapout win on Young. Mamaluke helped Young to the back. Paul London and Jerry Lynn were the final two participants. All of the early eliminations were fairly quick, but London and Lynn settled into a longer match. Lynn got his knees up when London went for the shooting star press, and Lynn ended up getting the win with the cradle piledriver, ending the whole match

Falls Count Anywhere
Raven d. The Sandman

Raven attacked Sandman on the floor to start the match. Sandman brought a guardrail into the ring, and gave Raven a drop toe hold into it. Sandman put Raven crotch first on the rail, then clotheslined him off it. Raven was busted open. Back in the ring, Sandman went to whip Raven into the rail, but Raven reversed it, flipping Sandman into the rail. They brawled into the crowd, and up to the ramp, where Raven suplexed Sandman. Raven hit Sandman with a chair, and brought a pair of trash cans and a chair into the ring. Raven tossed Sandman into a chair wedged between the top and middle ropes. Raven got a two count. Raven went for a drop toe hold into a chair, but Sandman reversed a whip and gave Raven the move, then smashed him with a trash can. Sandman blasted Raven three times with another can. They went back into the crowd, and Sandman put Raven on a table, then climbed the stairs. However, Low Ki appeared in the crowd and shoved Sandman off the steps through the table (Raven had moved) and Raven got the pin on the floor.

Steve Corino attacked Low Ki and fought him back to the ring. Raven came in and clotheslined Corino. Sandman ran in and caned Raven and Low Ki. Corino and Sandman were pounding Low Ki and Raven when the rest of S.E.X ran in and attacked Sandman and Corino. They tied Corino and Sandman to opposite sides of the ring, but Jeff Jarrett ran in, followed by Brian Lee and Slash to make the save. Russo ran in with a chair, but Jarrett grabbed it from him, and Russo escaped. AJ Styles ran in to attack Jarrett, and gave him the Styles Clash on a chair. AJ Styles stood over Jarrett to end the show.