Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/16/03 (1 week before No Way Out)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, February 16, 2003 at 8:05 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/16/03
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman & Lita

Good evening everyone, itís time for everyoneís favorite show, Sunday Night Heat. Itís me, everyoneís favorite reviewer, Miz, here to recap what we saw, and give some thoughts and commentaries. Letís get started.


The show opens with an ďIn Memory of Curt HenningĒ spot. Very nice touch. Heíll be missed.

They then segue into what happened on Raw last Monday. I missed the show, so this is all new to me. We witness Bischoff firing JR as we cut to the opening credits. And now weíre ready to go.

Chris Nowinski vs. Spike Dudley
Chris Harvard takes control of Spike in the early going, tossing Spike around like a rag doll. Irish whip into the corner by Harvard, as he charges into Spike, who moves out of the way. Two count by Spike. Spike gets tossed back into the corner, moves out of the way again, and hits the Acid Drop on Chris Harvard for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Spike Dudley

Up next, an exclusive showing of an altercation between Teddy Long and DíLo Brown

Footage of Chris Nowinski at the World in New York.

Steven Richards vs. Aaron Aguilera
The match opens with a collar-elbow tie-up, which Richards counters into a side headlock. Counter by Aguilera, and he takes the offensive. The two scrap for a while, until Richards takes control and ends the match with a Stevie-T.

Winner by pinfall: Steven Richards

Highlights of the Batista vs. Tommy Dreamer match and itís aftermath are shown.

Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) vs. Jacqueline

Jackie takes control early with a spinning heel kick early on. Powerslam by Victoria for a two count. Springboard Slingshot by Jackie, tried a second time but reversed into a back body drop by Victoria. Jackie up to the top rope, with a high cross body onto Victoria and Richards on the outside. Steven enters the ring and Jackie takes him down with a flurry of Steve Austin-esque punches. Victoria hits the Widowís Peak for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Victoria

Teddy Long and DíLo are leaving the arena. Teddy Long berates DíLo for losing the match to Booker T, and then Ronnie Mack attacks DíLo from behind.

Scenes from the McMahon-Bischoff confrontation are shown. Apparently JR helped Bischoff out and got Austin to sign. Also is the announcement of the Austin-Eric Bischoff match at No Way Out.

Lance Storm & William Regal vs. Al Snow & Maven
Lance Storm & William Regal will be facing Kane and RVD at No Way Out. This match was just announced. The match opens with Al Snow and William Regal exchanging basic mat maneuvers. Tag to Storm and Maven as they go at it with some technical maneuvering. Tag to Snow, who goes on the offensive. Storm counters, but is whipped into the corner by Snow. Regal interferes, and is tagged in. Smart tagging by Storm and Regal, as they isolate Snow from Maven and quick tag each other. Al manages to get into the corner and hot tags to Maven. All four men are now in the ring. Storm takes Al to the outside as Regal kicks Maven in the back of the head and applies the Regal-Stretch as Maven taps out.

Winners by submission: Lance Storm & William Regal


Chris Nowinski vs. Spike Dudley
Well that was a short match with an interesting surprise finish. At least Spike got the win, because heís been getting squashed for close to two months. I still donít understand his purpose, but who am I to say. Solid match for an opener

The announcers just announced that they are going to show footage of an altercation between Teddy Long and DíLo Brown that occurred last week after Raw. Maybe the rumors of DíLoís release are true. Not like I care, DíLoís whole racism angle was really rubbing me the wrong way.

Steven Richards vs. Aaron Aguilera
My boss called (on a Sunday night no less), so I didnít get to give this match my full attention. I did notice that Steven was wearing a wretched pair of pink tights. What self-respecting man wears pink tights? This is the second time Iíve seen Aaron Aguilera on Heat, and heís not too bad. Maybe someday heíll make it to the big show. What is with the pink tights?

That was the match? A sixty second squashing of Tommy Dreamer by Batista? Oh I see, Booker T is getting some revenge on Hunty Hunt and the Funky Bunch for what they did to Goldy two weeks ago. I wouldnít mind seeing Batista take on Booker T at the PPV.

Victoria vs. Jacqueline
That was your standard womenís match, with standards womenís moves. The ending was your standard womenís match ending, meaning that it came out of nowhere. Steven Richards was ringside with Victoria, and he was still wearing those pink tights. Jackie Airbags punked him out nicely when he tried to interfere. Richards is such a patsy. Pink tights!!

Apparently this is what happened to DíLo following his loss to Booker T. Iíve never heard of Ronnie Mack before. Is he someone that I should know? Is this the way they are going to write DíLo out of the federation?

Itís really interesting seeing McMahon and Bischoff on the same TV screen, in the ring together, after all those years of animosity. McMahon fires Bischoff, and Bischoff retreats from the ring. McMahon leads the crowd in a rousing rendition of the Goodbye Song. Luckily good oleí JR came to the rescue and said that he got Austin to sign. I have to say that the Austin-Bischoff match will be a crapfest.

Lance Storm & William Regal vs. Al Snow & Maven
Now why would they announce that Regal and Storm will be taking on RVD and Kane for the tag titles at the PPV before this match? Doesnít that make the ending of this match a foregone conclusion? This match was actually pretty solid, as it was all basic mat maneuvering. It was surprising to see that Regal and Storm got the win cleanly. That had to be their first clean win in I donít know how long. Storm is such a great wrestler; itís too bad he has absolutely no personality.

Overall Heat was pretty good tonight. Surprising that it was so good considering it is so close to the PPV. Any thoughts on my ramblings feel free to e-mail me. Iíll see everyone next week for my pre-PPV edition of Sunday Night Heat.