Full WWE Confidential Recap - 3/01/03 (Torrie Wilson/Playboy)

Reported by Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, March 2, 2003 at 12:46 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Results - 3/01/03
Hosted By: Mean Gene Okerlund
Report By: Matt Riggs of WrestleView.com

Mean Gene welcomes us and starts off by explaining what the WWE and Playboy have in common. He says how similar Hugh Hefner and Vince McMahon have in common. Okerlund says that Torrie will grace the cover of the May Playboy Magazine.

Playboy/Torrie Wilson

Hugh Hefner starts out by explaining how successful a WWE/Playboy crossover is, due to the audience that watches WWE are their own kind and will hopefully bring their business to them, he predicts it will be good for business. Big Show says Torrie is one of the most beautiful women in the company. Rey Mysterio Jr. says that Sable and Chyna both had their times and they were good during then, but now it is Torrie's time. He talks about how beautiful she is as well. Torrie said she was really excited. Jerry Lawler explains how the Playboy Mansion is built, and describes the driveway. He says the only thing you don't see right off the bat are naked playmates. Footage is shown of Lawler and Sable's Playboy Mansion Tour from March of 1999. Footage of Eddie Guerrero getting kicked out of the Mansion when trying to stop Chyna from posing is shown. King, Mysterio, and Big Show all fascinate at how wonderful Hugh Hefner's life must be. King says if he won the Super Bowl, "Forget about Disney Land, I'd head for the Playboy Mansion."

-Footage is shown hyping what's next, and shockingly footage of Rowdy Roddy Piper is what is being shown, then voiceover lady explains the fantasy match of the week will be Piper against Jericho.

-WrestleMania Retro: Christian explaining how important and big WrestleMania is. He talks about how he couldn't see WrestleMania 1 because it wasn't available on any closed circuit locations near him. So he reserved the video before it came out at the local video store. He had a party with his friends over when the tape came in and they watched it together and had a battle royal afterwards. His favorite WrestleMania moment was WrestleMania XVI, when he and Edge won the Tag Team Championship in the Triple Threat Ladder Match.

-Flashback from Unforgiven 2002, when Jericho defeated Ric Flair

Gene begins the hype for this week's fantasy match; he says that this would be a war of the words between "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper and Chris Jericho.

Rowdy Roddy Piper .vs. Chris Jericho - Fantasy Match

Footage is shown of both Piper and Jericho running their mouths. Gerald Brisco says that he believes that Jericho could get under people's skin faster than anyone, with all due respect to Piper. He thinks that would cause Piper to flip. Footage is shown of Piper destroying The Flower Shop from 86-87. Coach says Piper was best at going over the top with his interviews. Brisco thinks Piper would look him square in the eyes and say, "You've got to have the worst beard in the history of wrestling." Brisco says that Piper was the "King of the Promos." Dr. Tom Prichard agrees that in his day, Piper was the best; he does a decent imitation of him. Coach feels Piper would easily be the fan favorite in this match, as Jericho is easy to hate. Coach and Brisco say that Jericho is more athletic than Piper, but Piper would fight. They compare the Sleeper Hold to the Walls of Jericho. With the exception of Brisco, everyone agrees the Walls of Jericho is more devastating than the sleeper. Coach picks Jericho, so does Nowinski. Dr. Tom picks Roddy Piper. Brisco also selects Piper due to his rage and unorthodoxed style. Final Score: 2-2 = Draw.

- A Los Guerreros promo airs

- Gene talks about Jerry Lawler's illustrious career. Which leads to a segment on Lawler's artwork.

Jerry "The Artist" Lawler

King shows various things that he has drawn over the years at his house. His high school art teacher was his inspiration. He won a full ride art scholarship to University of Memphis. Lawler talks about how he doodles around on the formats during Raw's commercial breaks and how that drives JR nuts. JR backs it up and says he wishes he could relax as much as King did. He shows more of his artwork. He goes through Mick Foley's "Christmas Chaos" book and shows the actual drawings that he did for the book. Shows pics of various wrestlers that he has drawn pictures of, including Harvey Wippleman, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon.

-A WrestleMania XVIII commercial airs showing many stars from Triple H, Jericho, Angle, Undertaker, Andre The Giant and Bobby Heenan, Brock Lesnar, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Benoit, RVD, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, and probably more. Pretty cool commercial.

Gene talks about Edge's unfortunate injury and how he will be out of action for a long time, and talks about Rhyno's return on Smackdown.

Rhyno's Injury

Rhyno was out for sixteen months. He says he originally injured it during several matches when he would miss the gore and ram into the middle turnbuckle. Since he delayed in getting it checked out, he had to go have the big operation. He says this has been the hardest thing that he has ever had to deal with. He said as time went by, he finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel. He said the only thing he can't do is run head first into the middle turnbuckle. Footage of his win from Smackdown is shown.

Behind The Scenes of The Big Show/Stacker 2 Commercial

Kenny Wallace talks about working with Big Show on the commercial. The director goes through the commercial. They talk about how difficult it was to stay with one side in the air, with the other. Tony Stewart says Big Show is the most intimidating man he has ever met.

Gene mentions how "Marketing Genius" Stacy Keibler recently hooked Test up with GGW. A radio in Washington ran a contest, where the winner got to go shopping to a lingerie store with Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler's Shopping Spree

A female named Alyson Samburg won the contest. She said her husband was begging to come with her. It shows them shopping for thongs. It shows Stacy trying on various outfits that look good on her by the way. They check out and Stacy has a ton of clothes lingerie show. Alyson had a good time.

-Commercial for The Best of Confidential video airs.

Mean Gene talks more about Playboy, and says they asked many WWE superstars if they would pose nude, if given the opportunity. A picture of Gene's head on Shawn Michael's body with only a towel on shows up on the screen, and Okerlund gets startled.

The Question of Posing Nude

Stacy says, "Never say never." Jackie says, "If the price was right." Terri would if she didn't have a child. Coach said if the women wanted him to, he would have no problem. Cole says no. Tazz says if he had an orange G-string. Lita says she doesn't think she is the girl to do a nude layout. Victoria would have to wait for the opportunity but have to think about it. Trish says it is a timing thing, and in ten years, she might but right now she doesn't need to. Stacy says if asked tomorrow, she would say no. Big says never.

Back to Gene, his picture is still on the screen, he says next week the cameras follow the Smackdown brand to South Africa. Footage of Nathan Jones talking is shown. The show fades.