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Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 3/2/03 (Richards vs. RVD + more)

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, March 2, 2003 at 8:01 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 3/2/03
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman and Lita

Good evening everyone. The first week of March is upon us, and you know what that means. The brunt of the winter is over and Wrestlemania is almost upon us. The road to Wrestlemania begins TONIGHT on Sunday Night Heat. Letís get onto the show.

Heat Recap

The show opens up with highlights of Rawís GM Eric Bischoff ranting about his match with Steve Austin on Raw last week, and introducing the newest Raw superstar, The Rock.

Rico vs. Maven
The match opens up with Maven and Rico facing off and talking trash. They bump chests and act very intense with one another. Rico tosses Maven to the floor with a kick to the side of the head. Rico goes on the offensive and proceeds to hit Maven with a reverse neck breaker. Rico with a chin lock and a two count. A Rico chant starts in the crowd as Maven tries to get some offense in. Rico follows with a kick to the back of Mavenís head and a two count. Maven gets some punches in and follows with a Flying Burrito. Flapjack by Maven as he climbs to the top rope to attempt his dropkick. He connects with the dropkick for the three count

Winner by pinfall: Maven

Al Snow vs. Bobby Rood
The match opens up with some basic mat techniques. The two get tied up, and Al counters with a back body drop, and a couple of arm drag takedowns. Rood takes control with a couple of maneuvers and a knee to the breadbasket. Al counters with a rollup and a two count, but Rood kicks out and nails Al with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker. Al locks up Bobby Rood and hits several consecutive head-butts, and signals for the Snow Plow, which he hits for the three count and the win

Winner by pinfall: Al Snow

The Rock is back on RAW.

Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) vs. Molly Holly
Basic mat moves to open, as Victoria locks Molly into a leg scissors hold. Both ladies get to their feet, and Molly lands a chop to the chest of Victoria. Victoria with a snap suplex, and an Irish whip. Molly hops the ropes and attempts to leap over them and back into the ring, but Stevie pulls her off the mat. Victoria with a sliding kick to the face, and takes control when they get back into the ring. Molly gets to her feet and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Molly climbs to the top rope but misses a high cross body. Victoria nails the Widowís Peak for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Victoria

Highlights of the number one contender battle royal are shown. Booker T was the victor when he threw the Rock over the top rope.

Rob Van Dam vs. Steven Richards
The match opens up with a collar elbow tie up, which RVD counters into a front face lock. Dropkick by RVD, which led into a spinning heel kick. Richards runs to the outside to get a breath, and pulls Van Dam out to the floor. Van Dam places Richards on the rail and hits him with a kick to the face from the mat. Stevie sets up for the Stevie T but Van Dam counters with a belly to back suplex. Richards with a counter and goes on the offensive after he dropped Van Dam on his head. For the second week in a row, Steven uses the Camel Clutch on his opponent. Van Dam breaks the hold and counters, hitting a side kick from the top rope. Van Dam with a spinning heel kick, rolling thunder and a five star frog splash for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Rob Van Dam

Heat Review

Rico vs. Maven
Not a bad match for the opener. It looked like there may have been a couple of blown spots, but nothing that was too obvious. Maven is looking better in the ring every week, so I donít hate him as much as I use to. He still needs a gimmick, and a finisher that is a little cooler than a flying dropkick. Apparently Rob Van Dam is going to be on Heat tonight against Steven Richards. I wonder what he did to deserve a Heat match.

Al Snow vs. Bobby Rood
Itís Tough Enough night on Heat! This was a pretty solid match, as both guys demonstrated some good technique. Obviously Al is one of the best tactically, but the youngster wasnít that bad himself. Maybe heís been working with Al. Let me tell you though, that Snow Plow that Al uses as his finisher looks awfully darn dangerous. If anyone other than the trainer used that move, Iíd be a little nervous.

Raw Highlights
Itís good to see the Rock back I must say, even if itís just for a little while since heís going back to make movies soon. Even a little bit of the Rock is good, he adds a whole other dimension to the show. I was entertained during his entire 15 minute promo. And his interaction with the Hurricane ruled!

Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) vs. Molly Holly
Whatís with Mollyís new look? Is that velour that her outfit is made out of? Well either way itís an improvement over her last outfit. That was your basic womenís match with nothing overly exciting going on and a finish that came out of nowhere. I have to say though that Molly and Victoria are two of the better womenís workers that are out there.

Raw Highlights
Itís good to see that the Rock put over Booker T, in turn giving Booker his first legit shot at the title since his days in the WCW. I hope this feud is built up right and makes for a huge main event at the Mania.

Rob Van Dam vs. Steven Richards
RVD is on Heat! This is such an added bonus. Great match here, itís always good to see Van Dam, and he and Steven put on a match that was well above Heat quality.

Wow! Three great shows this week. I didnít see Velocity, so I canít comment on the quality, but Keithís review made it sound solid, so we got FOUR great shows from the WWE this week. Maybe, in the words of JR, business has picked up. Thatís all for this week, Iíll see everyone next week for another episode of Sunday Night Heat.