Full WWE SmackDown Results - 3/6/03 - Bridgeport, CT

Reported by Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com
On Friday, March 7, 2003 at 1:56 AM EST

WWE Smackdown for March 6, 2003
Bridgeport, CT
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Tajiri vs. Jaime Noble

The winner of this Triple Threat Match gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title at Wrestlemania X9. Typical cruiserweight match with all three (3) participants landing signature moves. "Rey Rey" landed two (2) separate 619s and a reverse 619, before getting the pin.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr.

Upcoming matches in tonight's broadcast are hyped.

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Greyhound presents the Overdrive of the Night - Eddie Guerrero's victory over the FBI and Rikishi's coming to their (Los Guerreros) aide.

Los Guerreros vs. FBI (Palumbo & Stamboli) w/ Nunzio

Chavo and Chuck start off the match. Palumbo is sent outside where Eddie gets involved. Back in the ring Chavo tags Eddie and Stamboli is in for the FBI. Back and forth action between both teams, with Nunzio distracting the referee throughout the match. Chavo goes up top and Stamboli catches him for a second, but falls flat on his back just as Eddie comes down on him with the "Frog Splash" fore easy one, two, three. All three (3) members of the FBI work over the Guerreros after the decision.

Winner(s): Los Guerreros

The cage is shown high above the "squared circle."

The Angle Alliance is consoling Heyman about his upcoming match with Lesnar. Angle has an idea that just might get his boss out of this situation. He informs the Big Show that it is "brains over brawn" that will get the job done.

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Wrestlemania X9 / Limp Bizkit Promo

Kurt Angle tried to use his "personal relationship" with Stephanie McMahon to get Heyman out of his match with Lesnar tonight. Steph was not having any of what Angle or Heyman were saying, she also added that if Lesnar was able to defeat Heyman tonight, he would get a shot at Angle's title next week on Smackdown. (Side-note: I would just like to say that Mr. Angle is a true company man for what he is doing from this moment on, having been diagnosed with a neck injury that will require surgery and months of rehab. Mr. Angle will be the professional next week and do what is asked of him. I for one wish Mr. Angle a quick recovery.)

Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore (WWE Cruiserweight Title Match)

A match both participants probably are not too proud of. The end found Kidman being run into Moore on the apron and Hardy rolling him up for the easy one, two, three. So at Wrestlemania X9 Hardy will defend his Cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio Jr.

Winner: Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore

Video package is shown promoting the cage match yet to come.

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WWE Live promo

Last week Stephanie announced to the world that Ms. Torrie Wilson will be gracing the pages of the May 2003, issue of Playboy.

Torrie Wilson is shown at her Playboy shoot out in LA. (The May 2003, issue of Playboy with Torrie on the cover hits newsstands on March 28, 2003.)

Josh Matthews is with Nidia. Video of Nidia at the Playboy Mansion is shown. Basically it was a promo for next Thursday's GGW PPV. Back in the arena Nidia challenges Torrie Wilson to a body contest at the PPV. Nidia then asks Josh, "what do you think of these?" and flashes Josh with her back to the camera. (Now why cant we have a body contest between Stacy and Torrie? There is your buy-rate there.)

Tazz and Cole hype the GGW PPV.

Hogan is in the building and making his way to the ring.

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Hogan's music hits and the arena erupts. He thanks the fans and calls Vince McMahon out. (Now to say what follows wasnt intense, would not be giving a fair account) Hogan and McMahon proceed to rip into each other from Vince giving Hogan his name to Hogan testifying at the Federal Case against the McMahons. Vince is bleeped out a number of times, and Hogan believes that Vince might be better acclimated to (the show) "Oz" with all the screwing he has been doing lately. This exchange sets up a match between the two (2) "icons" at Wrestlemania X9 for Hogan's career.

Earlier in the day, Nathan Jones was going through drills in the ring and the Undertaker was coaching him.

Undertaker w/ Nathan Jones vs. A Train w/ the Big Show

Okay this match was simply two (2) big men beating each other for a while and then taking a break. People complain about the inactivity in a RVD match, come on this was something the viewers needed a fast- forward button for. The end comes with Jones entering the ring and throwing the ref to the floor (thus DQing the Undertaker) and beating (assisted by the Undertaker) the Big Show.

Winner: A Train

Flashback to last week's broadcast and Ryhno's return: GORE! GORE! GORE!

- Commercial -

Lesnar's loss to the Big Show at the Survivor Series is shown in a flashback.

Stephanie McMahon is escorting the Big Show and A Train out of the middle, in order to provide some sort of order for the main event.

Benoit & Rhyno vs. Team Angle (Non-Title Match)

This match was interrupted with a commercial break (that lasted 5 minutes in my area). Great technical match with Benoit and Rhyno. Team Angle is coming along with and gives the tag team titles some credibility with their teamwork. End comes with Benoit hitting the "Crossface" for the submission victory.

Winners: Benoit and Rhyno

John Cena is vertical and raping about how he will be getting revenge on Lesnar in the coming weeks.

Heyman really is looking at an uphill climb with the "tale of the tape," between him and Lesnar. Heyman's finishing move is listed as "nothing."

Backstage, Heyman is still worried about his match tonight. Angle informs Heyman that he must win tonight so that Angle does not have to defend his title next week. Team Angle storms in pissed about their loss, Angle calms them down. And as Heyman is leaving Angle tells him that he will win because "no one man is greater than the team."

A video package is shown about Smackdown's tour in South Africa.

Lesnar is shown picking Heyman as his opponent for the steel cage match from last week's Smackdown.

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A "Wrestlemania Moment", LT getting the victory over Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania XI.

Brock Lesnar vs. Paul Heyman (Steel Cage Match)

This was nothing that resembled a match. Lesnar was attacked before the bell by the Angle Alliance. After beating Angle, Haas, and Benjamin off for a moment, Lesnar dismantled Heyman. I believe this match lasted a total of five minutes, but I could be giving it a larger window than it had. Next week Lesnar vs. Angle for all the gold!

-End of Show-