Full WWE SmackDown Results - 3/13/03 - Pittsburgh, PA

Reported by Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com
On Friday, March 14, 2003 at 8:04 AM EST

WWE Smackdown Results for March 13, 2003
Originating from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Brock Lesnar is shown arriving at the arena at 10am while Kurt Angle arrives at 1pm.

Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio vs. Team Angle (WWE Tag Team Title Match)

I must admit I was stuck in traffic during this match so I did not get to a television until the three (3) count was over. Kidman suffered a shoulder injury during this match.

Winner(s): Team Angle

Stephanie McMahon in her office talking on the phone when Brian Kendrick comes in bearing a bouquet of flowers. He wants to thank her for the opportunity to face Kurt Angle.

WWE Championship Match hype.

-- Commercial --

Noble is outside the Playboy Mansion trying to explain to Hefner that Nidia is the only true beauty the WWE has to offer.

Rikishi vs. Chuck Palumbo (w/ Nunzio and "The Bull")

The FBI was in full effect for this match. Los Guerreros even the odds and Rikishi picks up the victory.

Winner: Rikishi

Nathan Jones and The Undertaker vs. A Train and the Big Show is announced for WrestleMania X9.

Backstage, The Undertaker is looking for Nathan Jones and finds him by himself in a room, which Jones compares to his ten (10) years in solitary confinement. (Which if you watch Confidential over the weekend would know was a lie because Jones tells over his escapades while in Australian custody.) Undertaker wants Jones to scout the next match so that they will no what to expect in Seattle.

A Train and Big Show are on there way to the ring.

-- Commercial --

Funaki & Tajiri vs. A-Train & Big Show

This was an absolute squash by the two (2) "big men", the best part of this whole segment was when Funaki and Tajiri were shown talking in the locker room and Tajiri did his best lumberjack impression. The Big Show spent most of the time guest commentating with Cole and Tazz.

Winner(s): A Train and the Big Show

Highlights of Lesnar v. Heyman in a cage last week were shown.

Fans were then given the opportunity to express their thoughts on the title match coming up.

-- Commercial --

Lugz Presents the Boot of the night: Nidia challenges Torrie to a body contest.

Backstage, Sean O'Haire approaches a despondent Dawn Marie and explains to her that while a number of women are going to be "going wild" on PPV, she can go wild her tonight.

GGW PPV hype.

Torrie Wilson in a taped segment unveils the cover to her Playboy debut. (Its only fifteen [15] more days until its available on newsstands.) It's a black background cover with pink/red lettering and Torrie is front and center on the cover with her hair parted in the middle and flowing over her shoulders in the front.

Dawn Marie makes her way to the ring at this time, she wants to know if those in attendance think she is ravishing, they oblige her. At this time Dawn Marie teases the crowd by removing one (1) button after another. She then faces the announcers and flashes the crowd, with the second rope strategically placed over her chest, so that those at home aren't seeing the whole thing. Warrior14c (hope I got that right, don't have the e-mail in front of me) sent word that she did indeed "show the goods", but had flesh tone pasties on.

Tag team condtendership hype.

-- Commercial --

Championship match hype.

John Cena in the back rapping about how Lesnar goes down quicker than a $5 ho.

Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs. Los Guerreros (#1 Contendership for WWE Tag Team Titles)

Great technical, move oriented match, that was again interrupted by a commercial once the action spilt outside. (I feel like I am watching WCW Saturday Night when they promised to keep the cameras rolling if a decision occurred during the break.) Benoit nailed three (3) German- suplexes in a matter of seconds on Latino Heat. (Come to think of it why isn't this team called Latino Heat rather than Los Guerreros, come on we had Harlem Heat.) The end came when Team Angle bull-rushed the ring and knocked both teams out of the ring, thus resulting in the ref throwing the match out.

Winner(s): No Contest

A recap of last week's confrontation between Vince and Hogan is shown.

-- Commercial -

Stephanie confronts Team Angle as they make there way back to the locker rooms, and informs them that they will be involved in a triple threat Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania X9. Their opponents for the match are Rhyno/Benoit & Los Guerreros. Team Angle is not too pleased with this.

A video package is then shown of the rise of Hulkamania and Hogan's last interview before he signed with WCW. (I must say that video package was top notch, kudos to the production staff on that one.)

Vince then has them (the truck) repeat Hogan saying "thank you" three (3) times. Expanding on this by saying you (we) just saw the only time Hogan said "thank you." He then cuts a promo on the absent Hogan. Next week at Freedom Hall the two (2) men will sign the contract for WrestleMania X9.

Matt Hardy vs. Brian Kendrick (Non Title Match)

Version 1.0 challenged anyone in the back, minus "Rey Rey" to a match. "The Penguin" answered the challenge. During the match it was revealed that Kendrick was under the mask, and after Shannon Moore saved Hardy from an offensive display by "Spanky." The match was awarded to Kendrick via count-out. (But the ref never issued a ten- count, nor was Hardy out of the ring for ten [10] seconds before the bell rang.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

-- Commercial -

WrestleMania X9 Press Conference promo.

Moments ago, Hardy on the receiving end of "Spanky's" arrival into the WWE.

"Rey Rey" is shown congratulating Kendrick in the locker room during the break.

The founding of the Angle Alliance is recapped in video form.

Lesnar prepping for the match.

A tale of the tape is shown comparing Lesnar and Angle.

-- Commercial --

WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania III at the Pontiac Silverdome. (Hogan v. Andre)

Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (WWE Title Match)

Angle (as the champion) for some reason is introduced first and heads over to the corner and takes a knee as Lesnar approaches the ring. Lesnar obliterates Angle in the corner and hits an F5 in under thirty (30) seconds, goes for the pin, but stands up after a one (1) count. Lesnar looks around the ring and goes after Team Angle momentarily, just long enough for Eric Angle to be replaced in the ring by Kurt Angle, once Lesnar gets back in the ring Angle quickly rolls him up for the one, two, three. Lesnar is stunned, Angle heads for the ramp saying "Ill see you at Mania". Eric is making his way to the back, but Lesnar first puts him through an F5 that bounced off the ring post.

Winner: Kurt Angle

End of show